Tuesday 11 December 2012

Day 241: Habits as God - ADC - Part 88

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Habits as God

Habits are the things we end-up doing Automatically, as we say “without Thinking about it”. So, once a Habit is Installed and the Habit is a ‘Bad’ Habit, it is very difficult to Change.

From Young, every Child is Installed with the Worst Possible Habit. Everyone Know this is Happening, yet Pretend it’s Not. Every Parent builds the Belief into a Child, that “the World is a Dangerous Place”, that “You cannot Trust Anyone”, that “you Always have to look after yourself First”, “Blood is Thicker than Water, so Family must come First”, “you never Listen to Anyone, no Matter What”, “you Never Listen to Anyone that gives you a Different View from what your Parents Taught you”, “you Never Lend anyone Money” – and Many More. These Habits, even those in terms of Sexual Conduct, are Patterned into Every Child by a Fearful Parent – Protecting their Child against Society and the System. It is rather Ridiculous, because the Parent Created the System, the Parent Created the Society, the Parent Accepted and Allowed EVERYTHING that exist on Earth and IMPOSE it on the Child, even to the Level where they Threaten Children with Money and with Exclusion from the Will at the Death of the Parent.

The Habits that are Seen as ‘Socially Unacceptable’, for instance Drugs or Alcohol or Cigarettes – are used as the Scapegoats to Divert the Attention from the Real Bad Habits. The Habit of Inequality, the Habit of Distrust, the Habit of “Winning at All Cost”, the Habit of “Telling White Lies”, the Habit of Self-Interest – placing yourself first Always, the Habit of placing the Family above Life, the Habit of Accepting Religion without Factual Evidence.

The Problem is, these Habits are what the Human Live as, Automatically. Our Total Society is a System of Habits, that everyone Participate in. And we All Know that “Old Habits Die Hard”. Yet, No One is Willing to take on these Habits, because everyone is Waiting for Everyone else to Change, and “then They will Change”. So, now we’re in a Catch-22: No One is Changing for Real.

To Divert Attention from the Real Issues on Earth – a Spiritual Consciousness was Created, claiming that ‘Life on Earth’ in the Material World, is an Illusion. If that was True, why do Parents Protect their Children then? Why don’t you just Stop Breathing and Stop Eating? Because, this World isn’t Real – you’ve got Nothing to Lose.

The Absolute Ridiculousness of the Arguments that Preserve Inequality and the Abuse of Life – Generation after Generation: is So Habitual, that it seems like it will Never Change. Strange Enough, every Child Claims they don’t want to be like their Parents, and then the Power of the Habit, the Habit as God – Proves them Wrong. And Inevitably they become their Parents – over and over and over again this Happens.

What is the Strangest of Everything, is that: we have Created a New Habit Psychology, which the Parents and the Educators Impose on Children to make them Addicted to all kinds of Psychotropic Drugs, and the Idea that the Child has some form of Mental Disorder. This in itself imply, tacitly, to the Child that – the God of their Fathers and Mothers somehow, deliberately, caused them to be Imperfect. This Imperfection though, is Purely the Result of the Installment by Parent and Society of Habitual Behaviour.

Strange enough, if anyone Suggest Habits, like Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty to Correct the Imperfections – it’s suddenly seen as ‘Evil’. And the parents try and scare the Children away from any Form of Self Responsible Self Perfection. If that’s not Evil, of the Worst Kind – what else is Evil?

We are in a World where Life is Not Valued, but Fear is Valued. If we are to Change this World into a Place that is Respecting Life, we have to Learn and Understand HOW we have Become What we Are, How we Form Habits, How the Mechanism Actually Function through the Mechanics of the Mind and the Role that Energy as Feeling and Emotion Play in Enforcing these Habits.

The Way to Break this Tragedy that has Befallen Life, is Available Free at Desteni I Process LITE. 
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