Tuesday 16 April 2013

Day 357: Genetically Modified Facial Features for Beauty – the Future of Patents

What we know, is that: Facial Features are the Results of Genetics and Genetics are the Results of a Program. A Program is Measurable and thus, although we do not Yet understand How - it is inevitable that science is going to take us there, where: we can have Genetically Modified Babies that are all Beauty kings and queens, or princes/princesses – Would you like to do that to your child, to give them the Cutting-edge Fashionable Face and Body, to Ensure that their chances of Happiness in this World are Greater? What Type of Features would you Give your Child if you had a Choice? Isn’t that the implication, by Design, that - Deciding features is In Fact Free Choice and that the Fact that a Genetic Code exist, means that the Choice Exist? Or do one just Play in this Giant Casino and Hope for the Best?

We already know most end-up with Not the Best Genetics, but with all kinds of Problems. Obviously, the moment we start Playing with Human Genetics and we start Producing, by Design, a Human that does Not have all kinds of Disease, that has the Best Features, that is Desirable, that has the Best Features for Longevity in their Design, that has the Best Features for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind: we’re kind of Designing a Perfect Human. The fact is that - the Code Exist, the Problem is that - there are All kinds of Strange Excuses as to why this shouldn’t be Done. Most of it Claim to be ‘Religiously Based’. But, isn’t it Just Jealousy, where you’re already Screwed with your Genetics and now you Don’t want Anybody else to be Better than You? You Don’t want to Make Sure Your Children has Got the Best. Apparently ‘God Knows Best’, but God already Created the Genetic Code - if you want to Have God there, in this Equation. So, that Code is Certain, it’s Predictable and Possible to be Modified.

One of the problems obviously is: Will one Allow this to be Patented? Would that be a ‘Frankenstein’ kind of Patent, being able to Mess with the Design of the Human? Or Would that be a God Patent? Patenting the Ability to Become an Extra-Ordinary Human in your Facial, Bodily and Health Design, with a High Intellect - You know all the stuff that is Genetically Preordained. There are certain things we can Certainly Change through Education, but at the end of the day - Most of the things are Pre-set, which means: No Free Choice at the moment, because We are Not Willing to Investigate the Potential that Choice presents for us in this Equation as Actual Modification, Actual Production of Humans.

We are already able to See whether it’s a boy or a girl, or even Design whether you want a boy or a girl. The next few steps are Not that Big, if one Really know How to do this and you can Guarantee the Result, because it’s like a Program, like with the Computer: you can Guarantee the Result when your Credit Card Functions on a Program, your Bank Account Functions on a Program and You Trust That to keep track of Your Behavior and What you’re Doing and How you Spend your Money – there’s No Real Difference in the basis and the foundation of Programming when we get down to Programming and Designing the Code and Making the Best of It. Take the Best of the male and the female – the mother and the father – and Producing the Perfect Child in terms of Physical Attributes. Would one be Willing to consider such an Immense Gift? Or can you find some Negative Reason, some Bizarre Objection as to Why Giving to Every Child What is Best is Not the Best Choice that a Free Person Can Make?
Are you Part of Those who Stand for Freedom? Freedom of Expression, which Include the Freedom to Be the Best You Can as a Physical Human? Or do you have Some Reason that is Valid as to ‘Why’ we Should Not Give to Each Child The Best? Seemingly - there are many reasons Why we Shouldn’t Feed Everyone in the World, Give them a Home and Make Sure that they have a Life Worth Living From Birth to Death; apparently there are Reasons Why this ‘Shouldn’t Happen’ and it’s normally Those that’s already got ‘the Means’ - the Money - that Makes the Decisions for Those that Don’t Have it…Strange that, that seems to be Freedom. So, you Want to Be Free to Have Enough, but you Don’t Want to Give that Same Freedom of Having Enough to Everyone Else?

We are at a Crossroads in this world and the Questions that Must be Asked and Should be Asked are: Have we Really Investigated All Things and Are we Really Keeping What is Best for All? And the most important question: Why would we have a Personal Objection to Any Part of this Equation when it comes to Producing that which is Best?

Can We Reach a Level of Self Honesty where We Can Overcome our own Fear and Consider that There is Something More in this World, that is Possible for Every Human Being?

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