Friday 14 December 2012

Day 244: Life Force and God - ADC - Part 91

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Life Force and God

Do we have Life Force? Is Life a Force? What is Force? Is Force the Reason FOR, as our Meaning to our Existence and the Relationships we participate in? Is Force part of ForCEgiveness? What is Forcing us into Inequality on Earth? Are our Memories Forces that hold us Captive in the Past?

When a Child is Born, they have a Blank Slate Genetic Platform. On it is Forced Information, which will Determine What Life is FOR, culturally, religiously, economically – in every way, the Information will Determine what Life is FOR, and that will be presented as Life FORce. Are we Forced into this?
The Way that Life is currently Forced into Relationships of Good and Bad, of Strong and Weak, thus Relationships of Polarity, Opposites – with the Idea that, apparently, without these Motivating Polarities: we will Not be Forced to attempt to do Good; have Created on Earth – Forces as the World System, that Enslave Life in Every Way Possible. This is Well Known by Every Individual. Yet, every Individual will Participate in these Forces, as World Systems, to Enslave others and thus Enslave themselves.
The Simple Solution to it – is to become the Directive Force, that Directs Will as Force – to Support All Life, as Equal, as What is Best for All. To do this, one must Understand What this Force is, what is the Structure to the Force, How we Participate and Follow this Force, and How the Force, Structurally, as Thought, Feeling and Emotion – Direct and Force us into being part of the Consciousness of Inequality on Earth.

Within this, One must Realise that: as Long as one do not Understand the Structure of a Memory, that Accumulates Force to Create a Thought, which will Arise in the Mind to be Followed by the Being – we are Not the Directive Force of Life. And therefore, we become Equal to and One with, what we Accept and Allow – directly and indirectly. This is Why each One on Earth is Responsible for All Harm that take Place on Earth, involving All Life Forms.
This can be Stopped, first of all by Understanding: How Force Function and why Physics as the Rules of the Physical Reality – is Important to be Grasped. One is Participating in this, Substantially, as the Substance of your Existence, Every Breath. And therefore, it is Important, to Purify every Breath so that Self as Force as Life, can become Directed-Will and Result in the Co-Existence that Always Result in What is Best for All Life.

There is this Idea, that – each one was Given ‘Free Will’. How can your Will be ‘Free’, if you don’t even Understand the Structural Design of a Single Thought? Or why you Think, never mind How you Think - why you Feel? The Self Honesty here is Critical, because – as long as one Believe, that somehow something Placed you in your Life, because It knew More about You: one will Not Investigate All Things as you Should, Understand How it Functions and Keep that which is Good and Best for All Life.

Forces of Evil, are but where the Life Force is not Directed to What is Best for All Life, and Here one can, with Ease Realise, whether you are Life or whether you are the Opposite of Life, which is Not Life, which is its Reverse, which Bedevil and Condemn Life on Earth to Eternal Struggle.
Anything that Justify that Life could only exist in Struggle: has an Agenda you should Investigate. It is Possible to Understand Everything about yourself, to Understand Exactly Who you are based on Every Piece of Information that was Ever Implanted into you, like a Microchip. You are in fact Micro-chipped from Birth, with Every Memory that is Energized by Emotion or Feeling. Because Emotion and Feeling is in fact Electricity, that Animates the Microchips that exist within you; from the perspective, not viewed through the Limited senses of the Mind – the Human Looks like an Electronic Robot. And All the Relationships, and All the Thoughts, All the Feeling you have: are coming from little, mini, factories that Produce Thoughts, Impulses, Forces – which Impose upon you, Total Enslavement. Creating in its Wake – a Reward for the Good Follower, which is a Consciousness of Bliss. Where you can Allow yourself to be at Peace, while Millions and Billions struggle, because you’ve been a Good Person and you’ve Followed your Program.

The Desteni Process is about Birthing Life from the Physical. It’s a Long and Arduous Process, which Requires Perfect Understanding of the Structural Functioning of Every Part of you, to the level where you Become the Directive Force, which GIVES Life, One and Equal – to every other Part. And this Giving of Life, is then the Evidence that You, In Fact, are Life as Well.
Until then – you are One and Equal, to What you Accept and Allow in this World. And only once the World has Changed, to What is Best for All – Will Life Exist on Earth. 
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