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Day 189: After Death Communication - Part 38

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A History with Life After Death – Part 23

The Demonic (Part 1)

After the event with the first demon possession I dealt with, I realized the necessity for a lot more Specificity. It’s easy to Say a Word, it’s quite a different story to understand the Impact of the Word. Especially according to the energetic Nature of the word, that means: the Exact feeling the energy would produce in your Body which one would tend to become Addicted to. So I started practicing to establish the Exact nature, the Exact feeling, the Exact energetic charge a Word would have in my own life, to be able to ‘Hold’ the energy, that means: discern, assess the energy - whether emotion or feeling, by how it ‘feels’. Specifically, hold it in your hand – because, the energy in itself, by the Word, is created within you through the Body. You have trained the body to do that, which means you can actually Direct the energy to a particular point like your hands, and then Hold it there and assess it.

What was very Clear, is that: feelings were of a positive charge, while emotions was of a negative charge. The Connotation, the Relationship that would Define feelings would be more expansive, while that which define emotion would be more Constrictive.

I practiced these Very Specifically to be able to generate them and stop them purely by Will. Realizing that Will Power is a Necessity, because - if we are subject to the Creation of specific energies simply by our environment triggering a Word within our Awareness to produce a thought which will present itself as a particular energy: if this would happen and we are not the Directive Point behind it, we will not even have a clue what Exactly was the Specific Design that Produce this energy within us. Yet, it exist within us, as us, as the Physical Body. This is a very big problem, because - you’ll now get angry and you won’t understand Why, for instance. You’ll become jealous, but you won’t understand Why. You will fall in love, but you don’t understand Why - you don’t Understand where it comes from.

You have to understand a fascinating thing about this, is that: whatever is happening to you Already Exist within you, and - all that has happened is, that which is existing within you has been Triggered. You have seen a picture of someone and the picture of the person fit a particular picture in your own Memory Constructs, specifically related to a Character you have been Designing, as who you want to be in this world. And now, it triggered an energy that says to you, as the character: “Wow, this is what I want, this is my desire” - the feeling arise and you immediately trust the feeling because you have Created it as your ‘confirmation point’ that you are ‘at the right place’, and you call that ‘synchronicity’, and Now you follow That Feeling. And that feeling, according to the Rules you have Designed in it, with whatever fits those Rules: you are going to bring into your life, and you are going to do Whatever it Takes, Compromise Whatever it Takes - to Create a Relationship that Fits the Desired Design of what it is that you would like to be. Now you have “fallen in love”.

Inevitably, obviously, as it is indicted so clearly through Multiple Relationship Breakdowns: you’ll find that your Design was Inefficient. So - you’ll get to a Point were the person for instance, that you now have Created a Relationship with, which you have “fallen in love” with according to your Desired Design of the Character you want to be in this world, the role you want to play, and who you want in your life to role play with you: do not fulfill the Total Desire that you have. And So - you end up moving from love to despising the person, you move to hate, and you go and you remove yourself from that relationship. And that’s the worst thing, because that is why it is called ‘deworst’ sorry, divorce.

In all of this, this is happening through what you would say “you’ve been thinking about it”, but have you really? No, you have been following a Pre-Destined Design, which in Overall - you have created yourself, but for the original memories, which were placed into you by your environment and your parents. Those things obviously play a major role like your culture, your religion, what you believe your place is in this world - most of those memories come from your parents. They would impose that on you without realizing what they are doing through the Quantum Physical Process of your initial seven-year integration into this World. You grow like a tree, like a plant, into this World to become part of the Nature of this World, which is the Human Nature instead of the Total Nature of this World - Creating a Separation in this World between Nature and Human Nature, Creating a Separation between the Tree of life or the plant of life or the nature of life, and utilizing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - that means: Creating Consciousness, an Illusion, which follows the rules you impose upon it and then you impose this upon this world, and in imposing it upon this world - you create Massive Abuse. Because, Human Nature is apparently ‘more valuable’ and of a higher class, a higher vibration, a higher frequency, a higher right - than the Nature of this World. And you begin to Forget, very quickly, that you are Not Alone in this world, and that you are in fact Not ‘God’ in this world: You are in this world in a relationship with nature, and if that relationship becomes dysfunctional, Eventually you will lose your place within this world, because you will end up abusing and destroying the very thing that gives you Life, that gives your children Life, and that will give your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren Life. But because of Human Nature as Consciousness as the Tree of the Fruit of Good and Evil: the Fruit we Bear in this World has got Nothing to do with Life.

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  1. Bernard this is fantastic >> "You have trained the body to do that, which means you can actually Direct the energy to a particular point like your hands, and then Hold it there and assess it." << I have been playing with this, and it I am seeing it is as very effective- Helps to take a pause and gives direction while in the thought to see it and drop it.