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198: After Death Communication - Part 47

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A History with Life After Death - Part 31

How Demons Communicated

Now, ‘till in my thirties, I did Not consider Demons as actually Things that exist. I was Extremely into love and light, and was ‘sending love daily’ in every possible way, meditating love and light, positive attitude, focusing on ‘producing a better world’ - the whole story. And Facing the Demonic, realizing that they were actually Beings that Exist, and in fact, that they were Humans on Earth at some stage - was quite an Eye Opener.

The Question was: “Why could I not See this before?”, “How could I have Missed it?”, and that was very simply because, I was Trapped in Consciousness. And I didn’t Realize, even at that stage, that the Problem is Consciousness, but I was Trapped in the Energetic Projection that I was Focusing on. Therefore, I could only experience the energetic projection that I was projecting, and anything outside that - I simply ignored, and denied, and couldn’t See, because it wasn’t within my ‘idea’ of my Existence. When that Changed, I had to also Investigate, how I managed to miss this all and Why, really, very few people on Earth considered the Existence of Demons, for Real.

In my Investigation, I Realized, obviously, that Demons as Energetic Beings were just the same as Consciousness, and that the Reason why we don’t see them is simply because: we don’t know Where to Look. We do not Realize, that: the Demon do represent and do show themselves through their particular energetic constitution. This constitution for instance, would be in anger or in violence or in jealousy. In time, I Learned how Demons transferred and how they managed to get into the Body. So, a Demon for instance, would Enter the Body in times of trauma or when a person is drunk, using alcohol, or using drugs, or during sex, that means: during a stage where the basic energetic Consciousness Structure of the Being they want to Possess is ‘less stable’, is out of faze in a way, is moving out of its ‘normal context. Then the Demon can ‘slip in’, and once they are in - all they have to do is learn how it works.

How does this Being, that they’re now Possessing, utilizing their Energy? So they would Integrate into the Being and Learn the ‘ways of the Being’. Because they’re only going to, in the end, show themselves in very short moments of ‘bursts of energy’, like a sudden outburst of anger, where the Demon will take it further than what the person normally would take it.

Even, in some cases, to the stage where they will take it over, where they would have created another Dimension of Consciousness, within the person, where they have enhanced the anger, for instance, to a Rage - what will happen is that: they will energize it, and then when the rage comes up, the person will ‘lose Consciousness’. Meaning, they will Not be Aware of what happens because the Dimension that the Demon created, as Consciousness, Takes Over. And because that is not in anyway part of the Consciousness of the person or their Memory Dimensions - they will Not Remember that they are actually doing whatever the Demon wants them to do. In many cases, the Demon would take the person to that point, and take them where they would either commit murder or rape or molest a child, and the person will not even know that they did so. You can go and do Research on this, in terms of how many people over time, have indicated that they cannot remember what happened or how they did it. All the Evidence is there, but their Actual Conscious Awareness of the action is not there, because it wasn’t them that did it, it was the Demon in them.
We found these things, obviously, in our Research through the Portal, extensively. There has been a lot of people that, on Earth - that have suffered because of Demon Possession, without anyone knowing that it is even happening, because you don’t know where to look and you don’t understand the Mechanics, the Dynamics, the ‘way it works’, the ‘How it Manifests’.

So - it took me a while to Understand how it works, and to Realize that: the very Thing I was utilizing to the extreme, in presenting myself as ‘love and light’, and in that - to focus positively with a ‘great attitude’ on producing a ‘new world’, a better world, it was simply not happening, there was something missing. I mean, if I look at the limited effect a Demon would have through using exactly the same methodology, to such an extent, that they are virtually not visible on earth at all, and even totally ignored in spite of being instrumental in some heinous acts - made me realize that, obviously: energy that is positively directed will do exactly the same, it will have No Real Effect, because you are Not Really Changing anything, you’re also Not Really Changing Yourself. You are simply creating dimensions of energy that you feed on, from the perspective of your self image, in where you use that to produce experiences for yourself that is ‘feeling good’ / ‘exhilaration,’ it’s like - just another drug.

But, it was necessary that - eventually the Human Must Realize what is going on, otherwise, Change on Earth will be impossible…as by now: SOME of You must Realize.
I mean, I have been around on the Planet for fifty years now, and - there has been No Change. There has only been an Extreme Deterioration in EVERY facet of society. And, from where we had Major World Wars at some stage, now, we have War all the time. We have a situation on Earth, where we have the greatest instability in the Mental Constitution of the Human and the Psyche, in the Psychology, than we have ever had before - and this is Increasing, BY THE DAY.

YET, like I did when I was in love and light, the love and lighters, the ones that should be the Front-End, the Spearhead of Change on Earth - deny Reality. Because, like I used to - they live in their Own Created Mental Impression, where they Look in the Mirror of the Mind and only see what they are projecting. It’s like a form of Photoshopping. You take a photo and you make the photo the way you want it, and you make it pretty and you dolly it up, you see the love and light - we did a lot of that stuff, you know, because we had ‘beautiful pictures’ everywhere. But the picture is Not Reality, it is an Illusion that you are superimposing on Reality. For what purpose, specifically? - That is what you have to find out. Why are you denying Reality and pretending that the Illusion you are creating is Reality? Are you scared? Are you scared of what you’ll lose? Do you Fear the Truth? If you find out that, in fact, you’re Screwed on Earth and you’re Screwed in the Hereafter - would you change? Or do you hope by some ‘mystical magical thing’, you are going to be able to ‘somehow’ just suddenly be in a ‘better reality’ after Death? You’ve got another thing coming.

There is some Serious Problems in Consciousness. So serious, that it will affect and determine the total outcome of your existence. You should wake up!
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