Friday 12 December 2014

Day 560: Earthing Self

Continuing from Day 559: Complete Body Awareness

In this thus I developed an effective way to measure any change in energy that is relevant to what I am busy with . Obviously still specifically filtered according to my current focus of Equality – otherwise I would be overrun with an uncountable amount of streams of information and energy which is obviously what no-one notices in this reality, which is that this reality consist out of a massive amount of frequencies and that it is all Interdimensionally visible at all times, and everyone is bombarded with it all the time – yet not aware of it at all, whatsoever.

Fascinating though that there is then this whole idea that you can ‘feel’ something without the context of what it really means. So, very important to understand the functionality and the ways one can utilize the physical to support you in understanding in absolutely focussed points, the movement of real life realisations.

So in the beginning stages, with the Demons, the first point was obviously the meditations, I also realised, before I even got to the Demons, that in fact, the ‘As Above, So Below’ is in fact the physical representation of the physical body. So through the years I’ve practiced myself into it, tested and cross-referenced it extensively and therefore had the trust in terms of it, to actually test out, in the breathing, the full integration of the Universe, the Earth as the Centre as my Heart, because the word ‘Earth’ and ‘Heart’ is the same word – you just shift the letters around. So that I can Earth myself here and deal with the reality we’re busy ‘adjusting’. Obviously there will be much discussions still to come and published in terms of what is really going on, we’re here only dealing with the Demonic Part in Reality and the reality or part it played in Reality.

So, with that complete understanding, physically integrated, tested over many years, over and over in spite of the environment, in spite of what is happening in my reality – I focus completely in a full integration of it as I understood, that was my duty to understand and it was the only way I could actually ‘meet’ or ‘see’ God face to face, was to be equal to God. Image and Likeness! Equality and Oneness!

And therefore I did the necessary work as I’ve indicated many times. On average it will take a person fourteen years of application with cross-referencing extensively so, to the very best, in seven years.
And you would not claim your so called ‘understanding’, unless you’ve done your cross-referencing. And we do not give all the necessary guidelines, because then it’s too easy to copy them instead of actually living the whole point. We are closing the system now, in terms of it all, so that all walk the same process in the Universe and also because we have already placed into context all those that are deliberately deceiving and abusing and that are in fact Demonic Manifestations and we will explain how that operates as well.

So, with first meeting of the Demons, as I was initially saying, I was setting myself up to automate my kinesiology with that, to automate the assistance of Demons. As I walked, I found that a massive amount of people on Earth were Demon Possessed. And not just one – but several. And that there was no way that we were going to sort the problem out in this world, because there were just too many. And therefore I programmed and set-up my physical body, which at this stage was Equal and in representing the Universe, to process and assist the Demons to Self-Forgiveness, through the physical in an automated state. As I walk and get in touch with people, so that at stages my full possessive – that means my physical body it had up to 45% - we measured it – percentages up to 45% Demon Possession as I was processing these beings back to themselves, through Self-Forgiveness. That means assisting them in ways that I will explain in time to come.

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