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Day 186: After Death Communications – Part 35

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 A History with Life after Death – Part 20

The Role of the Physical Body

In the Research of Life After Death, it is Noticeable that the Physical Body is basically ignored and reduced to just being a ‘Vessel’, and All the ‘Greatness’ is given to the Consciousness. You will Notice that Nowhere, anyone, throughout time, has ever explained, exactly, How either Consciousness or the Physical function, and what the Actual Relationships are that Exist. The Physical is out of hand discarded as an Illusion, a temporary Reality, yet: the Physical Universe existed long before Heaven Existed, or the Soul Existed.

Now, if the Soul were the Important Part in this Equation: a Child would have been born being able to speak a Language, because the Decision is made to Enter in a particular family, in a particular Life. But, You See: it is Not the Consciousness or the Soul that Speaks – it is the Physical Body that Speaks. And if one do a Little Bit of Commonsense Research on this, you will Notice that all Awareness, all use of Knowledge, all Development of Character and Personality – is dependent on the Physical Body. If the Physical Body gets partly damaged, which sometimes happens with accidents and memory loss occur, for instance, then suddenly the so-called Soul or Consciousness is abruptly changed into something reminiscent to the remaining Memories. In the case of a coma, the Physical will still be alive, but the Consciousness and Soul will be non-existent, from the perspective that it is somewhere trapped at the behest of the Physical Body.

The Understanding on which Afterlife Research is Based is in fact So Weak and without Foundation, that Most Research can be Disregarded as it will Not give one an Understanding that is Beneficial to the existence of the Human, or will assist anyone in preparation for an Afterlife - in case such a thing would exist.

In our Investigations we found a fascinating thing: is that it wasn’t as much “as above, so below” – as it was “so below, so above”. Here you can look at for instance the Life Reviews of those that were involved in the creation of Hell. Hell, or the Demon Dimension, or the ‘Negative’, was the part ignored by everyone, and was thus the part Free, from the perspective that it would Manifest, Directly, in relation to what is Happening within the Mind of the Human on Earth. While the part of Heaven, or the ‘Positive’, the ‘Higher Vibration’, was managed like a Corporation, intended for a particular application and was thus handled and managed like a Resource. The ‘Negative’ was handled like Waste, thrown into the Environment, so that it would actually Show the Real Impact – just like we see with the Impact of Waste on the Environment on Earth when it goes unmanaged.

These Life Reviews indicate very clearly, and we have investigated this very extensively that: the creation of Hell, for instance, was the Result of the Global Belief of Man in a Hell. The Hierarchy of Heaven was So without Compassion, that once a being was refused accessed to Heaven – it didn’t care what happened to the Being, and this Caused suffering of unimaginable proportions, where the Being would be trapped in a Demonic State of Energy with the Negative Fears or Emotions cycling, repeating itself, over and over. For instance, a person that died a traumatic Death while watching his family being killed on Earth, would be in that state of anguish and anger, virtually for eternity, trying to prevent it, and looking for revenge – and would be consumed by such an event, replaying it, over and over. Eventually developing an absolute Hate for what they See ‘God’ to be and find ways to Possess the Human on Earth as a Way to take revenge on ‘God’. We Found many of these Cases, and in Many of these Ways, the Lives of many people on Earth were affected in Ways that you cannot Imagine. For instance, much of the Child Abuse that happened for some time on Earth, where it escalated around the 1970’s onwards – was directly due to the targeted abuse by Demons that would possess people and cause them to commit acts of abuse against Children. This point, in fact, was based on a group of Demons that decided that by working together, they could have a bigger impact on God’s Creation, by targeting specific type of behaviour on Earth, screwing up, from their perspective, the Life Plans of the Souls, and the intent of the Hierarchy to benefit from what happens on Earth.

The Demonic part of our investigation took many years, and is essential in studying Life after Death, to get a complete View of the Extent of the Problem that is called “life after death”. In the next Blogs, on the History of Life after Death, we’ll be discussing some of the Research, so that one can get a clearer view of this. Please understand that at this stage – this very Demonic Influence, is now part of the Human Consciousness, and will be Visible in your Daily News in most Bizarre destructive events taking place, where you can study, if you dare, the particular statements made by the Person when they take actions of violence and abuse. For instance – in News stories, you will notice witnesses will say, that a Person suddenly would stand up and say: “I will kill the first person I see now”. Or you’ll have the Zombie killings where the Television influence shows the effect it has on Consciousness, by imprinting pictures of Violence. This whole part used to be part of the Hereafter, due to the separation between Heaven and Earth and Hell. All of this Now, is part of the Physical, a Mess of Consciousness that will slowly but surely sort itself out, so that from this All will be Born a New Earth.

The role you play in this, will either be with Awareness and Understanding, or will be through Consequence. But, no one will be able to Deny, in the End, what they have accepted and allowed in the Name of Self Interest. 

So, in the Next Blogs, we will discuss the Demonic Afterlife and its History. 

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