Friday 27 July 2012

Day 104: Evolution

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Evolution in its Design as Seen in Nature is Based on the Survival of the Fittest and the Eradication of the Weak.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Evolution of Consciousness as Characters Building themselves through Memories as Data Collection, is based on the Win/Lose Paradigm of the Survival of the Fittest and the Eradication of the Weak, as is Seen in the Global Arena of our Civilization.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that all Systems of Education that Function in Building the Character of a Child, Teach in Every Way the Design of the Survival of the Fittest and the Eradication of the Weak in its Wake; Creating a Society of Win/Lose so Totally Accepted that no one Questions it, or Realizes that in a Win/Lose Paradigm in an Example of 100 Participants, only 1 Wins and 99 Lose – making sure that Most are Forever Losing in this Design of Evolution that has been Accepted and Allowed to be their Definition of Equality in this World that you are Equal to the Result of your Placement in the World as either Winner or Loser, which Very Few can Ever Change – yet, what is Sould to the Participants in Society is that the Dream of Winning is Possible as Long as you Develop yourself to Become a Winner, and therefore that Everyone Stands a Chance to Win – most though, but for small Moments, Never Win and only a Few will be Glorified as Examples of Winners so that the Losers can Spend their Every Waking Moment hoping, Desiring and Trying to Win – Never Considering that there is Another Way where Everyone can Always Win and No one Ever Loses, bringing an End to Evolution as Defined and actually Developing a System that Gives to Each New Child Everything thus far Learned by all that has Already Walked this Dysfunctional System.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Only Reason why all the Secrets and Functioning of the World are Not Shared Equally with Everyone, is because that Ensures that the Winners keep Winning and the Losers keep Losing, which is Hardly in fact the way Nature Functions, but Rather the Way of the Psychopathic Design of Characters of Consciousness that Only intend to Remain the Dictators in Every Way, that Lead the Way through Winning all the Time – and that this was Understood a Long Time ago and Incorporated in the Bloodlines of Some Families to Protect, No Matter What, the Control accumulated - and so Ensure no Matter How, Competition must be Eradicated, Controlling the Ways of the World through Mediating through the Medium of Media, the Development and Control of Character through the Control of the Present through Currency – Forcing Compliance to the Current System through the Fear of Death as Poverty and other Means – making sure that the Corpus Presented as Life on Earth Remains intact through a Reign of Fear as Characters in the Minds of Men that Police Every Step of all Decisions on Earth – Keeping Stable the Populous in and as a Consciousness as Fear covered in the Veneer of its Opposite – Love – making sure that the Competition between Man and Man on the Ladder to the Podium is so Intense that no one will Ever Break the Intention of the Game and Break Free, as Each One has been individual lies to Complete Submission to the Presented Mission through Permission as the Only way that Life can Exist on Earth – leaving in its Wake Complete Submission to a System that Protects the Winners in Every Way and Keeps the Losers Forever Losing and thus Controlling the Outcome of Evolution as  Civil Lie as Civilization.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Evolution was Set Up as the Luck of the DRAW, creating for the Cast of Characters on Earth a Lottery as  Casting of the Lot where the Loser accepts their Lot without Question – NOT Realizing that the LOTTERY is RIGGED in Every Way to Make Sure the WINNERS at the Top of the Food CHAIN always WIN, with Some Surprise Winners getting Some of the Spoils, while the Earthly Consciousness Casino Proves all the Exhilaration  and Energy to Keep all the Character at all times Engaged in the Game, trying to WIN a Jackpot in a World Highjacked by the Few to Feed off the Many. Casting the Lot ensures that the WINNERS are Few and Rigging the Game Means the Same Bloodlines keep Winning, causing Inequality to be the Accepted Way of Life, JUST because all Believe they are Equal in the Lottery and may WIN. This Faith is so Complete that NO ONE Questions the Fact that that which is the Prize on Earth is Actually FREELY Given to ALL Equally, and thus Each One is IN Fact the Root Cause for their own Continued Losing with Consciousness, actually NEVER Really Evolving, but only Ever JUSTIFYING why the Cast Must Remain in Character – NOT Realizing that the SPIN of the Wheel of Life IS CONTROLLED AS ABOVE SO BELOW. Who WILL STOP The ADDICTION TO the GAMBLING and Stand UP for Life?

I commit myself to SHOW that EVOLUTION of Consciousness is a SCAM PROMOTED By WINNERS To Protect their SPOILS, Making SURE that Every Child Born on Earth is SPOILED Rotten for Life, Never Able to See the Real RULES of the Game.

I commit myself to SHOW that throughout TIME Humans were WARNED NOT TO CAST the Lot, yet Lotteries are used to Sell the DREAM of WINNING WITHOUT the Participators Realizing they Sell their BIRTHRIGHT By their OWN Choice, Causing the Key to WORLD Change, which is Democracy where the Majority of Losers can Stand Together to Change the Nature of the Game, to Be so Enthralled with the Potential of a Jackpot, that their Awareness is Highjacked by the WINNERS that Promote the Success of the Game. In SPITE of the Evidence that the Game Creates GROSS Inequality.

I commit myself to Assist all WITH Real Compassion for Life to Set themselves Free From the Chains of Consciousness so that those that Reclaim their Birth Right of an Equal life on Earth, may be able to Stand together to Return Earth to all its Inhabitants to ALL be WINNERS Always.

I commit myself to SHOW that the Ultimate Lottery Ticket each Character uses to Make Sure of a WIN according to themselves, is the Religious Faith ticket where Each Character believes that they Have the Ultimate ticket that will make themselves WIN in the END, to Ensure that No Matter How Many times they Lose, in the END they WIN. This, in Spite of Having NO EVIDENCE that their Faith is Real, but Failure tends to Fuel this Illusion, as Life is Accepted as a Gamble anyway and if One Does Not Believe and allows the Negativity of not Being Able to at least WIN Sometimes, it is believed One is the Cause of One’s OWN Failure. This is such Deluded Logic but Common Sense as what is Best for all Life Always is a World Providing all that is Required Freely, SIMPLY Does Not Exist in a Consciousness Created as a Scam. Each ONE does Have the Ability to See this, yet the Addiction to the ILLusion of EVOLUTION seems to be the WINNING Ticket every time. WAKE UP LOSERS

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