Monday 17 September 2012

Day 156: After Death Communication - Part 6

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Language is specific to each Person according to the BIRTH Factor and Thought is Part of this Language, and thus People think in the Language they speak, mostly the Mother tongue, unless another Language Became Dominant. The Child is NOT BORN with a Language, and the Language Spoken is Specific in the Way Words are formed by the Physical. Anyone learning a new language requires very Specific Use of the Mouth in Forming the Words. Similarly, People Do Not Think alike and Thinking is a SKILL Developed by a Person through time with the Perceptual Skill Phase Vital in Developing a more Advanced Skill. Thinking as a Skill, though, must be Understand in the Context of the Quantum Mind, as that which Most People experience as Thinking, is similar to the Evolutionary state of a Caveman fighting for Survival against the forces of Human Nature.

What Happens to Language and with it Thought, when The Body Dies? Suddenly, a Leap of Faith Claim that Messages are Received in Language or Thought or Visions from The Dearly Departed. This Would Be Physically and Scientifically Impossible, as Any Message Received, Goes Through the Language and Thought of the Receiver, and The BIAS and faith of the Receiver Will Personalize the Message according to Self Interest, for instance, the Interest to Receive Money as Payment or Donations or to achieve Fame for the Beautiful inspiring Messages to Eventually Write a Book - Yes, Money is the Culprit. Not the Psychic, they are gifted Special People or are They? For Spiritual People, the Message Received will be in Spiritual Language and Context, for Muslim People the Message Received will be in Specific Language Context, for Christians, the Message will be in specific Language Context, All Fueling the Existing faith as anything Contradicting What is already Believed, will be DISMISSED Immediately.

This Alone Makes all Communication Suspect, as it is Never About Creating a Better World Practically, it is always about the Leap of Faith. If you DO NOT Believe, You Cannot Hear. That is Unacceptable, A Message Must Have Context that Consider all Living Beings and Bring Real Change, or it is Only the Invention of a Mind looking to develop a Character of Interest. 

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