Monday 15 April 2013

Day 355: The Integrity of a Substance is in its Durability

The Integrity of a Substance is in its Durability and that’s how you Measure your Process: in your Standing / Stand of ‘who you are’ – are you Durable? Can you Endure the Challenges that the System impose on you or are you Molded and Controlled by the System? Therefore, the Process itself on Earth is one of Establishing Integrity and Durability as Life: Are you of Life Integrity and are you Durable as this Life Integrity to Sustain, Maintain and Establish Yourself as Life – thus, that All the Systems that Support You and Others in the terms of ‘Give and Receive’ is of a Nature, an Integrity that is what is Best for All Life always?
So, this Integrity is the Essence of the Earth: on Earth, as the Physical, you can Establish any Point’s Integrity through the Substance that it is – that means That which it is Made-of, as its Consistent Stability. So, if you look at the grass, the Integrity of the grass is its very Design, its Purpose, its Meaning in its Place and therefore - you can Trust it as that Substance Integrity. The same with iron, with steel, even some of the things humans combines to make stuff: you can Trust it according to its Design - like a gun, you can trust that it’s going to kill.

Where there’s a Problem in Life on Earth, in terms of Integrity of Substance - is when you get to the Human. The Human has No Integrity of Substance. Its Integrity is Completely Flawed. We have no Integrity of Substance as We do not Live in/as a ‘Consistent Stability’ within and as our Physical Bodies – as one can see/realize for oneself with the extent to which one change in one’s Mind/Consciousness every moment of Breath, and so become unpredictable and untrustworthy unto ourselves and so towards each-other and this Physical Existence as a whole. Our Integrity is completely flawed as we do not stand with/as/by anything/anyone – not even ourselves, with the extent to which we can suddenly/unexpectedly/unpredictably ‘change our minds’ always to only suit our own Survival/Self-Interest.

The Integrity of Substance is what must be Corrected and that is Done at the level of Correcting Yourself, because if You are Life Integrity - you do Not Require any Force or any Pushing to Be Life: you Simply are Life and from that perspective, you will Not Accept Anything Less than Life, because That is your Integrity, that is the Substance you’re Made of, that is the Substance you have to Make into/as Yourself so as to Prove, as Evidence, that You are In Fact a Benevolent Divine Creator. If you cannot even Create Yourself - you cannot Claim Divinity. That Divinity is Measured in How you Integrated into the World as the Systems - that Measure the Relationships between All Parts to have a Result that’s a Win-Win and that’s a Best for All at All Times.
This means that: as an Integral Being of Life, your Choices will Change – you’ll still have Choice, but it’ll No Longer be as Choices being defined where you are Free to Abuse, because you will as an Integral Being of Life Not Abuse. The Abuse within/through Choice as it now exist - is linked to a point where you are Not In Fact a Being of Substance as Life that Support Life and Ensure that there’s Always a Win-Win Solution. Currently Free Choice is based on Win-Lose. In a ‘Win-Lose’ situation you have a world that is in Crisis, because there is Constant Conflict and instead of being a being of Life: you become a being that Lives it in Reverse and you become a being of Conflict - you’re at War All the Time. Therefore, you don’t Trust Others – but, In Fact: you don’t Trust Yourself to be able to Exist and Coexist with Others in a way that will be Best for All and that will be a Win-Win. You Fear to Lose, so therefore - your total existence is one of Complete Negativity where you’re only looking at the few points where you can Win and you’ll do Everything to Actually Achieve this Win, instead of having a Win-Win Solution where Everyone Win all the Time - then Nobody ever have to Lose.

The solution is simplistic: Equality - the Equality as Life, the Equality as Breath, Equality Before the Law. But, if this Law is FLAWed and cause Conflict and ‘Win-Lose’ – then, there is no Equality before the Law Possible, because the Law is Flawed. That is why, for instance, the Equality Clauses in Constitutions are Invalid - they are Not Equality Clauses, because they are based on Laws that are in fact ‘Win-Lose’ situations and Those choices are Not Free Choice, because they Enslave Another - by You Winning = Somebody else Must Lose. That is Not Free Choice, because Your Freedom is Costing the Freedom of Another and therefore: you don’t have Equal Freedoms. The fact that you Apparently have Equal Right to Try and Win is simply the Cause of All War that has Ever Existed, it is always Measured - if you go back in History – it is always Measured based on Who Wins and Who Lose, and there’s Always More Losers than Winners, because there can Only be One Winner in any situation. In an Equal System Everyone Wins, then Everyone is a Winner and therefore: there is No Need to Fear and No Need to have No Trust.

Remember: it is Not that you Do Not Trust Another to Do What is Best, it is in Fact that you Don’t Trust Yourself. You are So Scared that you Will Lose if you Give In First and so Now - No one wants to ‘Give in First’, you don’t want to be the First one that Change, You want to Wait for Everybody else to Change Before you will Make an Effort. Unfortunately That is, in Essence, the Point of Integrity: if You do Not Have that Integrity, that Bravery to Stand in Spite of the Possibility that your Fellow Man may Want to Abuse you, because You have Dared to Give and you are Not Waiting for Them to Change - if you Don’t Have that Bravery: you Will Never in fact Be the Substance of Life.

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