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Day 178: After Death Communication - Part 27

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A History with Life After Death – Part 12

Oration. Yes, the next Gift was Described as “Speak, it is Written in the Ethers”. The Ethereal Angle, which is also the Angle of the Angels, the Angle that has been the Foundation of Spirituality, and – if one Really Investigate, it is Implying a Substance Existing that Permeates Everything, like Ectoplasm, like Consciousness, that is Physical and Programmable.

With this Oration Gift, I initially acted on it and a Point developed, unexpectedly, where I could suddenly See and Speak the Dimensions of a Word, the Relationships within which a Word exist, the Network that a Word implies, the Sound of the Word in its Totality, is what I ‘Named’ it, eventually. But, a Curious thing was clear: Throughout the Ages, there has been Orators, there has been Many that has Spoken Words claimed to be the ‘Living Word’, with many Angles, many Messages, and yet – Mankind Never Changed, One Iota. In fact, instead of Man becoming Kinder, Man was Definitely becoming more and more Evil. Instead of Man becoming One, as Life, as What is Best for Life, Man was becoming One with their Self Interest, and Creating a New Network of Oneness – one of Agreed Self-Interest: An Ultimate form of Greed, one that Pursue Happiness for Self, Claiming that it is Available for All without Investigating the Practicality of such Claim and whether it in fact was SOUND.

I was quite Uncomfortable with this Point as, it was very Clear I was Expected to Spread the Word of Love and Light, of Oneness and Joy, the whole Rhetoric of The Now, and I Challenged the Gift in the Next Discussion I had with the Guides that Presented the Gift, the Gift Bearers of God, so to speak. I asked them: “What is there to be said, that hasn’t been said Already? What is so Great about this Gift, that expect you to Parrot the same Story as if the Mess that the MESSage Reveal, is just an Acceptable Reality of Human Nature, implying that somehow, magically, Mankind is going to Change?” By this time, I have already spent many years on the Law of Attraction and Found that many were looking for Angles to make Money out of it, by Creating New Ways, but - None were Interested in a Solution, by Making Life Attractive in a Way that Man, in itself, would Start to Show some Points of Benevolence.

So, I progressively became more Disenchanted by this Enchanting Gifts when I looked at the Practical Living aspect of Speaking the Accepted Message that has for so long Mislead Man, to Progressively become more and more, simply Ignorant Sheep that Parrot Words of Bullshit, Words of Feel-Good, but Actually Never Change in Any Way Whatsoever – Unless they Benefit at the level of Self Interest, as Happiness, Joy, Wealth and Health; Man Never Really Care about Anything Else but themselves, and as Long as their Lives were not Directly Effected by Circumstance or Situations in the World, they Couldn’t Care Less, and even say it was the Will of God/the Divine, because they were Loving Lightworkers, that their Lives were Working so Well.

The Lie is so Obvious, change the Circumstance, and let the Happiness and Joy go, and All of the Claims of these so-called Highly-Evolved beings will be out the Window Immediately.
I then started Resisting the Point and Decided to Investigate WHAT is the Implication and the Context, if I view every word in its Totality as SOUND, WHY are certain relationships and networks energized and emphasized, in spite of it Creating a Society that is Dysfunctional. While those parts of the Words that will Create a Highly Functional Society of Peace and Harmony, are Virtually, Deliberately, Misrepresented.
What was Fascinating, is that – whenever I would discuss these Points, these Loving Lightworkers would react violently, and do their best to try and shut me down.

So, at this stage, after some time, where it must have become clear by these Gift-Givers, that I was not going to toe the line, and I was not going to Spin the Message, that Over All time of History, have Never brought Any Resolution to Humanity as One, a peculiar thing started developing: My Life was working quite Fine, but because I was Not complying to My Gifts, which now started to look more like Instructions and Demands, the implication was that there will be a Consequence. The Consequence arrived one morning in a Fax, where my Stable Life was suddenly thrown into Disaster, when those that were making lots of Money through what I was doing – wanted more. And they Revoked my Rights and offered all my Employees direct employment. All, obviously, highly irregular and even under the current situation, Illegal, but - in the context of the discussions that were held, the Resultant effect on my Life indicated a certain form of Control, that would force one into Compliance, and to this: I refused to Bend.
I continued Investigating the Gifts, because I integrated them as the Living Flesh, and so – they could not be taken away. But, I decided I would develop them in the context of What is Best for Life, to Bring About an Existence that is WHOLE, that is SOUND, that is ONE AS LIFE, no matter what it Takes. Realising, in essence, that anyone could take Words and Live them as SOUND, as WHOLE, as a Network, as a Relationship, that will result in what is best for All.

But, the Big Question was: How would one get an Obviously Controlled Society to Hear a Message, that they all claim they wish to Hear, that will Result in a World that is Best for All?

More on this in the Next Post. 
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