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Day 155: After Death Communication - Part 5

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Eleventh: Logic

The human race selectively give great value to logic when it comes to justifying decisions of self-interest, but when logic is to be used to establish the exact way things work or to establish a world that is best for all life, where they neighbour is truly loved as thy self, logic is suddenly replaced by for instance spirituality that apparently defy all logic.

Here the word defy is the defiance of self-interest that refuse to give up the control obtained through irregular means that cause inequality at a global scale. Here we have to understand and investigate how the inner individual consciousness through the part it plays in global consciousness in daily participation, creates this defiance of logic; because after all, if you own a life with more content and a thief come and take it from you because the thief do not have access to the same content, the thief’s logic is that you are stealing from him, while your logic is that you have a right to have more content because the rules as the consciousness you participate in, gave you this right.

Similarly in the mind the human will give more value to certain thoughts and feelings and certain emotions, than others, simply because the logic result of this methodology will lead to more advantage to the self-interested individual and in this the logic is that because you have more content in your life you are a better human being.

This way of logic where individual self-interest is placed as superior to the interest of all equally as life, through a deliberate defiance of common sense have also influenced how after death communication has been viewed. The communicator with the spiritual event automatically defies practical common sense and gives value to that which will serve individual self-interest. Jumping to conclusions that defy the rules of logic and so creating a defunct consciousness that feeds inequality, misdirecting the human participant in this world to ignore the facts of physical existence in favour of the made up logic that serves self-interest, causing in its wake a rather brutal and cruel social system, where the thoughts, feelings and emotions, that occur in isolation in the human mind is used to determine the individual participants actions within the social system; using for instance politics, religion and education to be role players in forming groups that impose upon each other illogical laws and rules that feed the inequality of self-interest, and that eventually feed the illogical idea that somehow magically there is going to be life after death that apparently will somehow be exactly the same or a continuation of a life that was on earth.

This in itself defies the evidence of how consciousness, thoughts, emotions and feelings are in fact created and sustained through energy. To make this even more valuable and acceptable to the individual, energy has been glorified to be the ultimate source of all life, while the invention of fire dispute that, as the production of energy through fire require certain logical steps or the fire would simply not exist. Similarly consciousness requires certain logical steps that are bound by physical rules that must exist before consciousness as energy can come into existence and when you remove these logical steps as physical rules the consciousness simply do not exist as evidenced in grave yards around the planet, but the illogical logic invented in the mind to serve self-interest will defiantly claim that there must be something more.

So let’s look at a near death experience that so many use as evidence, for an apparent existence or a continuation of an existence. In this the mind in its multi dimensions of it memories and energies and feelings and emotions have a built in protection mode that will keep the consciousness stable by inducing an experience based on visions and feelings to reduce the shock that is taking place while the physical body is walking on the edge of death, because inevitably most deaths that occur through sudden trauma, occur through the fear that escalate out of control. In this the mind will use everything in its power to try and prevent death because it understands its existence is dependent on the continuation of the human body. The most common point used by the mind is a blackout, and where the being will after the trauma, come back to awareness without any memory of the actual event; but in rare cases there will be an out of body experience where the consciousness is confined through a quantum mind dimension where a movie will play to occupy the attention of the being to face the traumatic experience, allowing the body to find a way to not die. Obviously, the character personality that finds itself in this experience would value it extensively because it prevented death.

Unfortunately to the experiencer, the total experience is in fact just an illusion. Unfortunately also, for the experiencer science and psychology are completely inadequate in explaining these types of events because it takes place in the realm of the quantum mind, which at this stage is a frontier yet to be explored by the human. Unfortunately for the experiencer, throughout generations, religious social systems have been created to feed the irrationality of the illogical consciousness that serves the self-interest of the individual and that led to a world of gross inequality.

For the human race to become a living society that values life instead of consciousness would be a real evolutionary step that bring everlasting peace on earth, which will also lead to the eventual understanding of the transition called death. Currently this transition is based on assumption and on self-interest, which in itself makes the understanding of it untrustworthy and actually evidence of the level of ignorance that exist as the accepted consciousness.

As the process on Earth unfolds, challenging the accepted norms and standards on which the human base consciousness, very slowly will emerge in some humans a realisation to what extent ignorance plays a role in the total perception of existence of the human race in a vast universe.

Will the human realise the lies made up through the trust placed in energy?

Eventually, there will be the emergence of actual self-awareness which will lead to the end of fear that is producing the immense inequality that currently exists as consciousness. The oneness of consciousness is reflected in the social system in which the human participate, but unless this inequality consistently affect the individual in a way challenging its very existence it is still unlikely that there will be any actual opening of minds to stand and take responsibility for what exist in this world as illusion. The physical world is not an illusion and forces each individual to participate to survive, but in the consciousness of the human there are illusions so overpowering that the human blindly hope for something more, being completely unprepared at the moment of death for what is to follow.

The question that is pertinent here is, that to base one’s existence on assumptions of what is to follow after death have throughout history caused a physical existence of great dishonour. How can one assume that something better exist hereafter, when one is unable to direct what is here as the physical world in an equitable way, as what is here will not magically become something more. One must first become more here as the physical world, to logically be able to face transition and be ready for what is to follow, as the defining factor each one logically realise is that equality in fact determines everything as it is so blatantly shown around the world in every moment through inequality.

We will continue to explore this most important subject, to develop a logic objectivity to find within each one the will to compassion for life, to recreate a world where life is taken care of equally and the message of the ages to give as one would like to receive, as the foundation of equality to become the living reality which will be logically the best possible preparation for the inevitable death of each one.

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