Monday 15 October 2012

Day 184: After Death Communication - Part 33

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Let’s Get Back to Reality

Here is an exercise you can perform anywhere, anytime, when you're having a coffee in your local coffee shop, you can even manage and set it up under a controlled environment. The Key of this exercise is to Test your Self Awareness, and to see if you are in fact Self Honest, which will have a very specific result, or if you are Dishonest, it will have another type of peculiar result. The point here is to See if you in fact can receive another person’s Thoughts. So, for practicality’s sake, you sit on one side of the table and you get someone to sit on the other side of the table, and you ask them to think about random stuff, preferably stuff you don’t know about.

Now to make this experiment Scientifically Valid, you have to refrain from doing the following: you may not interpret the Body Language, you may not look for cues in what they are thinking about, you may not work it out through deduction, you may not guess - it must be a Full Thought Transmission. Because, if the claim is that every Mind is transmitting thought - every time that you are receiving thought, it must be crystal clear like you are receiving from a radio station. Thus it must be exact as the message you would be listening to on the radio, to confirm first of all, that a signal is being received as thought, and secondly, that you are actually receiving this thought. I would suggest you do this scientifically, so do it at least twenty times with twenty different people. I will share with you what is going to happen, because I have already done this thousands of times: You will receive nothing.

Similarly, this very same exercise should be done during Meditation. And if you have been a student of Meditation for many years, like I have been for more than 15 years, Meditating sometimes several times a day, being part of Meditation Circles, study groups, you name it - you have to investigate the same phenomena, in terms of your history of Meditation, especially the Guided Meditations that Teach you how to be Psychic or Intuitive in receiving messages from your Guide. One of the favorite ways this is taught, is taking you to a peaceful scene, next to a waterfall or a river, under a tree, where you have to picture yourself waiting for your Guide to arrive, and then your Guide will have a Message for you. First of all, important is that you have to picture this, if you don’t picture this, then normally nothing is going to happen unless that part of your Mind is so automated that it happens just by itself and you have a rampant imagination.

If you slow down this process, you are going to note that you are even going to eventually picture the Guide and the Message. There isn't actually a Guide that actually talks to you, you develop multiple skills of interpretation using the total Database of your Mind which is everything throughout your life, every word you've heard, everything you've seen, everything you've read, every movie you've seen, and from that you will imagine - which Magically Creates a scene and a message that by Design will fit in with the group you will participate in. Because if it doesn't: you will be immediately ostracized as being in the wrong vibration or being negative. And therefore, peer pressure will ensure that you will come up with the appropriate message and picture that will through constant practice become easier, and eventually, lead to you becoming an Intuitive or Psychic.

Within this, you will develop the skills to pick up very quickly the type of person you are going to do a reading for and the type of message they would like to hear, and will then have a customer that will return to fill your pockets. You will also notice, if you dare and investigate this Self Honestly, that the Message is always the same. It’s like the Law of Attraction in which the first books were published in 1903, and now different people write the same book with different pictures unwilling to consider the Evidence of History, that maybe the advent of the then Law of Attraction was the cause of WW1 and WW2 and eventual WW3, because through it we have divided our society even more.

The point being that through Meditation and Creating this Dimension within yourself as a functional memory, where you introduce yourself as a Character, as a Intuitive, or a Psychic - and you create the Character of your Guide and sometimes more Guides, depending on how great you want to be seen as a Spiritual Being, because if you have more than one Guide in the circle of the domain of the Spiritual, you are greater because you have more. This whole process, actually requires you to fool yourself to Great Dishonesty because none of what you are creating is in fact coming from anywhere else, but your own Mind. You are not receiving a transmission, there is very few beings throughout human history that received transmissions and those that did where meticulously planned, to introduce various levels of Deception to warp Consciousness into what we have today as Human Nature. Because Human Nature is the sum total of all that was introduced into the Programming of the Design of the Mind through the Quantum Physical, through which the Quantum Mind will form the Consciousness Dimensions, which will function according to the memories and the Characters and the relationships you introduce to the Characters from which will form your eventual Characteristics which will be presented as your Personalities.

In Meditation, you do just this, you are recreating yourself into a commodity that you are able to sell to Consumers, where you take advantage of their insecurities without in anyway whatsoever, introducing anything in this world that will make this world a place that is Worthy of Life. Because who you become is through a meticulously slow process of dedication of being resultant in something you Deliberately Imagined, until you actually believe it to be true - and as it happens only in your Mind. No one is allowed to Question you or check if it is true, and in fact, no one can, as you would have already proven to yourself through the first experiment, which gives you total protection for this lie.

I would suggest that it is better to become a Mentalist and hone your Skills to Assist people to become Better Human Beings, than playing this game where you are completely inadequate in understanding in what you were getting involved in, because if you had a clue: you would never do this, and never prey on human emotion and feelings just for profit and to apparently be someone special.

More in the next blog.

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