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Day 176: After Death Communication - Part 25

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Day 174: After Death Communication - Part 23

A History with Life After Death – Part 10

The Next Gift we are Looking at, is One seemingly in Contradiction, because it was represented by the Snake: the Gift of Steadfastness. If one Judge the Snake as somehow Representing ‘Evil’, you will miss, probably the most Important Foundation Stone for your Process to Life Here on Earth, which is Steadfastness. It is Consistency. It is the Basis of your Existence. It is the Premise of One’s Equality. It is Who You Are, Breath by Breath. It is where you Face the Temptation of the Easy Road that is Always Presented by the Sugar-Lolly the System use to get you to Ignore the Total Reality and to Focus Only on your own Self Interest. Steadfastness – it is a Steady, yet Fast Movement, to make sure you’re not Shifted from That which Is Life, Equal, In All.

In the Process, Steadfastness is probably the Gift I used the Most. Obviously, once Integrated, it’s no longer a Gift, but it is a Giving because: in Becoming Steadfast, one Become Effective in Giving Direction and to Say “No” to All the Abusive Temptations that Seek to Mislead One into the Curious Justification that this Life is Temporary, and ‘Something Better’ Awaits Hereafter. But the Obvious is Never Stated: Whomsoever cannot be Trusted with Life in This World, cannot be Trusted with Life in the Next and the Next and the Next. This World determines Each One’s Future, Individually, and this is Done by Each One Themselves, Alone. No-One has Any Say in Who You Are, Alone, In Yourself, Breath by Breath: But You.
This World Is, Practically Speaking: Judgment Day. You’re Living it, Every day, Every breath. You are Living, Your Judgment. And, as you Judge, whether it is to Pretend that you are More than Life, or that you are the Product of Allowed Abuse, and thus Less than it : you are the One that Choose. You are the one that Decide. You are the One that Determine. You are the One that Allow. You are the One that Accept. You are the One Who will Find, that what is Here, is what is Hereafter. Unless you Change, while you’re Here, Proven Steadfastly, that you have In Fact Changed, Consistently, Breath by Breath, Never to Again Allow Life to Fall under your Self Interested Judgment; unless you Walk this in such a Steadfast Way that you will Never be Doubted, because you Never Doubt yourself, because You Will Stand regardless of what it Takes, to Bring About that Which is Best for Life, in Every Way, Always: You’ll Not be Worthy of Life. And, because you don’t know when your Last Breath is, I suggest: You Stand Fast, and then Remain Steadfast. Because, by Now, Commonsense should Show you, that when you Die – All that Happens to the Dead, is that the Living try and keep their Memory Alive. Confirming, as it does in so many Ways, that: What Lives in this World, is but a Memory that animates a Character, and that Ends at Death, and will Only Stay Alive as a Memory as Long as Someone else keeps the Memory Alive. And so it says on the Gravestone: “In Loving Memory of John/Jane Doe who will be remembered as a good husband or as a good wife that Loved their Children”…what an Amazing Orbit for a Life, an Absolute Outstanding Dedication that Emphasize the Totality of approximately 70 Years on Earth: just a Memory.
Imagine to be Able to Lie to yourself Steadfastly for 70 years, to consistently Deny that the Physical World is Real, to consistently deny that All Life should be treated Fairly, to consistently deny that you are Living in Constant Fear of Being ‘caught out’ or being ‘mistaken’ about some of the Most Ridiculous Religion Ideas Ever Conceived, all in the Name of Protecting one’s Self Interest. It takes Quite a Level of Evil to be able to Live this Denial of Life and Equality, for 70 years average.

There are thus Considerations within What is Conceivably Important in After Death Communication. It cannot be the Name of a Person, because that Name did not exist when the Person was Born, but were given to the person by Parents, which then Built-up the Person’s Personality through the Imposition of Memories, which Act as Foundation for Culture, for Religion, for Language, for Family, for Status – everything that becomes Important about a Person’s Name; just as a Person is not Born with a Name, so will the Name Not continue into the Hereafter. The Name itself exists on the Physical Plane as the description of the Physical Embodiment. Yet, so easily, one can get Sideswiped by the Nostalgia of Memories, in being Misled into the Belief that there is a Hereafter one Mistakenly would like to be, similarly to what was here on Earth. So you Really Understand the Implication of a Hereafter that Function like Life on Earth? The Implication of what is Bound to Any One Life Here on Earth, in a System that Systematically keep One Enslaved Invisibly in a Multitude of Ways – and somehow, suddenly, at Death, you are going to Escape this? But at the same time, you want to Claim that Energy is Eternal and can Never be Destroyed? But at the same time, you want to Deny that All the Energy Consequences of Harm allowed in your Name will somehow Magically Disappear and Only the Good Vibrations will Carry On? Do you know Any person on Earth with Commonsense? Or is Everyone this Foolish to Believe such Bullshit, so Easily? Purely, to do the most Peculiar thing: Protect Self-Interest. Can you now See, Why Anyone that Promote Self Interest as the Law of Attraction will become Wealthy, but will not Change the World into a Well of Life, where one can Drink Living Water, the Water of Life, because you are Alive?

Understand, Equality is Steadfast. You will be Equal to what you Allow, and Equal to who you are, Steadfastly, Absolutely – there is No Escape from this, it is Certain. Every Thought, Action, Denial, Every Moment of Breath – is this Energy you call your Life, and ALL of it – will Always Return to you, Steadfastly.
So, from the Perspective of what is Really Reality, thus what is Really Life – Energy is only your Personal Illusion that is Always Equal to yourself as your Self-Interest. This One Cannot Escape, unless you Stop and take Responsibility. Thus, stop Creating this Energy, and Stop relationships you formed with Energy – so that you can be Free from Self-Interest. And part of the Oneness of Life, where Self Interest do not exist, because in this, Steadfastly: Life is ONE.

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  1. Thank you Bernard! It is painful to see and acknowledge the truth of ourselves in what and how we have become, but it is inevitable that the only actual choice for life is to take self-responsibility, stand-up from the dark pit of the soul and change the unacceptable and that which harms life. Because the only way to stand is in self-dignity, thus if we cannot give life as equals, to ourselves to begin with, we cannot give life to anyone really, let alone give life to a new world of real love and respect for the value of life, a world that practically and in all ways will exist within and as oneness and equality as life.
    Thank you for being here and leading the way to equality, where in the end all will be leaders of life, for all, as one, as equals.