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Day 200: After Death Communication - Part 49

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A History with Life After Death - Part 33

We continue with the Process involving the Demonic, the Human’s lost outcasts from Heaven, outcasts from Earth, outcasts from Hope - those discarded like Waste, nobody caring. And there is a lot of that on this Earth, everywhere, everyday - caused by Self Interest, Cast Away anything that do not Serve the Self Interest. Understand that the Demon Dimension was that between Heaven and Earth, it was here on Earth amongst the Human in a frequency band, which could not be perceived by the Human. You had the rare occasions where you had a complete Demon Possession, and if you go and research, you’ll see there’s been quite a bit of research about it. In most cases, the form of Possession taken was not perceived by the one Possessed, because much of what one regard as your ‘own Emotional experience’, Positive or Negative, has been claimed to be just That. Not realizing that in fact, it was just a Dimension of the Demonic, that one was actually Participating in Creating.

So we took on the Demonic extensively, helping as many as possible, and in that Process becoming more effective, and for some years that was the Primary focus: getting really to the Nitty-Gritty of the Self Forgiveness required by each one in the Demonic, as a Demon, to set themselves Free from that which they Believe ‘is them’ / ‘are them’, that which they Believe ‘formed them’ - the Anger, the Rage, the Revenge, the Hate. There was much Hate. But even that, even the Vilest of Demons - could Forgive themselves, eventually, when they Walk the Path of their Existence and see: that the Only Way Out is to Realize that they have Done this to Themselves, that they have Caused what Happen to them at the Nth Degree and the Final Degree, through their own Self Interest, that even Revenge and Anger is Self Interest.

In working with the Demons, we started a Process eventually, of letting the Demon come through in a Physical Body then have people there to Assist the Demon with Self Forgiveness, People who have already committed themselves to a Process of Self Forgiveness - as a Test for themselves to see how Effective they are with their Self Forgiveness. This didn’t work too well, because the Demon would immediately, where a point of Self Forgiveness is presented, look at the Person and say: “But - you say I must Forgive this and this, but you have not forgiven that and that. So how can you expect from me to Forgive if you haven’t Forgiven yourself.” So a fascinating time opened around this, where we had as many people as possible face Demons, because it was so Cool to be told Face-On what it is you are not taking Care of, what you are Not Forgiving. Some didn’t handle this point very well because they felt the Demons were too Straight, too Brutal, too Direct, and they would like to have been told ‘Nicely’. Really?

How many people in this world Suffer, and when the Suffering hit them whether it is Poverty or Abuse, nobody tells them ‘Nicely’, beforehand: “You are now going to Suffer some form of Abuse or some form of Poverty or some form of Starvation”…It happens Straight On in all its Brutality. Obviously, those in Self Interest: don’t even notice, because they live in their own Make-Believe Reality, where they simply Ignore, which is obviously then Ignorance, Ignore the facts of the Matter, the Brutality of it all. Even making up Divine Stories about Why it happens to these people, how they Deserve it. Do you Understand what you Bind yourself to when you take that Position, and you are Not yourself Clear where you have Forgiven every single point, and understand exactly how you have Created it? Do you Understand what you Bind yourself to if you allow yourself to Think, have Emotions, Feelings, Energies - without understanding where they come from or how it is Created? Do you Understand the Consequence of Ignorance?
It’s very clear that the Human Do Not understand this.

The Human in fact live as if they are Never going to Die. Well, I’ve got News for you: you are going to Die. And the most Obvious thing about Death, is that it is a point of Conclusion, it is an End. It’s like the Sum Total of a Life, and that Sum Total, is the very End Result of a Life. And therefore, by Definition, it is a Consequence. It is what you have Bound yourself to through the Way you have Lived, through that which you have Ignored, that which you have Denied, that which you have made yourself Believe as an Illusion: suddenly No Longer Exist, and What Remains - is the Actuality of your Existence. What you have REALLY Done, what you have REALLY Allowed. I mean, that is the type of things we had to Deal with, with the Demons: the Actuality of their Existence.
And important was: No Judgment, but Forgiveness. Because unless we ALL Stop, unless we ALL Forgive, unless we ALL Together Create a New Reality: we are in for some very Tough Times in this World. And the Fascinating fact was: Demons could Forgive themselves to the point of where they ACTUALLY CHANGE. It was Absolutely Amazing to watch the Transformation - A new Being was born in front of our Eyes, just through Self Forgiveness. The ABSOLUTE Living of that Self Forgiveness, the ABSOLUTE Self Realization of one’s Responsibility.

Do you think the Human Race can Handle this? Not Yet. First: the Human will have to Enter, for REAL, the Demonic within - and it is manifesting. Read the News, watch the World, and in the next blog we will start with discussing the Manifestation of a World where the Demons will be amongst us as the Living Flesh, it’s already happening so it’s Time one Realize what is Here to be Faced.


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