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Day 251: ESP and God - ADC - Part 98

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

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ESP and God

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) - the Great Valued ‘apparent’ Skill of Spiritual Beings.

What are ‘Sensors’? Let’s look at Advancements in Technology: The Modern Car has got all kinds of Sensors that Detect when the car stop functioning effectively.
The Human Body has got Sensors. Some of which are More related to Detecting when the Body is not Functioning effectively, and other Sensors that is supposed to Detect when Life on Earth, for All Life Forms - is Not What is Best for All.

Instead of Using our Sensory Perception as a Commonsense Perceptual Skill with which to Prevent Harm to Life on Earth – we have Developed and made-up All Kinds of ESP, Extra Sensory Problems, which makes the ESP Creator ‘Feel Good’. But it Creates All Kinds of Problems for Life on Earth, because the ESP-Person, cannot detect any Problems in Reality, because they have Separated themselves from Reality into their Mind, where they make up their OWN WORLD – to such an Extent, that: they Believe it SO Completely, that they would even Dare say that: “the Physical Reality is an Illusion”.

In the ESP World – the Spiritual Being also make up their Own Laws. The fact that these Laws remain subject to Physical Laws and Economical Laws – Escape their Perception. All the ESP-Person wants to do: is Escape Responsibility, because Responsibility means – no Time for Self Interest. And, Life on Earth only exist for a Limited Time. Therefore, All Kinds of Excuses are Designed to Justify Why ESP is ‘Real’.

Now, no-one is Born with ESP. ESP is made-up through Thought as Feelings, which then Creates an Experience which has an Particular Set of Values for the ESP-Person. The ESP-Person do not have ANY Know-How as to the Creation of Any Thought, or Any Know-How as to HOW The FEELINGS that Represents ESP as Perception, is Actually Created. But, there is Simply NO Self-Honesty – and the ESP-Person will do Everything Possible to Justify and make their Perception ‘Special’. In fact, So Special – that No-One Dare Question it, because: Anyone that Question it: is Immediately ‘Categorized’ as ‘Negative.
The Real ‘Negativity’ with an Actual Disastrous effect on the Physical Reality: is the Existence of ESP as a Fake, Mental Disorder. Yet, even the Love the ESP-Person conjure up, is a Special Brand of Love, which ONLY THEY can Feel, and anyone questioning it, again, is Simply ‘Negative’.

Now, ESP has Evolved in a Multi-Disciplined Deception as Each One that Claims ESP developed their own Brand of it, to Sell it to Followers that Seek Hope instead of Commonsense. In this Way, many are Misled and in a way they Mislead themselves, because – instead of Fixing the World to be a Place of Harmony, they will place their Hope in the Magical of the ESP.
This has become a Major Industry on Earth, which Trapped Millions. Mostly those, would you believe it: with MONEY. Because unless you have the Magical Money – you can’t Develop the Magical ESP Powers, because they are Increasingly more and more Expensive. And therefore, instead of Money being Directed to Bring about a World that is Best for All: Money is directed to the Self-Interest of Special ESP Powers.

A suggestion: Let’s Burn All Spiritual Books, Stop All Meditation and Stop ALL things related to any form of Extra Sensory Perceptive Powers. Focus ALL we have on Creating a World that is Best for All – and we May be Able to Clean up the Mess we have Created in a Lifetime. Not doing so – we are Leaving our Children a Magically Damned Reality.
ESP should be – Extra Sensory Principles. Utilizing our Sensors to Detect where the World System and Relationships, in All Ways, are not Functioning in Ways that is Best for All. But unfortunately, Extra Sensory Phenomena – have no Principles, and do not Care about Life. The Evidence is Available for Generations and Thousands and Thousands of Books, Courses, Claims , Groups – ALL Claiming they are doing ‘Something’ to Change the World. But because they have Created Fake Sensory Powers – they don’t Use their REAL Sensory Abilities to Stay in this Reality for This Life.

The Obvious Commonsense is, that you are in this Physical Reality – Governed by the Laws of Physics. The Obvious Commonsense is that Each Life is In Fact of Equal Value. You will Sense that, if your Loved Ones are suddenly threatened and your ESP will be out the door, and you will do Whatever Possible in the Physical World, to Help your Loved Ones. Do you Really Want Reality to get to that Stage, where the Dishonesty becomes So Massive, that All is Forced to Consider Life again? Can you even Imagine what it will Take, to get you to Give Up your ‘Special ESP Gifts’, so that you can No Longer Mislead people with Hope. But Actually Direct Reality with Commonsense, because as long as Hope exist: you can be Certain no Proper Action is Taken. Hope should be Deleted from your Vocabulary, because it is a Curse that Invalidate and Stop Effective Action - and Hope is Used to Cover-up the Fears, generated by the ESP Phenomena.

Unfortunately, very Few at this stage will Hear the Message. Because Hearing is one of your Extra Sensory Principles, as is Seeing, as is Touching.
This is Extremely Important to Grasp: this is The Only Life you Have. This Life, will Determine What Happens to you At Death, Obvious Commonsense. If you do not Demonstrate your Mastery of the Law of Physics – to Show that No Matter in What Reality you Find yourself, you will Always Place Life First and Give as you would like to Receive – you certainly cannot expect something Better awaiting you.

Make this Day, the End of your World and become Part of the World of Life, where no-one Owns Life and No-One has their Own Life: Because Life is Equal within All. 
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