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Day 190: After Death Communications - Part 39

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For context – continuing from the Previous Post:
You grow like a tree, like a plant, into this World to become part of the Nature of this World, which is the Human Nature instead of the Total Nature of this World - Creating a Separation in this World between Nature and Human Nature, Creating a Separation between the Tree of life or the plant of life or the nature of life, and utilizing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - that means: Creating Consciousness, an Illusion, which follows the rules you impose upon it and then you impose this upon this world, and in imposing it upon this world - you create Massive Abuse; because, Human Nature is apparently ‘more valuable’ and of a higher class, a higher vibration, a higher frequency, a higher right - than the Nature of this World. And you begin to Forget, very quickly, that you are Not Alone in this world, and that you are in fact Not ‘God’ in this world: You are in this world in a relationship with nature, and if that relationship becomes dysfunctional. Eventually you will lose your place within this world, because you will end up abusing and destroying the very thing that gives you Life, that gives your children Life, and that will give your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren Life. But because of Human Nature as Consciousness as the Tree of the Fruit of Good and Evil: the Fruit we Bear in this World has got Nothing to do with Life.”

We have Created our own Version of ‘life’, which is: Energy based, which is Good and Evil based, which is Emotion and Feeling based, which is Desire based, which is based on Characters - and the Problem within this is that you Don't even Know how it Functions. That means: “how do I Actually end up Having a Thought or a Feeling or an Emotion, and Why do I Follow it as if ‘it is telling me something’? While in fact, I do not have a Clue How it became Part of Me In Detail, to make sure that this Relationship I Value so much will not end up becoming the worst possible thing that could happen: me having to Break Up a Relationship, because I was Mistaken in the beginning and I ‘fell in love’”. It was actually the Fall of Man in a way - being demonstrated over and over and over again, through the Relationships we form around ‘love’.

Within this obviously, many have tried to come up with a Solution by Creating the whole Idea of ‘love and light’, from which one would now form the whole Point of the ‘Human Consciousness Divinity’ - justifying, in essence, the whole Process of energy and vibration and frequency. But fascinatingly enough, not having a clue, exactly, How it functions and the Role that for instance, the Physical Body play in it, the Role that the Quantum Physical in the first seven years of a child’s life play in it, the Role that Memory play in it, the Role that Character play in it, the Role that Quantum Time play in it, the Role that Quantum Mechanics play in it, the Role that Quantum Dynamics play in it - None of that is Understood. It is taken on face value, by Creating Another Dimension of energy within which to create a New Character, denying all the other Characters, giving in fact, Freedom to Evil on Earth as Human Nature to Proliferate, to become virtually Unchecked, to have corruption everywhere - and all of this is Caused by those that claim to be the most ‘benevolent’. Because they have Created the Ultimate Polarity, the Ultimate ‘freedom’ for themselves to Create their own Consciousness, their own Dimension of ‘love’, their own ‘love and light’, their own control, and in so doing: they have left the very Creation of what they have already created in the past as evil - free to Roam the Earth in ways that has become most Despicable. Yet, they would refuse to Hear because self-interest, self-importance is so great: “How can I be mistaken, because I am feeling this. This energy is in me. It’s me. I can decide. I am the one” - No you're not, it has been Decided for you. You don't understand the Science of your own existence, therefore, you can't read the signs that is being Produced by this World.

Every single day, everywhere you look, there is the Signs that Show you that the Science that you are using to Create yourself as Consciousness, to Create yourself as Human Nature in this World - is Dysfunctional. There is a Disease, and the Disease is Ignorance, because you are utilizing Ignorance to Create a form of Bliss within your Existence, where you don't have to take Responsibility for who you are as yourself. You have no clue who you are Man, Man do not ‘Know Thyself’ - that is the problem, it is a Massive Problem. It has been around for thousands of years, there is a total history of this Ignorance. And yet, self-importance, self-interest becomes so Great: Losing this so-called ‘freedom’, this so-called ‘freedom of choice’, this apparent ‘right to decide for yourself’ - but you have Never, Actually, Ever, had even One Original Thought, you have Never Ever made One Choice that in fact was ‘free’. Everything you have Ever Done as energy and as Consciousness has only Ever been the result of a Program placed into you, which you don't understand how it functions.

So the Problem of Life on Earth as Human, as Human Nature, is of an Astounding Level of Ignorance and yet: what will have to Happen before Mankind Hear? And this is where the Demonic plays a Major Role because, In Fact: Man is the Creator of the Demon; because the Demon is a Man, a Tree of life, of flesh, that became a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that became De-Man, that became Less than Man, that became less than the Flesh of Self. And so: Created not only in this Dimension, but in many others - a Complete Demonic Existence. And this is now visited upon man in Every Generation - one after the other, we are being Visited by our Own Creations, that which we are able to Change, and yet we don’t.

We will continue this in the next post
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