Sunday 15 July 2012

Day 92: Consciousness is WITHOUT Conscience

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Meaning Given to Consciousness by the Enlightened, is in Separation From Reality – and thus without Conscience, making it Possible to exists as a Self-Con where the Real World is Not Considered at all by the Enlightened, and the Real World is Even Seen as an Illusion.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Enlightenment is Confused with the Birth Process where the Child Emerges from the Darkness into the Light and Goes into an Experience of Wonder that Ends into Defining the Wonder into Knowledge as memories Charged with Energy that Builds the Characters that will Emerge as the Presentation of Self as Personalities, all Based on Insufficient Understanding – ending up as Lies that are Personal-Lies, Eventually as Experience called Consciousness, as if Experience in itself is Truth – without Realizing How this Developed, or that ONE should be Aware how ONE Creates Oneself as Knowledge, as Memories.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Natural World and Human Civilization is the Conscience MIRROR in which is Reflected Reality, and that the Current State of Consciousness Indicates a Complete Lie, as the Experience of Consciousness is in Direct Contradiction to the Reality of Earth - just like the First Big Contradiction at Birth, as the Awareness Moved from Darkness into the Light, without any Understanding – ending up Being Directed into a Lie about the Darkness and the light, without Understanding that this is a NATURAL PROCESS that Happens to ALL in this Journey.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Rebirthing and Inner-Child Therapy in the Consciousness Consumerism is Misguided and without Self-Honesty – thus Ending Up Emphasizing the Light Experience and Demonizing the Darkness – taking the Lightworker into Complete Separation from Reality, UNABLE to Determine what is Real Truth as ALL of the Consciousness of the Lightworker is TRAPPED in the HALL of MIRRORS, as the MIND – where the Being is ONLY Looking at itself in the Reflection of Light, waiting for the Release from the Physical Body to Return Home, without Realizing that the Self that is Created is an ILLUSION that Can Only Exist in the HALL of MIRRORS – and that, when the MIRRORS Break at Death, there will be Nothing Left, as the Lightworker Character Became the Image in the MIRROR, and in this Way Lost all Awareness of the Real Self, and also through this LOST the Life that Stepped from the Darkness to the Light at the FIRST Conception of the Physical Real Self.

I commit myself to show that Reality is Direct Simplicity Blinded in the Illusionary Light Reflection of the Grandeur of the Con of Consciousness that Became the World System as Consumerism, Entertainment and All that Serves the Personal-Lies that are Personalized into the Image and Likeness Reflected in the MIRRORS of the MIND.

I commit myself to SHOW that Earth is the Real MIRROR in which the Real Self Must be Reflected as What is Best for all Life Always, Externally, as the Acceptance of Self as Life that was Given at First Conception.

I commit myself to show that the Knowledge that Now Exists is Only about the Illusion and thus Creates a Continuous Illusion that Requires Energy from the Physical World to Exist – and in this Process of Energy Generation, creating Generation upon Generation of Parasitic Illusions that Consume the Real World – as the Real World is a Finite System that Regenerates through Cycles and Seasons of Time, the Illusion that Exists Out of Time in the Hall of MIRRORS of the Mind, ends up Consuming More that is Required, which Eventually will lead to the Death of the Real World’s Capacity to Produce Sufficient Support for All. Interestingly enough, this IS Realized, but because the Illusion Cannot Conceive Reality, No Solution Can be found, as the Solution is the Simplistic Obvious: to shatter the MIRROR and to get Back to the Real Person that is Life, which is the Flesh as Part of the Natural World that is Actually HERE.

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