Monday 23 July 2012

Day 100: FEAR

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Fear is the Aim of the Game on EARth, a PLANet where sound is Minded as Words Live as Fear to Control what is Here and What is Heard so that the Receiving Organic Robot Fears hurt as PAIN to remain in the Cycles of PAYING the bILLS of the ILLUsion created by the Controllers of the Game – in this Process, Making Sure that the Reality of Life on EARth is Never Taken to hEARt.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Parents are the Genes that Ensure GENEration after GENEration that the Symbols that sound the Fears as Words LIVED remains the Devil that Drives the Decision of WHO I AM according to the Rules of the Game, where I must profit into the Game or MY NEEDS will not be Covered by the Credits I accumulate as MONEY.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that FEAR is the Nature of the Game that Motivates me to Keep Moving as the Characters in the Game towards the Objective of the Game by Creating the other Side of the Coin of Fear as Love – Symbolizing the Circle of Life, Coined as a Choice of Opposites – yet, it is ONE Coin that ensures CONtrol so that I remain in my ROLE, following the control of the Energy of the Game which is Fear as the Totality of the HERE of the Game as the Only thing I can HEAR while playing the Game.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Love in all its Dimensions within the Game that can be Mentioned only Exists because of the Nature of the Game, which is Fear, ensuring that all Energy Ever Experienced is only ever Founded within the Fountain of Fear created within the Body through Symbols as Words, as Pictures, as Memories, as Characters – ensuring that Every Reason and Meaning as Answer only ever can be Fear as Long as One beLIEves in Love.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Childhood Games Parents Play with Children are Designed to Program in the Exhilaration FEAR provides so that the Child Can Characterize themselves to the Foundation of FEAR as Life on EARTH to Eventually Seek Love to Keep Moving in the System, as the Parents will Make Sure Love is Placed as the Place of Safety and Fear the Place to Move From so that the Cycles of Life as the Wheel of Life as We Exist May TURN effectively to NEVER Question Life on Earth as the Quest of the Game is Set – FIND LOVE or You WILL BE IN FEAR.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that in this Program MISTAKEN as Life the FEAR is Placed that Experience is Temporary and thus, if you DO NOT Play you Lose the Opportunity to Experience the Game, because Real Life aPARENTly exists after the END of the Game as Death with LOFTY Promises Made of SOMETHING Better to Come. This Makes Sure that Everyone in the GAME always MOTIVATES each other to STAY in the GAME as At Least it Must Be Real, as the Energy Experienced is Real – yet NO ONE Realized that they Are the ONES Creating the Experience and When the Creation of the Energy of LOVE and Fear STOPS, I WILL Remain – thus there Must Be Something Beyond Energy, But FEAR STOPS us From Finding Out WHO We Will Be WITHOUT The Energy we have Defined ourselves to BE.

I commit myself to SHOW that Energy IS NOT Real Life on Earth, It is the Result of FEAR and its MATE, LOVE.

I commit myself to SHOWS that FEAR is the Foundation of ALL Love with the Game of Human Nature accepted Foolishly as the Natural Way of Being.

I commit myself to SHOW that One that PROFESS LOVE, IS Completely LOST in the GAME as the ILLosing/Illusion of a Self-Created Reality within the MIND where Nothing Seen as Self is Every Real, But just a Lie Constantly Created by Self.

I commit myself to SHOW that the FEAR as the Purpose of Life as LOVE, is the Reason why Real Life on Earth Can Be Abused WITHOUT ANY actual Awareness as Awareness has been Defined to Be Energy, a Self-Created Illusion that Became a Parasite feeding off the Flesh of the Real Flesh Living Being.

I commit myself to SHOW that the DESTENI of Life is NOT in the Game as Energy and WILL take Great Effort to Be achieved as the POSSESSION of the LIE is Overwhelming as the Energy allowed to be accepted as Life.

I commit myself to SHOW that those LOST in the Game Must Compete and thus Cannot See Equality as Life Equal in All Actual Living Beings and will thus Kill and Allow Killing to take Place without any REMORSE as the More is Seen to Be Energy, while Real Life is BeLIEved to Be Temporary.

I commit myself to SHOW that DOOM does not Exist in the Lifetime of Humanity and that DOOM is to Be the MOODS of the Energy Game where Fear is the Control of Love. STOP, if you Can or Death will STOP you to face the Consequence of Abusing Life on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that to those In the GAME, Desteni will Represent the ULTIMATE FEAR, as in TOTAL Opposition to LOVE - as Desteni Represents the END of the Game - Meaning that One Realizes the GAME, as Fear and Love, was a LIE.

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