Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 94: Did You Know?

When a Child is Born, they Do NOT yet Think. The Act of Thinking is Taught by Untrained Parents and a Society Obsessed with Self-Interest.

When you think, it Confirms Your BIAS, as thinking always uses Memory as Knowledge and Experience and is thus the Process of Judgment Leading to: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged, confirmed.

Every Memory you have has a Main Character and it is Always you, confirming Multiple Character Disorder as the Foundation of Life on Earth. Welcome to Insanity.

Opinions are the jumping to Conclusions of a Mind Formed through Ignorance.

Earth is a Prison of those that Abused Life in the Universe.

Earth is the Eye of the Universe.

You Do Not Speak through the Mind, but through the Body.

Self-Forgiveness is the Delete Button of the Organic Robot.

When you Leave the Body at Death, you Enter Darkness.

Light is the Lie of Self-Interest, Created by the Multiple Characters in the Mind that Act Like Super Heroes in a Comic Book.

Enlightenment is a Room in the Mind where the Fearful Hide from the Reality of Life on Earth Created by Thought as Self-Interest.

The Only Real Character on Earth is the Physical Body which is in a Zombie-Like State due to the Parasitic Mind Characters that Torture the Body INTO Submission through Emotion and Feelings.

Energy of the Mind is Sourced from the Body and Ends at Death.

Life as Seen through the Characters of the Mind, are the Actual Illusion.

Near Death Experience is Always a Flight of Fantasy in the Travellers own Mind.

God defined through the Mind is Only a Character Created by the Mind in which it exists.

Psychology is NOT a Science, but a Matter of Opinion that aligns Characters to Illusions and Never Cares about Actual Life.

Mastery of the Mind as Enlightenment is the Denial of Reality as Dust, Water and Air.

The Atmosphere is the Bubble of Consciousness as the most Fear that Motivates the Illusion.

Consciousness is the Energy Field created by Temporary Characters in the Mind seeking to Promote self-Interest, hiding from the Fear of its temporary existence that inevitably abruptly Ends.

Thinking that Follows a Pattern of Speaking in the Mind is Confirmed Entity Possession Seated as Characters in Memories embedded in the Flesh.

All words Used by a Character are always Programmed in Self-Interest.

Love is an invention to justify the Abuse of Life on Earth.

Animals are driven to extinction as they DO NOT feature in the Consciousness of Humans as Equals as Life-Forms.

Money exists as a value attributed to it in the Service of the Self-Interest of Characters that compete for its Survival.

Knowledge on Earth does NOT Constitute actual understanding of Life.

A Character of the Mind can Never Conceptualize Equality as Life as it is Not Life, but Only Energy.

Choice is an Illusion fuelled by Self-Interest.

Even when Half the Planet is Obliterated by a Meteorite, Humanity will not Wake Up from the Illusion of thinking Characters.

Heaven has Always Only Been a State of MIND, thus a State of Illusion.

The Soul was Created as a Character of Illusion trying to Conquer Death.

Real Democracy is One Man One Vote where all Decisions are What is Best for all Life always.

What the Human Creates is but the Polarity of Love and Hate, both Illusions of Self-Interest.

No one will be Saved as long as Life is depraved.

The Enlightenment Industry is just Consumerism.

Capitalism is the Capital Punishment of Character Convicting themselves to Death.

As long as You See Yourself as Something in your Mind, you Only See your own Self-Created Illusion.