Friday 7 September 2012

Day 146: Synchronicity and Natural Selection

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that following Synchronicity is based on the same premise as Natural Selection, in as much as in Natural Selection the strongest becomes the preferred selection, and so in Synchronicity the Positive Self-Interest becomes the preferred Selection, both of these Patterns of Choice leading to Modification - as in Genetic Modification and Mind Modification - as these selections are the representation of Inequality based on Self-Interest, which have become the Glorification of Justification embodied as the Spiritual that apparently seek on an individual basis that which is best and highest for the Individual, yet in complete contradiction creates the greatest divide in the Group, resulting in the World as it now physically exist as Society.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that Positive Synchronicity selection lead to Behaviour Modification where the Awareness of the suffering of others are deliberately ignored in favour of Positive Self-Interest Benefits, which eventually lead to actual Genetic Modification of the Human Species, creating at a Physical Level a Society based on Bloodline Royalty and Elitism with the Winners, as it always is in Competition being the 1% and the losers or the weak being the 99%, yet the 99% is so enthralled by the possibility of becoming the 1% - that all Religion involving Positive Synchronistic Selection are in essence Deifying this process of Inequality to the extent where ‘Ignorance becomes Bliss’ and Bliss becomes Spiritual Reality, simply to justify why the Benefits of Positive Selection is seen as the ‘Power of Divinity’ without any Common Sense Self Honesty to Measure the Outcome of this pre-occupation with being the Winner no matter what harm this cause.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the very Nature of Positive Selection as the eventual Genetic Modification, based on Designing an Ecosystem as Economics to function on the premeditated Selection of Profit as Guideline, without any regard for What is Best for All Life as Created Equal - will lead and result in an Economic System that Protect Elitism and cause Harm in all its many ways as now exist on Earth, and yet - because all Men like sperm in a Race to an egg are Fighting to be the Winner through the idea that it is one’s ‘dedicated Free Choice’, as result would Lead to a Society of War and Poverty of Sexual Abuse and Personal Abuse as now exist so graphically on Earth within the Principles of Capitalism, where the Capital represents the ‘One and Only Winning Selection’ brining about the Dictatorship as the ‘Final Selection’, as that which represents the Capital from which is Governed and Guided the Principles of Positive Selection, as if it is ‘Natural’ to End-Up as the accepted Human Nature which becomes more and more entrenched in the Justified Selectivity through which Laws are made to Protect the Capital of the Winners with the Reward of Interest, to entice a Total Populous on Earth to pay only Interest to the System of Capital that will provide a Winning Result to the Capitalist, so that in the end - in a System of Evolutionary Positive Premeditated Synchronistic Selection: the outcome of Abuse as the Opposite to What is Best for Life will result in the Root of all Evil as Money, now representing the Nature of Capital as the Nature of the Human as Capitalist as the result of Multi-Generational Synchronistic Positive Selection claimed to be the ‘Law of Attraction’, when in fact it was the ‘Law of Deliberate Selection’, which implies the ‘Law of Deliberate Exclusion’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that within the Process of Positive Premeditated Synchronistic Selection, the Morality of Earth that provides More Freely for All have been Redesigned, Genetically Modified and Ultimately Consciously Verified, to be Selectively Deliberately only interested in supporting the Few that are Lucky enough to Hit the Jackpot in the Capitalist System that dictates the Nature of the Dream which are presented as the ‘Purpose of Life on Earth’, having just enough Winners to occupy the Desire of All to ‘Run the Race’ to the Capital under the premise of becoming a ‘Master of one’s own Destiny’, but in fact ending up with a Genetically Modified Human that are completely without any Moral Foundation, having Redesigned All Words as the Living Genetics to be justifying Only the System of Capital as the System of ‘Free Choice’ and Synchronistic Selection to such an extent, that the World in itself now Only Exist as the ‘Playground of the Rich’ that reached the Synchronistic Positive Result, with the Poor accepting the Status Quo, simply because they Desire to have at least a Chance to also Maybe Reach the Winners’ Podium from which to Preach the Religion of Self as Synchronistic Positive Selection through the Steadfast Faith of ‘Remaining Positive’, regardless of the Evidence of the Negative Impact - so that Society as a whole have Created a Hole so Deep within which Man have Fallen, that at this stage - there are virtually no way out, as whom so ever do not Comply to the Laws of this ‘Premeditated Nature of Selection’: will end up as the discarded remains of those seen to be too Weak to Fight for their right to also have a chance in this fast Echo of Ego, to maybe be lucky enough to end up as a Winner some times.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that in the very Nature of this System of Selection, with the Dedicated Premeditated Ignoring of the Negative, No One is Realising - for Every One ‘Positive Win’, you end up Losing 99 times - and yet, the Ignorance is so Vast, that even if 99 % of the World exist in a Lesser position, it is still not enough Evidence for the Brainwashed to See they are in fact the very Cause of their own Demise, through subscribing to a System that can Never provide for All Equally no matter what, because the very Principle of Equality - which is that Life Originate Free and Equal for All - is disregarded out of hand, and so we have a Society where All Knowledge and Intellect are Modified, to Only support a World where the Truth is the 99% that is Ignored and the Lie as the 1% that are Promoted is accepted as the ‘Only Reality’, causing the World in its Entirety as it is now Exists.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that the Ultimate Ignorance in All of this Fa├žade, is the Fear of Exposure of the Lie of Self and therefore, Anonymity is used to Hide from each other and to Abuse each other to make sure all stick to this System of Abuse and in this, the Anonymous Nature of the Ignorance of Self is Glorified and Promoted as to say: “Human Nature as it exists now is in fact valid”, while all of this is just the Result of Parental Ignorance that Teach Children how to Ignore the Truth of this Existence and how to Focus only on the Race, that may in very few occasions Result in some Winning Race and the becoming part of the 1% as the Elite, holding the Cup/Trophy of Life as it’s been Modified through the Idea of being Positive to such an extent - that the Truth is called the Negative, and the Illusion as the Energy of the Winner is the only acceptable way of existence on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that Synchronicity is in fact the Sins of the Parents as the predisposition of a Positive Mind-Set that Creates Global Abuse at a level that generate anxiety and fear in the Hearts of Everyone, running away from the Truth of the Creation perpetrated by Man, as Man is the Traitors that Betrayed Life from the very moment of Conception.

I commit myself to SHOW that Genetic Modification is in fact the Way the Mind-Character Evolves in its endeavour to only ever Choose the Positive and Ignore the Truth, regardless of the harm this cause to the many.

I commit myself to SHOW that the very Nature of the Internet and Technology represents in vivid specificity the Nature of this Deliberate Modification of Life to represent the LIE, causing the situation where not a single Human can be Trusted, and in fact All Humans exists only to Invent the next Lie through which they can Mislead Others to Pretend all is well, but inside - each one is scheming no matter what, to find a way to be the next Winner that has it All, as a Success Story of Life on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that No Human on Earth have ever been Alive but at the Moment of Birth, cause after that - the Life they are is Meticulously Modified to become the Lie that Society required each one to be for this Civil Lie as Civilization to exist.

I commit myself to SHOW that Synchronicity as a Spiritual Concept is the Ultimate Lie of Positive Selection that Protect Self-Interest in a state of Demonic Possession that Ignores the Truth of Physical Reality by claiming that the Physical is an Illusion, but if this was True - why not Commit Suicide to Escape this Illusion, or why Chase Success and a Life on Earth that is an Illusion - because if one is Honest with Oneself, Illusion exists in Imagination, and that which is Physical Action is what One Live on Earth is in fact Not an Illusion, because one Acts to Participate - and if it was an Illusion, then the Act would also be an Illusion and thus The Self would be an Illusion: and all of this is an Absolute Delusion. So, Self Honesty is the Key based on Physical Reality to Set One Free from the Illusion that cause the Reality of a World of Abuse, War, Poverty and Lies.

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