Wednesday 12 September 2012

Day 151: After Death Communication Research – Part 1

After Death communication has become a more and more Accepted part of the Psychological makeup of the Human Being, and just like the Concept that each one has their own Thoughts, Feelings, and Opinions about things - So After Death Communication is placed in a similar Veil to give it some Form of Creditability and Value, even though the evidence that is used for actual Confirmed Communication is beyond Flimsy.

Even Psychologists allow this Flimsy Communication, because it allows the Character/Psyche of the Human to be more Stable if the Humans Believe themselves, and after all, Psychology is just another Branch of Consumerism where the Customer is always right, and the customer ends up speaking in the Chair until they Diagnose themselves. So, After Death Communication has become a Major Industry with less and less Real Evidence and falling more and more in line with Psychology as a Form of Counseling for Bereavement.

After many years of Research into this Phenomenon, the following Points emerged to be considered:
Firstly, the Desire for some Proof that Life Continues after Death is so Intense that all Common Sense evidence that would Normally be required is thrown in the Wind, placing the Phenomenon in the Category of Positive Gossip, where what is shared as Evidence is carefully Construed to fit in with what it is the Person wants to Hear, that always makes any After Death Communication sound like a Glorified Positive obituary, no matter what the Real Life of the Person actually was.

Secondly, the Facts are Clear, a Child is Born with a Genetic Personality and develops an Environment Personality, which will vary from Feral Children to a Child Educated in a Royal Household - all of this Subject to the Effective Functioning of the Physical Body, as is indicated through Traumatic events with Memory Loss where the Person that loses their Memory also loses their Personality.
These indicators of Personality change is also clear with Dementia, showing that a Healthy Personality is Dependent on a Healthy Body. This is already Sufficient Evidence to Prove that at the Death of the Body, the Personality will No Longer Exist, making After Death communication very suspect to the Point where one should Employ great Vigilance, as accepting this Phenomenon out of hand as real, will in itself cause a form of Dementia, not unlike that formed in the Religious Arena, where Claims are made of Saviors and Gods, which inadvertently cause Human Behavior to become extremely Abusive towards the Environment on Earth.

Thirdly, there is NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF of Life after Death, as the Human Failed to Consider the Fragile state of Consciousness and its Dependency on a Healthy Body to Exist.

Fourthly, Memory Form as an intricate Part of the Bizarre way Humans HONOR Dishonesty and Abuse, because at Death, Humans Pretend to Remember only the Good Memories of the Deceased, mostly Made up and Never the Actual Truth. This Phenomena tends to Continue in the After Death Communication with which the Communicators/Psychics, ect. cleverly take Part in.

This Blog will be over Many Parts and will Reveal if Life After Death Actually Exist.

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