Sunday 23 September 2012

Day 162: After Death Communication - Part 11

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“He looks so young”, “She looks like her old Self, like in her early 20’s”

These types of Statements are Part of the Marketing of ADC to Prey on People’s Hopes that there is Something More After Death.

What is a Picture but an Image Before; An Image Before is a Convenient Block to Not See What is Behind the Picture. Positive Thinkers Set up Positive Images to Block out Reality As Well. By creating positive images in the Mind, instead of seeing, facing and taking responsibility for the negative within themselves – the negative is essentially, deliberately blocked/suppressed – putting positive images/thoughts/visualizations before the negative to attempt/try to deliberately ignore the reality of the negative within self. Fuelling the positive images/thoughts/visualizations with a deliberate ‘positive, feel good experience’ in a constant inner battle with the negative as putting up images, visualizations and thoughts together with a positive, feel good energy experience to not have to face/confront the negative/reality of what happens in the Mind.
So, instead of facing, taking responsibility for the negative within ourselves, we put up a Picture. And we do this in the World System as well, within Consumerism – consumerism is the Picture, the Positive Image that is placed as a front for the entire minority in the World System to block the Reality of the Majority of this World. And as the minority is controlled with seeking/searching for the feel good positive experience of energy that Consumerism promote, the majority of humans are facing the actual consequence of this physical existence in the very hands of the World System/Consumerism that is blocking it for a select few of humanity to have the High Life of Positive Experience with Money.
ADC Communicators are all Part of the Positive Thinking Fraternity, Blocking out Reality Deliberately to Promote the FEEL GOOD experience, the Central Focus of the Consumerism System. Thus, ADC Communicators would speak a Positive Image of the dead, creating a feel good positive experience of what the being’s life/history and their experience in the afterlife is, that we’d go so far as deliberately in the Mind creating a Positive Image of Death/the Afterlife to Block the reality and our responsibility to life/living on Earth, here. Searching/seeking for the feel good positive experience in Death within our Minds instead of facing/taking responsibility for life on Earth HERE.

“Thou Shalt Not have a Graven Image Before Me”, says Life. The Image in the Grave that the Mind attach value to is Not Life. The Image is just a Way to Run Away from the Responsibility to Life: TO GIVE as You Would Like to Receive.

In Consumerism, the Image and Picture is Everything. Entertainment. ADC is just another form of Entertainment to Not take Responsibility for Life on Earth. The Attainment of a Positive Image and feeling, is due to the Abuse and Lack of Understanding of the Quantum Mind. Best to Study it if you Can Loosen the Grip the Graven Image Have on you, forcing you to seek out FEELING GOOD. FEELING GOOD is the Confirmation of an Enslavement By ENERGY and the Picture the Energy Represents. Take the Picture away and find out Who you Really are, Because Death will Remove your Image, and if all you have ever Been was just an Image, NO Imagination will Save you from Consequence.

More to follow in next Blog.

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