Friday 5 April 2013

Day 347: The Global Mind – Scientific Farming (Part Two)

It was in the 1970’s when a friend of my father was involved in the Upgrading of the Abattoirs in South Africa and Namibia, and Many of the smaller abattoirs were Closed. Out of this Was Born the Factory Farms with the Massive Abattoirs that Produce the Meat that is Distributed throughout the System. This is Why you have today, in South Africa anyway, a form of ‘uniformity’ with the Meat you’re buying. The Meat that you Buy in the shelves are the Parts that ‘look good’. The rest is processed into Processed Meats and Other ‘substances’, which you’re Unaware of in terms of its Actual Constitution. Then it is Presented to you in ‘beautiful packages,’ in nicely constructed ways - with Information that ‘tantalize’ your taste buds and ‘grab’ your Imagination, so that you end up Eating ‘According to Taste’ and Not ‘According to Health.’ This has become So Strong that, in most cases Taste overrides Common Sense at a Physical Level. Very much like our Happiness overrides the Common Good - and at the End, every single part that Constructs this, on a daily basis, in Every Breath, in Every Human’s life - has got to do with Money.

So, if you go and ask the Beggar to Choose between ‘Money’ and ‘Food’ (and we have done this experiment many times) they Choose Money. Apparently, Money gives them a ‘Sense of Freedom,’ and so Money has become ‘the Vehicle’ through which Freedom is perceived. Therefore, Freedom of Speech is the ‘Freedom to Make Money’. Does it have anything else to do with Actual Freedom in the World? Certainly Not, because: “If you’re Poor, it’s Your Own Fault”…is that Really So?

So, let’s do a little Exercise: Where you are in the/a Room or wherever you are in your Life - Have a Look if you Can Find Anything that is Not in Some way, or in All ways, Constructed or Containing ‘Money’ in some form? You’ll see that Everything you Function-with, is simply Money that has taken on a specific Form, its Value is Measured in Money. Even the Air you Breathe, its Value is measured in Money – there’s the pollution in it and now you have the Carbon Emissions that is in the Air, so you have Carbon Tax cleaning the Air. In the Water, Money is introduced to Purify it so you can Drink it. What is there in this World that is Not in some way now Genetically Modified, ‘metaphorically’, to Contain One Single thing, One Universal thing, which is: Money. Every Word You Speak was introduced Into you by Virtue of Money - that’s why Education costs Money and if you have a better Education, you have More Money.
It’s All about Money, but we don’t want to see that because: We Believe “Money is the Root of All Evil”. You don’t have to Believe that, just Check out this World and you’ll See that It Is ‘The Root of All Evil’. Yet, the greatest Desire is to ‘Collect as Much Money as Possible’, because ‘It Gives You Freedom.’ So, does that mean that Evil ‘Makes you Free’? Free to do whatever you Want to Do and so Abuse becomes Easy?

So let’s have a look at What Made the Farmers So Happy in my Childhood when it came to Scientific Farming.
The Fascinating thing was that: the People, Scientists and Educators that Came with the ‘New Scientific Methods’ had No Practical Experience of Farming whatsoever. But, they had a Certificate that said they were ‘Experts,’ and Somehow this Certificate ‘Absolved’ All from Responsibility, because this Certificate Certified that, apparently, ‘The Expert Knew what they were Talking about.’

This Certificate, even today, Increasingly plays a Major Role in what is Accepted by our System. Our System more and more Legally Requires Certification. But, if we go back to the roots of ‘the Certification,’ we’ll Notice that: Those that Developed the Certificate - had No Certificate. So, what is the Value of the Certificate? Why is it Believed to be Valuable? Why is it so Sought-after? What Made it so Sought-after for the Farmers was that: it Promised them an Fascinating thing - More Money. So, Every Parent, eventually, would from the Time the Child can Grasp Information, Impress upon the Child the Importance of ‘Having Papers,’ ‘Certificates,’ to Study to Get ‘Some Paper,’ because ‘That Paper will give you More Paper’, which is Money. And so, the Total Value of Life became ‘Paper.’ Now that we move from Paper to a ‘Paper-less Society,’ a Digital Society - what is Happening? Massive amounts of People are Losing their Jobs. Is that Simply because there are No More ‘Papers’, because the Value of a Person’s Life has Forever been Measured in Paper?

In Yesterday’s News I read that 1.1 Million Secretaries Lost their Jobs Due to the Advances of the Internet into the Arena of ‘Secretarial Management’, an Organization of Offices and Professional’s Work. As the Office becomes more ‘Paperless,’ those that were shuffling Papers No Longer have a Job. Most of the Secretaries were Mothers that were doing a Second Income for a Household to Educate a Child to Get a Paper. So this Cycle of Paper and this Value that was placed in Paper – is certainly falling like a ‘House of Cards’…and Cards were also made of Paper.

The Desperation in this New Emerging ‘Paperless Society,’ this Digital Society, which has Moved from Knowledge that is on Paper to Knowledge that is Digitized, moving a lot Faster, as if it is Evolving with Far less Cheques and Balances based in the Actual Physical Reality - this whole Process has caused the Desperation that: if you Look at your Social Media (especially things like Twitter and even more and more Facebook), it is Purely an Advertising Medium; where Every Individual is Trying to ‘Sell their Expertise’ and they’re ‘Checking out each other’s Papers,’ trying to Find a Way ‘to Make a Living’, trying to Create ‘Digital Money.’
In the last Two years you’ll notice a Massive Increase in ‘Online Businesses’, more specifically Major Businesses that’s Online, is starting to make a lot of money. In spite of the Fears surrounding, for instance, ‘Online Theft’ and your Information in terms of your Payment System, the banking, the credit cards being ‘jeopardized’: more and more people are Venturing into the Internet – partly and probably to a ‘Greater Degree’ (more than one would ‘like it to be’), this is Forced. This is Forced due to the Changes in the Economic System Moving from Paper to Paperless, within which each one Must Find New Ways to try and ‘Make a Living.’ Those that have Tried to ‘Make a Living’ on the internet, has already found that That doesn’t Work. There is a problem: the More Digitized the information becomes, the Less Likely it is that Anyone will ever even ‘take note’, because Each One become So Focused on their own Survival that Nobody notice that the Physical Work that is in this world Remains the Most Important. Because, if the Physical System Fails: your Digital Money will suddenly be Gone. At least when you had Paper Money, the Banks could Close and you could Still get Food and Do your Stuff as long as ‘something moves hands.’ Now, it’s No Longer ‘moving hands’ and the whole world has become Dependent on One Singular System, Complete Globalization, where your Money is Completely Controlled. Cyprus is a Wonderful example of that. The savings that should have been ‘Sacred’ (because that was the Promise of the ‘Promissory Note’ when it was still Money) Suddenly has No Way of Being Protected.

So, in this New Digital World - and a Digital world is a ‘Numbers World’, where Everything is now Just Numbers. Numbers that are based on a System that runs on Energy. Fascinatingly enough, similar to the way Religion has attempted to move into Spirituality as Energy – Magically it is ‘Hopefully’ going to Save the Human Race from Indifference, from Self Interest, from Taking Responsibility for How Humanity Coexist within itself and its Environment.
If Value Can Change So Easily and is Only a Perception of the Mind (as it is Clearly Shown in this Global Mind) then it is Really Simple and Easy to Change the System to One that is Best for All, like Equal Money for instance. Why then, would the Human Race Not Consider Another Way?

We’ll continue with The Global Mind – Scientific Farming (Part Three) in the next post

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