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Day 231: Is God a Reptilian? - ADC - Part 78

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Is God a Reptilian?

I Never really got the whole ‘Reptilian God’ Story. When Investigating the work of David Icke and other Authors, there were just too many ‘loose ends’, and the whole Shapeshifting thing, and the Reptilian Eyes, and Conspiracy Videos – just became quite Ridiculous. And then Ultimately: to have David Icke in a Archimedes Style Symbolism, Naked on the Front Cover of a Book, claiming: “I am Me, I am Free” and that “Love is the Answer” – was just the Ultimate Evidence of the Normalcy of the Prevailing Ignorance, Creating just another Religion. In this Case: the Conspiracy Religion with its Gurus and Masters with Followers like Parasites hanging on their Lips. Creating in its Wake a whole New Class of Abusers that base their Inadequacy on their Self-Induced Intellectual Superiority – with Nowhere Any Factual Context, as to HOW the Most Basic things like Thought, the Foundation of Human Consciousness In Fact Functions.

All Conspiracies are, is: a Blame-Game. Christians Blame Satan, Conspiracy Theorists Blame the Government and Secret Societies – but, there is No Solution to their Blame, there is No End to it. It’s a Complete Acceptance of some Power that has All the Control with no Actual Living Practical Solution Ever Provided - Just the ‘Happy-Clappy’ Faith Syndrome. “Trust Me!”, “Believe Me!” – The System Shouts.
But, David Icke in large, didn’t Miss the Boat. He just, has no Solution. And, in the End – what we have Found through the Portal was that - without him Realising it: he was just an Pawn in the Hands of these Reptilians.

Yes – we did Find a Reptilian God. When Sunette Returned on one of her Journeys into the Afterlife, she said she met Anu, and he looks like a Reptilian. She drew the Picture. Not Quite what I had Expected. But, our History as Mankind is Strange enough, that anything is Possible, and Seeing that we have been Unable to get to a Point of enough Factual Understanding to Actually Change the World to a Place that is Best for All: a Reptilian God may just be at the Centre of the Show.
And Yes, Heaven, the Soul, Religion, Personality – Everything that you are as a Human: can be Traced back to a Reptilian God. He didn’t do it Alone, he had a Whole Team of Helpers. And, he didn’t Create Human Consciousness in one Moment, it took a long time of Meticulous Programming – to Reach the Point that we are at Now as ‘Human Consciousness’, ‘Human Society’ and in everything from Spirituality to Hinduism, every Religion on Earth; the Reptilian God and his Fellow ‘Gods’ – had a Hand in it.

One should Study the Sumerian Tablets, and not necessarily the Translations of Zecharia Sitchin – there are some Questionable Translations, but you are able to use Internet-Based Translation Facilities to check some of the Details.

Now, much of the Background of this – you can Find in for instance, the Journey into the Afterlife Series and many other Publications of Desteni. It is also Worthwhile Studying the work of David Icke. His Research is Meticulous in terms of the Global Problem. His Solution just isn’t Practical, and he’s going to have to Learn the Importance of Forgiveness, if we are Ever to Solve the Problems on Earth.
The Elite do not do what they do out of their own Free Will. Neither do you Exist as ‘who you are’ out of your own ‘Free Will’. You are part of the Programmed-Design of God. That is Why, every hair on your head is ‘Counted’ - because, in a program, for it to run effectively, there can be No Errors in the Code. And if you are Part of the 99%: you are so, because you are Programmed to be so. And without Understanding the Program – you will Always be part of the 99%. If you’re part of the 1% of the Elite, you are Programmed to be Part of it – and All that is Happening, is not a Conspiracy: it is a Pre-planned Design. And without Understanding Why it is Designed the way it is, and Understanding How it is Programmed, and Understanding What is a Thought, where it Comes from, and How it is Created, what is Consciousness, what is the Exact Design of it, what are Feelings, how are they Created in fact: you can Never be Free from That which Direct your Will, by the Means of an Interplay between Feeling Good and Feeling Bad.

Because Naturally, you will Follow ‘Feeling Good’. Naturally, you will try and run away from Fear. Naturally, you will Equate Feeling Good and Feeling Love as ‘Better’. And Naturally, you’ll Blame God or you’ll Justify that it is ‘God’s Will’ for each Life, and what this Life entails here on Earth. That is not ‘Natural’ = it is Unnatural. Because, it’s a Programmed Reality, Imposed by a System Called ‘The Mind’, onto the Body of Flesh, which is your real, true Self - Reduced to a mere Slave to Energies that Induce Experiences on which you Base your Decisions. The fact that the Experience comes first, and the Decision Follows, is already Evidence that your Decision isn’t Free – because: you don’t know what Create the Experience In fact. And those Individuals that Claim they are ‘Free’, because they Follow the Intuition of their Experience: have Certainly Never Considered, that for Influence and Control to be Effective – it Must Move you to Follow it through ‘Choice’, in such an Effective Way – that you Believe you are ‘Free’, to make the ‘Choice’. And because you are ‘Free’ from Fear and Pain, when you’re following that which is ‘Good’ – one can Understand, why one would Believe that you are ‘Free’. But this ‘Freedom’ is Only by Design, and in fact - you are Only obeying your Programmed Characters. These Characters form Part of the Code, like Software that Design the Formation and the Total Nature of your Imagination. So, that Explains How Little you can Trust, if anything – of your Imagination. Because, in Totality – your Imagination is but a Designed Programmed, by God – that which Requires and Needs your Submission.

It is Always about ‘Who benefits’ – as David Icke so Rightly State. And, David Icke also State the whole Sequence of Problem-Reaction-Solution, which is Used in Global Control. But, that has been the Design of ‘Free Choice’ all along. In your Design of Self as Personality and the Evolution of your Consciousness, it Follows the Principle of Problem-Reaction-Solution, to keep you in line with the Energetic Control as the Reward that Helps you Believe, that what you’ve Chosen and Experience, is in fact your ‘Reality’. While All of it is just an Illusion.

It will take Extensive Study to Free you from this Programmed Design. We have Studied this Extensively, and it takes a minimum of Seven Years to take you to the Point of Nothingness. That means: the Point where No Problem and No Reaction exist. So, where your Choice is Not Controlled, and you’re not forced by your Addiction to Love and Good Feelings to Obey your Program. Then it takes another Seven Years to Redesign you to a Self that in All Ways will Live as That which is Best for All Life on Earth.

So, I suggest: if you can Break your Mind Control – which will be difficult, Read the Blogs on the Journey to Life, Investigate Self-Forgiveness, Investigate Self-Honesty, Investigate What will be Required of you to Change, for you to become a Functional Part, Effectively, of a World Society that Functions as That which is Best for All Life Always. Because, only Then – when All is Free, you’ll be able to say: “I am Me and I am Free”. And only when the World is a Society that is Always Best for All Life, no 1% no 99% - Only Then: will Love Exist For Real.

Currently, there is No One Free on Earth - because you’re only the Subject as a Creation of God.

We’ll continue this in the Next Post…
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