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Day 167: After Death Communication – Part 16

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A History with Life After Death – Part 2

 (What you will find in this Link is All the points about the Deep Trance Mediumship.)

So, how did this All Start. I was sitting one evening watching a movie on television with the Man and the room was quite dark. The next moment a different Voice came from the chair telling me to put off the television, and here I was having Conversations with Beings from Beyond the Veil, quite unexpectedly.

There was a few Important Considerations: I was told to Not Allow any Artificial Light – the room need to be, at the very least, semi-dark and anything that was quick moving, or could startle the Medium had to be removed from the Room, as it takes quite some effort to gather the necessary Substance to be able to Speak. Also, it was necessary sometimes to Play the Organ to generate Vibrations, as they require that to be more effective in Speaking. You’ll find much of this research in the link provided, and it was pretty much accurate in terms of the regular interaction I’ve had over many years, for up to Three times a week.

I was told by the Beings that I was like an “energy battery” which made it Possible for them to speak without Anyone else present, which was extraordinary, as normally a group of people would be necessary to generate enough vibrations/energy for the Communication to take place.
The communication would take place in many different languages, some which I didn’t have a clue about, which I had to research to establish what Language it was. So, whenever possible, the conversations were recorded. Obviously, I eventually insisted that they either speak Afrikaans, English or German so that I could understand what they were saying, and in cases where the Language was a problem – that they use a Translator. This speaking was quite arduous and slow and took some Effort, it looks like, and it was explained to me that they don’t have Full Functional Control of the Body – in some cases they tried to walk with the Body, but that was taking great effort and wasn’t a simple thing.

Whenever a Trance would happen, the Man would not remember Anything that was said during the Conversation and he wasn’t very happy about the fact that they could use his Body to Speak. They would demonstrate ectoplasm to me, and Knock on the Walls and the Roof, shut the doors – to show that they had some form of Control, but this was very specific to Ectoplasm, and obviously only a few types of Actions that could be done, which you can research in the link provided above.
Also, during these Conversations which would sometimes happen in the middle of the night suddenly, also took part in a Voice Box recording which was very fascinating, as it is as if the whole room vibrates as they Speak and what was claimed was that it was speaking from a Higher Dimension, which is why a Voice Box was used, with a Specific Message in this case about a Son that I would have in the future…quite fascinating stuff.

Other demonstrations done by these beings were, Cataleptic Paralysis where the Body was turned into a statue and I couldn’t move the Body, it was like a Real Statue. They demonstrated control over Physical Objects, and Animals, but this was All specific to this sphere of influence created by the Ectoplasm which was the Substance that seems to be able to Allow an interaction between the Other Side and the Physical.

The types of Conversations were regulated by a Gate Keeper, and normally the Gate Keeper would be the first one to speak, giving me the Theme of the Discussions for the Evening and then various Beings would come and speak on Subjects about what they called “Life”, and they would speak about the Great White Light as how they referred to “God”, as That in which Presence you couldn’t stand – implying a form of Superiority linked to this Force, which at that stage one could only assume what it could be based on Descriptions given by these Beings.
Lots of time there would also be Prayer, and discussions on some points of History – although it was very seldom extremely specific, it was more general, but when one is excited about something you don’t immediately notice all the finer points.
On a few occasions someone would suddenly come through the Body and ask me to contact the family and tell them that they’re not Dead, that there is “Life after Death”, I tried to do that but I was not very well received by those I would give the message to. This was in the mid 1980’s.

Fascinatingly enough, I regarded all of this as quite Normal, and experienced no fear with any of it. Furthermore there were Demonstrations of Psychometry, which is where an object belonging to someone is taken, and the vibrations of the object which are layered as time are read; and I also used this Psychometry part in Police work to see if there would be any ways it would be effective to solve crimes. For this purpose I also used another woman that could do Psychometry readings, comparing readings, but there seemed to be discrepancies as if the Mind of the body would Influence, through its own perspective, the interpretation of the vibrations it was reading.

What was very clear though was that there was some form of existence “After Death”.

More on this in the next Post

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