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Day 183: After Death Communication – Part 32

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And we continue: with the Opening of the Portal, there were significant differences to how a Channel or a Psychic would Develop.
Due to my work with Deep Trance Mediumship over a Period of more than 10 Years and being placed in positions that showed certain Possibilities, the Opening of the Portal worked as follows: I Spoke to Sunette and Assured her of her Safety when she’s out the Body, and that All will be Fine, thus – NO FEAR. With the tool, if she’s in trouble anywhere in the Universe – self-honest self-forgiveness to deal with your issues immediately, so that you can direct the situation with clarity, and according to what is Best in Every Way. Then I explained to her – you take a Deep Breath In, gather herself as the Breath, and Breathe out and Move out of the Body, like a Breath, in One Moment. She promptly did it and the Body flopped on the ground, seemingly without any Consciousness, yet still Breathing and Functioning, but it was completely limp, like there is no Person in it. Then came in One of the Demons with a Breath In, and there was a Person in the Body again – we will call it a Person for the moment, as that is the best way you’ll understand it. At that stage we were busy with Assisting Demons with Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty for several years already. Every single Demon we Ever Assisted ended up in full transformation, released from their Demonic Nature – we will discuss this in Future chats about After Death Communication.

Working with Demons obviously assisted much in Overcoming any form of Fear of what could be in the Hereafter, because Demons were like the Worst Possible Thing one could imagine. So, now – an interesting Journey started, because we had to wait for Sunette to return to Report what she was Finding. In the meantime we had Demon after Demon coming through the Body, which would then be taken through a Process of assistance and realisation, looking at their Past Lives, to understand How they became a Demon - doing the Self Forgiveness, eventually, after much resistance and great resistance to Change, to eventually emerge as a Being, Free from their Emotional Possession. All emotions, feelings were always a Demonic Possession of a Being, which would Consume them, so completely, that they could not See the Total Reality, but would only See what they Want to See in the context of their Possession, which is why the Positive and the Negative as Energy is such a Dangerous thing, because you get Blinded by your Obsession, and you completely Believe it to be “the Only Truth” as you experience it as a Total Body Possession. Obviously, the Mind also, as All Thoughts, will only relate to your Obsession – we will discuss this much more, and it is explained in detail in the Quantum Mind Research on EQAFE.

When Sunette eventually returned, she was quite Excited with All the New Stuff, and our First Questions, obviously, were: “What did you Experience when you left the Body?”. She explained that it was like a slipping out, which was Extremely Easy and Comfortable, and that Moving out of the Body was like Stepping into an Infinite Universe and then suddenly you’re out a Door, in another Dimension, and there she found a being that she asked to show her Around.
What was Clear, is that Everyone on the Other Side was also going about their ‘daily tasks’ so to speak. Here, we will only touch on some points, because the recordings on EQAFE on Journeys into the Afterlife will explain these Points in much Detail. So, one of the interesting points that emerged, was that – heaven was like Layered Cake, separated by like, frequency bands, which one move through, which Sunette would move through and visit different Heavens. Each Heaven had a God or a Goddess, and was managed according to their Preference, but they were All subject to some Higher God, yet to reveal itself.

Understand at this stage, that Sunette has never been exposed to any of this in any way whatsoever, so – from the perspective of having someone, as a First-Report Witness, she was the Perfect one to do this, as All she could do, was Report what she Actually Experience. And as we later on Realised, through the Research, once you’re out the Body, you do not take your Memories with you, so you cannot interpret anything in the Hereafter, it is a Direct-View, also - because Time works different in the Hereafter, it is not as slow as on Earth, but much, much faster, so you see much, much more, immediately; which cannot be viewed by the Mind, so the Mind were not part of this, which made the Feedback so much more Valuable.

Furthermore, Sunette reported what we already knew – that on Earth, right co-existing with the Human, were the Demon Dimension. They were Walking around between the Human Population, looking for emotionally-charged Humans to feed on and to abuse, as they had much fun in abusing Humans with Fear, and the more Fear the Human would present – the More delicious Energy they would have that they would consume. We will also discuss this in much more detail, and there are also MANY Desteni interviews on this. We go through much specificity to Only Report EXACTLY what we Found, so that when you Die – you can check it for yourself. As leaving your Body at this stage in the same way as what happened with the Portal – is HIGHLY unlikely, due to your Addiction to Consciousness and Memory.

We continued investigating this, hereafter, Daily – for up to 18 Hours a day sometimes, without the Channel which we would call the Portal Later, becoming tired – it All remained Stable, which was something a Channel could never do, as they were dependent on Energy, thus the Portal was not dependent on Energy or Vibrations or Ectoplasm, or Any Other Limitation that is currently part of the Psychic/Spiritual/Medium/Channel World.
We initially expected that this would be received Well by those that claimed to be interested in knowing the truth, but as we Found – there is No such beings on earth. Everyone is only serving their own Self Interest as the Religion of Self, imposing their Convictions on their fellow convicts on the prison planet.

In one of these Journeys into the Afterlife, Sunette came back and said she met an interesting being called Anu, and he looked different, like a Reptilian and she drew the face to give us some idea. She has never been exposed to any of the Then mainly conspiracy theories of Reptilians, so this was quite interesting, because she couldn’t have imagined it, which was also later on Confirmed through other Views we were able to have in cross-referencing information.

So, After the First Night with Many Hours of Journeys into the Afterlife and helping many Demons, the next day, Sunette came to call me and said Anu wants to talk to me. So, she sat down, took a breath and the next moment, Anu was there - and his Question was: “How did you Manage to Open this Portal? This has never happened before.” So, I said to him: “I can explain to you the Process, which is a process of Self Forgiveness”, and he was very interested and immediately proposed that everyone in Heaven should do this Self Forgiveness.

At that stage, obviously, I did not yet know the full extent of what was going on in the Heavens. The White Light was still existent, but clearly not immediately Aware that the Portal actually Opened. The same as Anu confirmed, that he was not immediately aware that the Portal opened.

We will continue in the next post, and there is 7 years more to come, so there will be a lot. 

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