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Day 163: After Death Communication – Relationships and Love – Part 12

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Love Conquers ALL is the War Cry of the Self Interested Human that Values OWN OPINION more than Life itself. For this Self Interest to transcend Death in the Eyes of the One that Conquers with Love, a Religion was Necessary that Preach to itself. This Religion of Self Interest had but ONE Place to be, where Lofty Pictures and Images of Self Interest Could be built: and that is the MIND, the Place where each One has Freedom from their Self Interested Perspective. In this Mind Illusion, those that Support your Illusion through Relationships and Family, Live forever as your Opinionated Love, and Dare anyone Question this Self Interest, the War Cry goes out and the Person is Erased from the Mind, as if the Self Interested Being is All Powerful.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand how ‘Love’ has become a matter of opinion/energy in the Mind, that with all the various definitions and experiences attached to the word Love – it has become but another religion that human beings believe in/define themselves to according to what definition and experience of Love would serve one’s self-interest in the Mind the MOST.

I commit myself to show, how/why – because the definition of the word Love has defined a personality, and our experience to the word love has animated the personality, that we’d protect and defend this opinionated/religion of self/love ‘as ourselves’, within our own Minds; and so anyone that would challenge the opinion/love would be interpreted as challenging ‘who we are’ – when the person possessed within a definition and experience of love would thus not see that what is being challenged is the word, the current existence of ‘love’ and how ‘love’ as it now existent in the Mind has only benefitted the individual through definition and experience and has made no impact in and as actual physical reality/this physical world where no PRACTICAL LIVING of ‘love’ is seen/existent.

The Self Interested Nature of Man, Seeking Ways to Justify Self Interest, Developed amongst other things, After Death Communications with Loved Ones, to Promote Life after Death as if it is Real. It had to be like this because the Self Interested One INSIST that the LOVE used to WIN and FEEL GOOD No Matter What, IS REAL, No Matter What Abuse is being Perpetuated by the Self Interest. And So OPINION became Manipulation, Polluting all Relationships with Insidious Love in Complete Contradiction to Actual Action in Reality. It is as if Love is the FINAL OWNERSHIP of Self Interest that Must Protect itself Even if it Lead to the Extinction of All Life.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand how we’ve taken the opinion/religion of love in the Mind and projected it into the hereafter, how we project it onto this World – not seeing, realizing and understanding, that – creating an opinion/religion out of Love as an EXPERIENCE of energy in the MIND, does not in fact mean that it is so in REALITY or in the HEREAFTER.

I commit myself to show, that what we have done with the word Love, the definitions and experience as opinion/religion it has become, is human beings seeing reality/the afterlife through their own eyes as their own minds according to how they defined themselves as ‘Love’, and so would through this mind/energy opinion/religion of Love – become BLIND to the reality of existence in the here and the hereafter; will REFUSE to see the REALITY of life on earth and the REALITY of the afterlife, as one become completely possessed with and as the eyes of energy, opinion/religion as MIND.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand how Love has become an energy and an definition of knowledge and information that give on a feel good experience, that we’ll use to see/look at reality here and the hereafter, believing that what WE see as ‘Love’ through the MIND as energy is what is REAL – when the actual physical reality, and the reality of the hereafter is in fact the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

I commit myself to show the abuse that Love in fact accept and allow, as one will BLIND one’s EYES to the REALITY of the physical and the hereafter to not see what is in fact going on this world and one’s self-responsibility to/as it; but instead at all cost protect and defend the religion of self/love as an experience/definition in the MIND.

In a World where Survival increasingly became a challenge, the challenge turned into Opportunity to make Money, by Playing on the Desires of the Self Interested Ones, to have their Opinions Validated to allow Inequality to flourish as justifiable, by introducing the Concept of Equal Opportunity to Replace the Equality of Life.

In this, the Nature of After Death Communication is always to justify the World of Inequality, No Matter the Physical Evidence in this World that is only Money that stand between Life or Death, and so a whole Industry developed where Survival Motivates and No Change Ever Actually Occurs.

Is there Actual Life after Death as the Continuation of the Personality you Valued while in the Body? That would be Impossible, because Personality is but Self Interested Opinions, Created by Temporary Energy, that Requires Constant Fueling and Refueling to Exist.
What then will transcend Death?

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, understand or even question the relationship of energy/the mind to the physical body, with regards to how one would create definitions and experiences of Love in the Mind as ENERGY that in fact need the physical-body to produce this ENERGY that is experienced in and as the Mind to animate the ILLUSION. And so in/as this separation from what is REAL as the Physical, making the existence of the MIND dependent on the PHYSICAL – comes the question of whether one’s personalities then in fact remain after death, when one’s total existence, definition and experience as the MIND was dependent on the Physical Body.

I commit myself to show – within the Quantum Mind interviews, the detail of the Mind’s relationship to the Physical and within this the Illusion of Love as it now exist as but an energy experience that has become another Religion to conveniently not take responsibility for the REALITY of HERE as this World/Humanity, but BLIND ourselves deliberately in accepting and allowing the continued abuse on Earth, while one hide
in self-created feel-good experiences in the MIND.

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