Tuesday 25 September 2012

Day 164: After Death Communication – Part 13

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Communication – The Quality of Community

We are in a Society where our Community is Designed by Our Communication, being mostly TOLD WHAT we should ACCEPT as Real and What Not.
Communication like Television, Movies, Magazines, Newspapers and fraudulently conjured up Academic Textbooks to make the Lecturers some Money (See the College Conspiracy Documentary) – All in the Name of the Ultimate Communication, which is “Happiness Consumption”. The Communication BEHIND All this, is that you’ll be Unhappy, if you do not do your Best to be a Success in Society and make Lots of MONEY to “Live the Dream”, being communicated, nowadays, through Visual and Sound – combined Visions that Tell you what Dream you should Aspire to. In this Cleverly Imbedded, over time, the ONE FEAR that could drive man to Responsibility, which is Death, have been entombed in a Dream, through many Movies and Television Series’, which the One’s in the Community that align with it - would then Live out, as their Personal Dream, making it as Real as Possible for themselves, making sure they Only Communicate with Those that AGREE with them, that the Dream is Real – so creating a Community within the Global Community.

Religiously, the Visions and Messages of the TELL-A-VISION is followed, and if you Research this, you will Note how this Aligns with the Ideals that the After Death Community Communicators communicates between each other, keeping the Dream going - and only Allowing New Entries into this Community, that Subscribe and Agree to the Dream, deliberately Ignoring Anything or Anyone that Dare to Challenge their Illusion.

Obviously, the Level of Communication that happens between People on Earth, is Limited at Best. Only Following lines of Agreement that will Accumulate into favourable, positive Outcomes, while Ignoring All Physical Feedback that Show that Society has the Distinction of Extinction of Multiple-Species, All in the Name of “The Dream” Imposed on LIFE, pretending that that which is ALIVE on Earth within Physical Rules, are an Illusion and the Visions Told by Television is Reality.

So, would you Believe, that the After Death Communication is no different to the Limited Communication that happens BEFORE death, seeking out only Positive Feedback that confirm The Dream.
In this All, Life Never Cross the Mind of the Dreamer.

Would this mean, that the whole World, as Community, is Brainwashed in some way or another? If we look at the Physical-Impact the Human Dream is having on the LIVING REALITY, the LIVING EARTH, and how that do not in Any Way Wake Up the Dreamer – we can confirm, there is Actually No Real Communication EVER taking place, between any two humans or the Community at Large. And funny enough – each Human know this, because even as they listen to another Speaking, the thoughts in their Head, which is their Actual Dream, will be RUNNING as sub-text (Backchat) of their own Personal Illusion, which they will Believe MORE than even the few fake words they Dare to speak to another Human.

What will Wake Up the Human from this Dream?

More to Follow 

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