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Day 188: After Death Communications - Part 37

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A History with Life after Death – Part 22

Awareness of Evil

After the first experience with the Demon Possession, I started researching all I could. But I found that mostly, the problem about the Demonic was what Ideas I had about it, which was formed by what I heard throughout my life - mostly through Stories and Religion and in Books, and then the Assumptions I made about it. It was very clear that the Subject was virtually a Forbidden Area in Society, something you’d Simply Avoid because it seemed to Wake Up the most Bizarre Responses in people.

At this stage it was very clear that Everything I could find about Life in general, throughout all History, which I read Extensively, was simply Not Making Sense. The Pattern was Astounding: people would claim that they want a World of Peace and Harmony, BUT would talk about other people behind their backs, would have Thoughts about people while they have a Smile – and in general, people were simply extremely nasty things. I found these things existing within me. It is as if it would just ‘Pop Up’, enticing me to Participate. I was extremely uncomfortable with it, because Fundamentally - it did not make sense. And, it was Simply Clear that because this existed in every Human Being, it was impossible for a World to exist that would be Best for All Life, one where people can Trust each other.

In our current world, trust was manufactured, it was dependent on How people could benefit from each other, and the Benefits, in most cases, would go in hand-in-hand with Secret Debates in the Minds of People to establish Reason for participating in associations, as long as this association seems to be beneficial as Profit, or beneficial Emotionally – this Debate would exist the very moment a person could see that they could do better and if they Change allegiance, they would do that. The justification for the Type of Decisions that would eventually be made would go like: “if I don't do it first to them, they will do it to me” or “if they were in my shoes, they would have done the same” or “I only have this one chance, this is about survival of the fittest anyway”.

I’ve been Challenging many of these concepts throughout my life, by deliberately acting in a way that would be Best, to see if that would sway or change the Behaviour of other people. And, to my Great Disappointment: this just never happened and in fact made one Vulnerable and Open to Abuse, which happened to me Many Times. What is Astoundingly more Clear, is that: whomsoever would take advantage of you, would change the storyline to make Them look like Heroes and to fit their Decision to take Advantage of you by making you look like Evil, because the fascinating point is: just because you are Acting in a way that prefers an outcome Best for All, is Seen as a Weakness by the “Dark Side” of Man. And therefore, the “Dark Side” of Man would go full-out to Abuse Anything that Dare to Challenge its “Power”.

Within Days of the Event of the First Demon Possession, I was at a Major convention in Johannesburg, but something peculiar was happening, there was a New Awareness, something I have never Experienced before: Suddenly I could See the Demons in People. But that wasn't what was Astounding, what was more Astounding, was that the Demons could See Me. They knew I could See them. This Opened up a Vital Part within my Process of Awareness: Now that I know what I know, and I know that People were not Aware of what was Existing everywhere all around me in People - “what am I going to do about it?” And, another Question was, that: if a Demon could take Control of a Human Mind, to the Point of having Full Control over the Body, and Preventing any form of Memory to be formed or to be Accessed by the Human – what Effect has this had on Human History? And what Effect was this having on the day-to-day Lives of the People All Around the World?

And a Time started within which I had to Assess, All the Consequences and Options Available to Me and Options I will have to Make Available to Me. That means: What can I do and what Must I do? And within what I Must do – what will it take to become Able to Actually do it? What'll happen if I would Dare to confront the Demonic? I already knew how the Human responds to this, but How would the Demonic Respond to this? And, in all the Stories Found published everywhere – the Demonic mostly seem to be the One that would Win. So, the Great Obstacle was: Fear.

It was very Clear that Demons Liked Fear. And the One Thing a Human is Really Good at, is Having Fear and Creating Fear in Others – Using Fear, and Abusing Fear. In fact, Fear, Fundamentally plays a role in every thought, every decision and every action of the Human Race, throughout Time, which makes the Human Dimension the Best Playground the Demons could Ever Wish for.

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