Sunday 7 April 2013

Day 349: The Message of Jesus

All I’ve done, that changed my Life for Real and Permanently – was to Apply the Message of Jesus, which was the Message of Forgiveness. Obviously, I had to Test it to See what Actually works and what provides a Permanent Answer, not for Hereafter, but for HERE. Because, after all – Jesus said he was going to ‘come again’, but we do Speak to him in the Hereafter regularly and Interview him: he’s not Coming as Flesh and Blood; it’s his MESSAGE - where he indicated: “Investigate All things and Keep what is Good”. Now, what would be Good for Earth, would be That which is Best for All ON Earth. Therefore, the Message of Jesus is not about what comes Hereafter, but what Happens on Earth.

I Found that the Message worked and Changed me, when I applied it in Self Honesty. It was not Forgiving others, it was more about Forgiving myself. That’s Why we named it “Self-Forgiveness”, because the Message of Forgiveness has been abused in so many ways, without Actually Ever Producing a Permanent Change on Earth, which was the Intent of Jesus: to Bring-about a Permanent Change on Earth. But, when he was on Earth – Humanity was not yet Ready for the Message. So, it’s been 2000 Years and some are Ready for it, therefore – we Share the Message.
All I did was: Share the Message and said “Apply it, Test it, Investigate. Don’t Form an Opinion about something, or use the Knowledge you already have – Test it for real and See if it Actually Works”. And so, more and more people Started Testing it, and more and more people Started Finding out that: the Application of Self Forgiveness, with Self Honesty – Actually produce a permanent Change. You Permanently, over time, with Constant Application – get to a Stage where, you become a Different being from the one you were.

It is Interesting, because you have ‘Commentators’ that ‘Comment’ on things and then, because they ‘comment’ it’s apparently called ‘Fact’. But, what it really is, is their Opinion and such Commentators (and we’ve had it ever since the Portal opened and we went public with the Message) would come and ‘Label’ us, instead of Actually investigating what we are Saying for Real (For more context/perspective regarding such ‘Commentators’ – read DAY 328DAY 333). Because, what we said to everyone that Investigated and Found that it works, is that: they must Share the Message as well .So, they do that with Vlogs and Blogs.
When Jesus was Here, he saw that it is Possible to have Heaven on Earth, through Forgiveness. But, those that would Lose their ‘Power’ and ‘Control over the Resources of Earth, because it actually belongs to Everyone: Misdirected the Message into Ways that would Suit them, made Laws and created Cultures which Protected the ‘Fake Message’ of Jesus. The ‘Fake Message’, as for example the one that “His Blood is what wash away your Sins”. You know that, a ‘Blood Offering’ is actually Satanic Ritual, if one would go and do some Research, which most humans cannot even do, because they can’t read properly. They have very Limited Reading Skills and only know the value of a Few Words, and the Value of Those words they have Created in Ways that Only Support the Self-Interest and Hide the Fear.

Now, what I can say about ‘Commentators’, is in fact – Fact. Because, Commentators do not Investigate the Message of Self Forgiveness, in Self Honesty. But, Pretend to be ‘Experts’. We have a lot of that in this World: Opinions. Most of our Professions that exist – function according to Opinion. There is no Fact. You have No Actual Support from Any Professional, whether it’s a Doctor, Psychologist, Lawyer, Accountant – whomsoever you Ask, they will always say to you one thing: “It is My Opinion”. Even in our Courts of Law – “it’s My Opinion”, it is Not Fact. These Opinions, which are Based on Personal Self Interest – then seems to Govern the Way we Live. If you Look at the World as it exist: that has Left the World in a Big Mess and this Mess is Growing – Daily, soon to be on the doorstep of Each One.

So, please Understand: do not form Opinions about something, Investigate All Things. Understand that the Message of Jesus has always been here, it’s just Never been Applied and Never been Lived. It’s Never been taken to the Point of Self-Change. The few that’s attempted that, always fell back into the System – instead of Looking at Solutions. So many is so Scared to Speak-up, because when you Speak-up – you know what happens: you will be Abused, because those that Hear the Message, React in Fear. They React in Fear, not because of the Message, but because they Know inside them, that: what we’re saying is Truth.

We’ll Continue with the Message of Jesus (Part Two) in the next post
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