Thursday 4 April 2013

Day 346: The Global Mind – Scientific Farming

When I was a child on the farm in Namibia, in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, there was a buzzword around and all the Farmers would get together and discuss a ‘New Development’. This Development was called ‘Scientific Farming.’ The Introduction of this was done through the Media, specifically through Farmers’ Magazines and through the Farmers’ Cooperatives. The Farmers’ Cooperatives had people that was Trained to be ‘Advisors’ that would Assist the farmers in Making the Best Genetic Decisions in the Development of their Livestock and Crops; as well as What Chemicals and Antibiotics to use as ways of Preventing Deaths in the Livestock, increasing yields, and preventing Disease and Pests in the crops. What was ‘Most Exciting’ for the Farmers as they would sit down and work out on pieces of paper around a cup of coffee, was: How much More Money they could Make? Also, the Incentives they would get from the Corporations whose Products they would be using; and so started Genetic Modification, on a Big Scale.

Today, there is no way to say with certainty whether Any Livestock or any Crop of South Africa is Not Genetically Modified, because No Real Record was Kept on an individual basis. Most of these farmers are now either retired or Dead and What they did and How they did it (except for the information that was shared through the process via the corporate educational consultants) was Kept like Secrets by the farmers, because they were All vying for Position, for Money. Because whosoever would get the Best Yield, would make the Most Money and their Products, their Stock would become the Most Valuable. Therefore, it was a Major Competition as it Still is today. The difference is, obviously, that Those that Proved ‘better yields’ were in many cases ‘bought out’ by a new Form of Farming: Corporate Farming, which would introduce managers that was trained at the Farmers’ Colleges. So, you have a Fascinating thing today: you can buy, for instance, Fruit in South Africa at a Price that you can Never Produce it on a Small-Scale. You Have to Produce on a Massive-Scale to be able to Show Profit and on a Massive-Scale, you have to do Massive Preventive Measures on All Aspects of your Crops or your Livestock. There is No way to Say whether Any of the Food that is Claimed to be ‘Organic’ is in fact ‘Organic,’ because the Organic Farmer has no option but to start with ‘What is Available.’

The point of Cognitive Disinformation within the Food Chain is simplistic: if you walk into any ‘Hyper Store’ (which are now the Main Supply of Food to the Population), all the Goods on the shelves are Packaged with Words that ‘Paint Beautiful Pictures’ and with information about What is In the Food, that is the same on virtually Every Single Box or Package – Information that has been around for a good 40-50 years. The information is Minimal, it says Very Little. In Fact, what it says doesn’t help anyone reading it and all Purchases made for Food at Home is Based on the Promises made, the Cognitive Disinformation, that’s on the Box. If that Actually does what it Says - Is really irrelevant, as Long as You Believe it: You Will Buy it.
The Question is simplistic: Do You have Any idea what you are Putting in your Body and Do You Even Care?

So, with Scientific Farming being around for such a long time – the whole ‘splash’ by Activists about ‘Genetic Modification’ is quite out of place, because this Process is continuing, regardless.
The process of Producing, Genetically, a Result that is Best - certainly makes sense. Obviously, the point of Utilizing all kinds of Chemicals, Antibiotics to Prevent ‘Loss of Money’ is More Suspect, because whatever is put into the Food will end up in the Human Body and there is hardly-enough Research to Show the Consequences of that. Certainly, Bacteria and Viruses are more Advanced in How they utilize Information, because the principle is to Strengthen themselves - so they Utilize, automatically, you can say ‘a form of Eugenics’, they Improves themselves from Bugs to Superbugs, the Humans don’t. The Humans ‘weaken’ themselves and become more and more Susceptible to New Generations of the Immune System of Earth, because in a way - the Bacteria and Viruses are the Earth’s Immune System. It’s just like how the Human Body respond to any form of Invader that ‘threatens’ its balance. The Human is threatening the Balance on Earth and therefore, the Earth is Producing More ‘Immunity.’

Is the Human going to Realize what it’s Actually Busy Doing? Most unlikely, because Reality - through the Eye of the Human, is measured in One Way Only, just like these Farmers around a table showed: It’s All about Money – individually, corporative… doesn’t matter.

We’ll continue with The Global Mind – Scientific Farming (Part Two) in the next post
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