Tuesday 18 September 2012

Day 157: Life Force - ADC Part 7

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The Force experienced as Life has been Named Consciousness. This force is in Fact Not Life, but FEAR with LOVE as the Ultimate Expression of this Force as a Positive Energy, which is Experienced especially at Any Point of Decision or Change and that FORCE the Human to Accept Life as the Way it is as this FORCE. The Force is Present in Many Ways, as Many Contextual Dimensions, which function like a Contractual Obligation to Ensure the Continued Existence of the Force. The Force is Mostly Experienced where the Belief system of a Person is challenged. When challenged, the Force steps forth in Full force to Defend its Dominance of the Human Slave with all the Justification, Feelings, and Emotions as to Why the Change must not Happen in a Way to Compromise the Control of the Force as Consciousness as the Graven Image of Life. This Cause all Humans to Participate in Inequality through Multiple Ways Justified as Human Nature of which some are Competition, Free Choice, Trust in Thinking, Intuition, etc. All of these Presentations of the Force make sure that the Human Remains Confined as a Slave to Never Look Outside/Inside of the FORCE to See What is Really Real. This Force is totally dependent on the Human, but the Human believe it is Dependent on the Force.

In after Death Communication, the FORCE Plays the Primary Role in MISDIRECTING what Exist Beyond Death, to Use this to Keep the MIND/Self as the Human OCCUPIED in Reverence to the FORCE as Something Otherworldly or Divine, and the FORCE will Animate Experiences to Make After Death Communication seem Real, when in fact, it is NOT.

Identifying where this force FORCE One into Submission to the Current World View, will serve One Best as One will Be able to Eventually be FREE from this Control. This Force is Everywhere and Use the Experience of the FORCE to Make its Presence felt. Life is NOT a FORCE. The FORCE is PROGRAMMED ENERGY that Impose a Specific Set of Rules, that in the Case of the Human is Human Nature as Consciousness.

Study History and the Way Society functions, to see where the FORCE is Misleading You, and Why it Makes Sure the Human Remain Ignorant and Uneducated, willing to trust Feelings, Thoughts, and Emotions WITHOUT being Aware at ALL how these Forces are Created. Study the Quantum Mind, and FIND the WILL to Life, Realizing Consciousness is NOT Life and CONSCIOUSNESS Do NOT Continue After Death, it is just the CON of the FORCE.

Let the FORCE NOT Be with You. Let Life Be BORN from the Physical.

More in the Next Blog. 

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