Wednesday 10 April 2013

Day 351: Desteni, Equal Money, Zeitgeist and Occupy Wall Street

We have some clarifications here: Desteni is a Vehicle that specifically Focus on Assisting people in Changing their Human Nature, that ‘Thing’ that Many claim ‘Cannot Be Changed’, because as long as they Claim that Human Nature Cannot Change - they can Claim that it is Impossible to Create a Better World. Equal Money is a Solution that is Based on Approaching the Problem Democratically, through Legitimate means, to Produce an Economic System that is Constitutionally based on Protecting the Right to Life, Equally for Everyone - which means: Access to Resources on Earth and the Basic Needs that Each Human Being has/requires - Each Child that is Born has the Same Needs, that that is Given to All Freely, because the Earth, Sun and Nature Provide that Freely. The only part the Human must Add to it is Labor and that Labor is simply an Action of Love, if one would consider Love in a Practical Way. Equal Money is utilizing the Current Obsession that Humans have with Money - as a Means to Help humans Overcome their Fear of Each other and their Fear of Not Having Enough to Survive for themselves and their children.

We differ from the Zeitgeist approach in some aspects, although we have in common as Goal - a New World System. Zeitgeist seems to dislike Politics, but if one study the basic Laws of the Land, the Rule of Law then one will Notice that: the Only Legitimate means with which one can Change a System is Politically; that Zeitgeist should start Approaching, because they should be able to do quite Well with it.
To go the route of Revolution, (Resistance, Opposition and Out of the Grid Solutions) is Simply Allowing/giving Those that Currently Abuse the Earth and their Fellow Human Beings - Legitimate reasons to Prevent any New System from coming around. So there, by not taking it as a Political point - one has to Ask the Question whether Zeitgeist is not Just a Front of the Corporations to Distract the people from Actually Making Any Real Difference? We’ll have to Wait and See, because Nothing Substantial has Yet been Presented that, according to the Law of the Land, can Actually Produce, in the Countries where it is at the Moment already Possible - a Better World through a Democratic Way.

The Occupy Wall Street (Movement) is a Similar Problem: a Distraction. For those that already have been part of Desteni, Equal Money - understand the Difficulty of Funding any Solution. Funding, for instance at Desteni and Equal Money – Primarily comes from a Business driven approach where We Sell Products and Training to be able to Fund our Operations. The Donations we get are primarily from people that have already Investigated the Desteni and Equal Money Message, and has Proven the Tools as Working for Themselves. We Do Not Get any form of Donation form Anyone Outside the Desteni Group, because: Donations are simply Not the way of the Human Race and Donations, primarily in our society, comes from Charities that Do it to Benefit through Tax. So, the funding of Occupy Wall Street and of Zeitgeist will Have to Come in Bulk from Sources which are Questionable in their reason as to Why they would be Part of such operations and May even Impose some form of Preference, and thus Influence the Approach of a Solution for Earth.

Occupy Wall Street in their approach of having protests, marches, sit-ins and demonstrations around the world is Simply a Waste of Time – there is No Way that That will bring Anything but Harm. Rallies are Not the way, Politics Is the Way. There are very well spoken proponents that present the case in Occupy Wall Street and Zeitgeist, yet the question remains: Why do they Not Remain within the Legal Ways that this should be Approached to Bring about a Permanent Change? Democracy is an Amazing thing: 51% gives you Government and normally around 70% gives you a New Constitution. If you Present the Constitution Well and you Prove that it is Possible that a New System can Function, then obviously - People is Going to Vote for it. At the moment, people cannot yet Conceive that it is Possible that we can have a System that is not Based on the Current Banking System.
There is an Excessive Measure placed on the Personal Achievement of Each Human and How much Value that has - that certainly is Not Relevant within the concept, if one Consider that Who You Are is Purely a Product of your Environment and thus - you are Not Achieving anything, you are purely ‘Lucky’. There are many people with far Greater Abilities that are Not in an Environment that gives them the Opportunity to Effectively Compete in the Current System of Competition, so they are Removed from it simply because they do not have the Means, the Way and the Education.
If there were Truly Equal Opportunity, Equal Competition, those that is Now Successful certainly Will Not Be Successful. So, one must investigate All things, Realize the Luck that you have and that as along as a System Function by Lot, Lottery or Luck: there is a Problem and you’re going to have Inequality to a Massive degree. This Inequality, at the moment, is spreading extensively.

So, obviously we can work with Zeitgeist and Occupy Wall Street in establishing an approach to Bring About a System that is Best for All and within that - we have to Look at the Problems that currently Prevent it. The Problem that Prevents this is Human Nature and the way Human Nature has been accepted as ‘Unchangeable’. If that was true, the corporations would not have been able to Change Human Nature. If you look at The Century of the Self documentaries, you will see the Explanation that is given on How the Nature of the human has been Changed to become a Consumer Nature. That is evidence that the Nature of the Human Can Change, it’s available, it’s published – the Evidence is clear, it’s Actually happened. It has happened through Education, the Role of Education which the Media has taken on, so - through Media this has Happened and the Same Means (Education) with which One can again Change Human Nature to That which is Best for All Life. (No Movement, no Revolution and no Environmental Solution will Change the World unless that Change comes from the Individual by a Self-Willed Decision to Live, Act and Speak in consideration the Individual Self Responsibility toward each other as Life to ensure we cooperate to create a world that will ensure everyone’s Life is guarded as our own. )

Investigate all things and Make Sure that the Approach is Practical Common Sense and that one has Looked at the Evidence Available on Earth Already.

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