Wednesday 3 April 2013

Day 345: The Internet is the Global Mind (Part Four)

For context from the previous post:
If You are Able to Write Stuff Down, You have Made ‘that which you Write’ and you are Making ‘That Which you Write’ the Physical Flesh, the Self that You are. And therefore, more and more, that will Manifest in your Life, until you Completely Become these Words.

Therefore, when Jesus said ‘Put a Guard In Front of your Mouth’ - he obviously meant (as a lot of people at that time couldn’t write), that - when you Place a Word, make sure you Place the Words in a Context that you are ‘Willing to Become,’ because you are the Living Word. So, Make Sure in your Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Writing, Laws, in the Way you Exist, in your Relationships that: whatever you’re doing is What’s Best. Because: You’re going to Become What You Write. So if it’s Nasty and Abusive = it’s going to have an Effect on everything and Whatever You Support, You’ll Become. Everyone knows this.
A Parent knows this Well. They know it ‘Best’. A Parent will say: “Your Friends Define you and therefore, you must Choose your Friends Well”. Now, your ‘Greatest Friends’ are Your Words. They are Closest to You. Your Truest Friends are the Friends you Have when you are Alone in your Room Thinking, because Those Thoughts that come up: they are the Truth about You, Revealed as the ‘Friends’. Because you are ‘Friendly’ with those Words, with those Thoughts and what you are Willing to Write.

This is Why the Internet became a Necessity: to Reveal to Each One Who they Really Are. If you Claim you’re doing it because “You’re Paid to do it, it’s your Job” (paid by Government or a Corporation to say Nasty things about others) that ‘apparently’ “Is Not Really You”…You Have Another thing Coming, as that takes Quite some ‘Level’ of Pathological Disharmony, within. The Consequences of that, in Creating Different Personalities within your Flesh, will get to a point where you Cannot Correct it, Schizophrenia will be ‘Who You Are’ as you will be Completely one person in one moment and another in another moment. The ‘James Bond Movies’, Spy movies and Hollywood plays a Very big role in Creating Schizophrenia and then the Internet takes it to its Ultimate Expression.
All you have to Do, whenever you look at anything in the Global Mind, is to Assess the Relationships within which the Context of the Words are placed: Is it What is Best for All Life on Earth – or not – and according to that, you can Establish, with Great Clarity, Whom to Trust and Whom Not.

That is why we build a ‘Lengthy’ series of published works at Desteni, at the Destonians, the Journey to Life and EQAFE - so that You Have the One point of Evidence which is Standing above all: whether a person can remain Consistent within their Application of What is Best for All Life, day in / day out, day-after-day.
I would Assess a Person according to their Written Word over a lengthy period of Time and according to that You know Exactly Who you are Working with. If you are One that do not have Self Honesty, that means you Do Not Apply/Live, in your Life, a Principle to Look at What is Best for All and to Do What’s Best for All – the principle of Compassion, Empathy, Integrity; then: You will Not Assess a Person’s Words and you’ll take words only in the context of How it will Support your Psychological Dysfunction, your Self Interest, how it Supports the Very Abuse you’re Living Yourself. In a way, this is Appropriate, because each one Walking through the Global Mind is going to End up Having to Face what they have Allowed within this ‘Free for All’ apparent Society of the Internet. They’re going to have to Face it in their Real Lives.
Do You Understand What you are Allowing within a System of Inequality? You’re Giving That Inequality, in All Ways, Equal-Rights through ‘Freedom of Speech’, which means: You are giving the Nasty Shit Equal Value to the Good Shit, expecting that the Nasty stuff is ‘Not going to Happen’ - It’ll be on Your Doorstep. Whatever you Accept and Allow you are Part of/ Responsible for and Thus Accountable. Call it your Karmic Mirror. You’re going to See and Learn, through your Own Experiences in your World, what this Freedom Really Cost.

We’ll continue with the Global Mind in the Next Post
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