Monday 22 December 2014

Day 561: The Ultimate Challenge of All Religion

Continuing from Day 560: Earthing Self

So that by the time I got to the first major attack on myself and my family by Demons, it was after the whole graffiti thing on the wall where they were writing on the walls that they will ‘Kill you and your son’. We had already at that stage established an effective way to deal with it from the perspective of seeing and working with it, so my children could already see it, Cerise specifically. And she was ready, had no fear of any of these Manifestations and were able to speak to all things, whatever form it is. So very effectively she could deal with it. And therefore with her assistance, in the beginning, in terms of bringing them together when we were attacked by over 300 Demons, some of the big boys of the Universe came to the house because I was busy making an impact on the ‘Legions of Demons’, in assisting them. And they would not stand for it.
So they came to me and my house to try and scare me away. There wasn’t really much they could do, they needed my fear, my participation in fear and ignorance to be able to actually control or have a response that they can actually work with to be able to get anywhere.

I instructed Cerise what to do, bring the demons together. She knew how to work with it already. She’d bring the demons and we will put them through my heart, that means I’m in a state, in a calm state of processing, earthing all the energy that the Demon has been utilising and creating its Demon Self. I was busy earthing that back to the Earth and in that way when you earth that energy, the being is released from the control of the energy and also is assisted in realising how they have created their energetic state that made them de-manned – less than a man – making them an energetic being, which is a lesser being where they lose contact with the Physical Universe, which is the actual creative force. They are taken through the point of Realisation and then they are assisted to go to an appropriate space from which they will be guided further, which we will discuss in for instance the books that was presented or transcribed by Hitler through the Portal, explaining how this worked.
Obviously, Hitler being the ultimate Demon, according to Man – and in fact he was the ultimate Demon in the Hereafter, in the Demon Dimension. So question being – would Hitler be able to be Forgiven or Self-Forgiven? Can Hitler be Forgiven? The ultimate challenge of all Religion and all Beliefs and all Faiths.

Is the Forgiveness of God real?

What is Forgiveness really?

So, Cerise then brought these Demons here, most of them went quite quickly the last six-seven of them where rather ‘tough’ ones, they’d been Demons for a very long time. But they all then realised themselves and the whole story after that changed. They never made another attempt like that on me and my family because, they had no way to deal with what it was, they didn’t understand what was happening, but something was happening to their comrades when they try and harm me and my family. We’ll continue this.

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