Tuesday 28 May 2013

Day 399: The Taste Bud Paranoia

Now this is a Fascinating Paranoia because it Affects Everyone’s life in Multi-Dimensions, this is Trained in from young by the Experts in Paranoia which are the Parents. Parents Do Not Educate Children, they Drive them into Paranoia so that They can Control them and one of the things that they use is: The Taste Buds. And thus Eventually when the Adult Grows up, they will use the Taste Buds to Decide What to Eat and What Not to Eat because apparently ‘The Taste Buds Can Tell You whether it is Good for You’ and it’s only Good for You if You Like it’ – this is something that you Must Confront because this will Cause Disease in Your World, in Your Life and You Have to Investigate What you Eat, Look at the Actual Nutritional Value, look at the Balance that you Require in Your Body and Train your Taste Buds to Something that Can Be Trusted and that is Not a Paranoid Response that Only Goes According to ‘What You Like’. Investigate Where the stuff Comes from that You Like and Ensure that Not a Single Justification Exists, Your Body Must Comply to What is Best for It, You are that which Must Drive this to bring about a Balance.

And here, Do Not Look at the ‘Health Paranoia’ that Exists in this World because that is just a Consumer Bullshit Paranoid Approach – There is No Value to ‘Organic Food’ or ‘Health Food’ as long as You Do Not Have Self Honesty. If You Buy Organic Fruit or Food understand one thing: If the Product Looks ‘Beautiful’ It Has Been Treated by Poison, that’s the Key. If the Product Looks like it’s been Ravaged by Nature, you Know = it is Organic. But Because of your Paranoid Brainwashing you’re going to want to Go for the one that ‘Looks Beautiful,’ in spite of the Fact that You Know and if you go and Plant it and See for yourself you will notice: that Everything that is Organically Grown is Always Not Perfectly Formed because it is Participating in an Environment that is Natural. Those things that are Grown in an Unnatural Environment will ‘Look Beautiful’ because Every Living Thing that in Any Way could ‘Blemish it’ so that the Consumer would Not Like-it and Buy-it is Killed.

So Don’t Miss the Point of This Paranoia, Understand that All Those that Claim they are Against Genetically Modified Organisms are In Fact Eating it, and would – if given a choice – Never Buy REAL Organic Food ‘It’s Gotta Look Good’ – You’ve All Fooled Yourselves, you’re Just Paranoid.

Again, if you Understand and Hear what I’m saying and there is a Grain of Self Honesty Left within you, a Grain of Care then Read the Journey to Life Blogs, it’s going to be Really Challenging – and Do the DIP Lite and Start the Journey that will take you a Minimum of 7 to 14 years in Which you can Reclaim your Individuality, Reclaim Your Freedom, Reclaim Your Authority, Reclaim Your Sanity and Get Rid of Your Paranoia.
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