Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 368: “Please Save a Child”

I had just walked out of the shopping mall and at the Entrance a man was sitting, in his thirties, with a Display about Helping Disadvantaged Children. He wore a thick gold chain and used the words: “Please Help Us Save the Children.”

Now, this goes to the Existence of Charities within the Current System: would the Existence of Charities actually be the Confirmation that the Current System Violates Human Rights? Because, if Children had Human Rights that were Protected - there would have been No Child that Needed to Be Saved from, for instance, a Family Home that is Dysfunctional, from Poverty, Disease or from a Genetic Disorder… from Any Point. Because, in a System that is Based on Fundamental Human Rights, these type of Conditions would Be Prevented and would Be Well Funded if Necessary. There would be No Need to go and Look for Ways to Help these Children, because the Society would understand that: If the Foundation of Human Rights is Violated, Everyone’s Security, Harmony, Peace and Happiness is at Stake, which is Slowly but Surely Busy Happening in the World as more and More People are Finding out that the System they have Supported for So Long is Collapsing.

You’ll See in the Future as the Pension Funds of so many that have spent Lifetimes in Contributing to it, Disappear into the hands of our Wonderful Leaders in Business and in Government, because: You can Only be a Governmental or Corporation Leader in this World if you are Willing to Violate Human Rights – even the Human Rights of Children. And you will Support the Charities that Apparently help these Children, because that Gives you a better Marketable ‘Face Value’, but You will do Nothing about Changing the System, because that will put you in conflict with All Those that Benefit from a System where there is No Human Rights in Fact and where Only the Rights of Those that are Willing to abuse are Protected like Property Rights, Wealth Rights, things that Should Not Exist in the way it exist in a World where there are Actual Fundamental Human Rights.

So, the argument sometimes is that: “It is Necessary to Support Charities to Help the Children in the Meantime!” – Yes sure, but What are you Doing about Actually Getting to a Point of Changing the System so that Charities Do Not Have to Exist?
If You are Doing Nothing to bring about a Change in the System and you’re Supporting Charities, you’re Indirectly Supporting the Violation of Human Rights, the Violation of the Children’s Life Rights – Why would You Do that? Investigate in your life Why you would Accept the Violation of Human Rights? Why would you Accept that Children can be Born into this World in Poverty or into Family Situations that is Abusive - unless in some way You are Actually Also Abusing these things so that You can Benefit.

It is Time to Come Together as One Humanity to Face the Problems that we have Created and the Violations we have Accepted, to Bring about a New Dispensation that is Based on Equal Human Rights in every way. It is Necessary to Educate Yourself about these Human Rights so that you can Understand Why it is Fundamental, Understand the Reasoning behind them, How they would Affect Your Life if they do Not Exist and how Money Protects You from being Exposed to Human Rights’ Violations in many respects; but that Money is Actually the Vehicle with which Human Rights Violations are Perpetrated.

Investigate Equal Money thus, so that You Can Become Part of the Solution in this World.
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