Sunday 29 July 2012

Day 106: Living the Lie

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Liefe on Earth is One BIG LIE Built through Smaller Lies that are accepted and allowed so that the Big Lie seems too Big to Ever challenge, instead of Looking at the Small Lies and see How these Small Lies Built the Character of the Big Lie as Human Nature that is too Weak and Sinful to Ever Change.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that One of the Small Lies that is Accepted and Allowed is the allowance in Each Other the Apparent Character that is Believed to Be so Entrenched in the Self, that the Self can Never fundamentally change, and that the Only Change Possible is a change in Attitude between Negative and Positive, which is glorified as Significant Change that Helps One Cope with the Big Lie that the World is the Way it is and that the World Can Never Change, because One will never get Everyone to Change, so Best to Give up before One try and Accept the World as it is and Only Work on One’s Attitude, because that Choice is Seen as Possible, but actual Real Fundamental change of Human Nature is Seen as Impossible.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that another Small Lie is the Knowledge that Everyone is Lying to Each other Regularly in Ways Where Lies are Even Coded in Colors like a White Lie, which is Seen as  good lie as the Person or Child being Lied to are Not ready for the truth apparently – but the truth is, the child is Being taught that it is essential to lie and to Not feel guilty as Lying is Part of Life on Earth - in Government and Politics, this lie is Made much Bigger as State Secrets, which the General Populace are not Ready to Face and it is Sold that the Lies Hidden as Secrets are for the Best Interest of the Populace – strangely enough, those that decide this are also Humans as Part of the General Populace and would in Many Cases find ways to Make a Profit from Secrets and Lies, justified as a chance that Could not be missed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that another Lie is to Deliberately Disregard Physical Evidence as to the History of the Earth and to Promote the Lie of Religion based on the Premise that because the Origin of Life is Not Grasped, it must Come from Some Higher Power, and in One Foul Swoop, the Existence and Allowance and Acceptance of all the Lies as the Weakness of Human Character as that which tends to Lie and Deceive, is Justified and taught to every Child as if it is the Gospel truth – and anyone trying to Question the Lie, is Made out as a Liar, by Spreading Lies and Gossip, because it is Understood that because the Human lies all the Time, the Human will accept Lies as truth and truth as Lies – so, the Big Lie is Safe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that what Parents Fear the Most is that their children will be Exposed to the truth and thus would fiercely Protect the Lie they taught their children and use from Young a PecuLIAR Excuse as a Lie when Children ask Questions that Question the Lie, by Saying: ‘God only Knows Why” – these Words are a Lie and children and parents using these words are lying desperately or in Some Cases, Covering Up a Lie as Everyone Knows Subconsciously, this Lie has worked for Generations and is a Safe Lie, that is Accepted as the Human Way that Dare Not be Questioned – and that Questioning this lie, is to be Disrespectful towards God and the faith of a Person and thus an attack on a person’s character. The Fact that this lie is used to Perpetuate global suffering at an unprecedented Scale, is IGNORED and the Lie is also Used to Justify why Suffering Exists, by echoing – ‘GOD only Knows.’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Experts in Human Society are Paid Liars that stand in as the Lie to Keep all the other Liars Safe in the bubble of Self-Deception. This is demonstrated by, for instance, Bears in Captivity that do not Hibernate, yet act Strangely by Pacing up and down and Rolling their Heads Non-Stop. Here is then claimed that it is not clear Why the Bears behave this Way in Captivity, but some experts believe they are Frustrated and Stressed by being Confined. DUH! WTF! Holy SHOOT! The Human will Lie in the Face of Evidence and Smile, turn around and wash their Hands, absolving themselves in the Name of God that Only Knows, but the Human will not take Responsibility for Life – No Matter the Evidence, No Matter the Science, No Matter the Fossils, no Matter that there is No Clue How a Child actually Learns – the Human will Do One thing For Sure, Protect the Lie.

I commit myself to SHOW that Consciousness is LIVING the LIE justified.

I commit myself to SHOW that the lie is an Illusion that Requires a Liar to exist.

I commit myself to SHOW that Every Human KNOWS that the LIE is the Pretend Life on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that the Physical Relationships as What is Best for all Life, Breaks the Rule of the LIE.

I commit myself to SHOW that thought, ALL THOUGHT, is ALWAYS Designed as a JUSTIFIED LIE.

I commit myself to SHOW that humanity WILL change When We Change Parenting and Education to No Longer Be Based on a Lie, and we Introduce an Eco-System on Earth that Values and Supports all Life Equally to the Best Possible Level. Within a few Generations, we would Have created Heaven on Earth, much Shorter than the time it took us to Create the Big Lie as Consciousness

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