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Day 187: After Death Communications – Part 36

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A History with Life after Death - Part 21

Awareness and Evil

As we continue this discussion about Life After Death, there is the Part about the “Dark Side of the Force” which is Mostly Denied, turned away from, disregarded, and yet: due to the Principles of Interconnectedness and Oneness, there is a Key to Understanding Life when looking at the Reverse of Life, which is Evil. This Manifested most Prominently throughout the Ages, as the Demonic.

In grasping the Consequence that caused the Demonic to Exist, is paramount in Understanding and Establishing Awareness of Life. And here it is Important to distinguish from the Awareness that is Commercially offered by Many, purely to improve their lives financially - while Never actually making a difference in any way whatsoever about a System that is Governing the day-to-day participation of the Individual within the Group. And here it is Important also to Note, that there is not a Single Individual on Earth that actually Ever Think for Themselves. And the Demonic is possibly the easiest way to Understanding WHY and HOW this happen, and to Understand Why the Illusion as the Positive exist, as well as the Consequences that flows from a focus on the Positive Illusion.

After I studied the Gifts and eventually refused to use it, a number of events took place that turned my life from being well in hand and financially effective, into a Disaster overnight. It is as if all Protection or Support was removed and Only the worst possible outcomes was left. As if to try and Force me to become a Teacher of Love and Light, but this to me did not make Any Sense, as there was a Total Contradiction between the Message of Heaven and the Reality on Earth.

I never really believed in Demons, and saw that only as Imagination gone astray. Yet, in practising Self Forgiveness, I developed a Very Effective Foundation of Trust in the Principles and Practise of Self Honest Self Forgiveness. And because I noticed the Great Disparity that existed in the World amongst Man to Man – I looked at ways that one could Improve this, so that a New Awareness on Earth could be Born that would Lead to What is Best for All Life. This particular Decision to Find such a Solution started in the early 1980’s. But now, I was at the stage where my Life would take another turn, and it is around 1998 / 1999 when, while Developing Reading Software, I was approached for an Interview on Real-Time Television about what we were doing in relation to Bringing Words as Reading into a state of Awareness that every word, by definition, becomes a Word worth Living and thus ensuring the Outcome of All Words in All Relationships to Always be What is Best for All Life. To do this, I had already Realised that, Words in itself were Not the Product of the Mind, but in fact the Product of the Physical Body, as is Language, Behaviour, Thought, Memories. And that the Mind, so to speak, was only the Interpreter, the Parrot, the Energetic Part of the Foundational Physical Machine, as the Flesh, as the Self. This we will go into great detail about, over years to come, in the Quantum Mechanics of Creation – you will find it in

During this Interview an Event took place that would Change my View about the Demonic extensively. What made me Able to Handle this was an extensive Application, at that stage of nearly Five Years already, of Self Forgiveness in Writing and Spoken Aloud – Always in the context of Absolute Self Honesty, which I was fortunate enough to Realise on the very first night I did Self Forgiveness, where I realised the Stupidity of not being Absolutely Self Honest, will only Result in me having to repeat everything I do in terms of Self Forgiveness. And so I Decided, no matter what the Consequences, and the Consequences in many ways were Extensive – I would Remain Self Honest, because eventually I would have walked through all the Consequences and Reach a Point where my life would be Purified from all Compromise, from all Relationships based on Inequality and Dishonesty and I would as such, eventually, be a New Person. How long that would take, at that stage, I had no clue, but the Basic Fundamental Principles were Clearly Grasped and is Suggested to Each to consider. Because, the Only One that suffers, with Self Interest, in the End: is Yourself. Self Honesty is Critical if you are Ever to Actually Become Aware. And in this, you have to Face Everything, and the Fundamental Point that forms the Foundation of Awareness: is the Dark Side. It is That which one would Rather Avoid and deny and ignore – that is the Home of Awareness. And whomsoever do not Face this in its Absolute Specificity through Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty, will only Ever Create themselves as the Illusion of Consciousness, Creating a False Image of Positiveness in contradiction to the Reality of the Physical World as How the Human Functions in its Relationship of Body, Mind and Spirit. Where the Spirit, in essence, is in fact the Secret Mind which each One hides from Each Other, as if to Deny that it Exist. But, Self Honestly, in Each Human Exist something Profoundly Dark, Destructive and Self-Interested that will, in the end, justify Decisions that Benefit themselves and their families, and sometimes their Friends – but they will NOT live What is Best for All Life, Always.

So, back to the Interview: in the Interview I explained, that the Fundamentals of Reading and Vocabulary is based functionally within the Memory Structure of the Physical. This is the ‘Home’ of the Quantum Interaction through which we have our Being, and if a Word becomes Vested in the Physical, with a Definition that is Not specific and an energetic charge that is out of Balance based on either the Self Interest of the Positive, or the Self Interest of the Negative: the Consciousness that will flow from it, will be an Illusion without Awareness which will Dominate one’s Life to be in Total Separation with Life - ignoring the Consequences of Living through a System that is in Conflict with the Physical Nature of Earth. In this, I explained, that the Fundamentals of Reading and Teaching Vocabulary, requires a Level of Integrity and Consideration for Life, that must be Consistent to be able to Contribute to a Change in this World that will eventually Lead to Heaven on Earth - practically Created by the Human themselves. Within this I explained, that the Message of Jesus, in essence, was a Fundamental Effective approach, if Lived Practically - that would have the Outcome of Every Word becoming Living Water that form a Foundation which would Lead to the Eventual Birth of Awareness of Life. And will be Fundamental, in that it Change the Interaction and Behaviour of the Human Race to That which is In fact Benevolent, Divine and Good.

While explaining How the Physical Actually Learn at Quantum Speed as if in Timelessness - suddenly one of the Cameramen came forward Starting to Challenge what I was saying, claiming that this in essence is Impossible for the Human Being. I took the man’s hand and I asked him to Test Self Forgiveness and to Repeat after me: “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that I am in fact Able to Forgive myself and set myself free from the Fear that Rule me”. While I was saying this, something happened to the man: the Hands turned into a claw-like fashion, the face contorted, the eyes flipped over backwards and the man was unable to speak, shaking violently. I kept on insisting on the Self Forgiveness. This was like a first for me, there was nothing else clearly to be done, Self Forgiveness was the Trigger = Self Forgiveness is the Solution. And after some time the Man managed to speak the Words and then Release took place. He jumped up and ran out, and it was like Something left his Body. He came back and we discussed the point, and he said there was like a Darkness that came over him and he was Unable to do anything about it, and he couldn’t get himself to Speak.

What was interesting from this was that at that stage I regarded it as an Entity, left the body of this man, and was Clearly something that wanted a Host. My concern was that it would now go and look for another Host and I was very Unhappy with myself and felt that I did not help anyone as the Entity/Demon would now find another Host and there is nothing I can do to prevent it. And I decided to Never Again take on and Help a Demon or a Possessed Person, until I Understand WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE. HOW does this exist? WHY does this exist? It was undeniably Real, and started a Field of Investigation, which would Fundamentally Change my Approach to Reality.

More on this in the Next Post. 
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  1. Thanks for sharing your life story and experiences Bernard! This is of great support to anyone who is serious about life and realizing what is really going on!