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Day 562: Orchestrating Demon Possessions

Continuing from Day 561: The Ultimate Challenge of All Religion:
 So, Cerise then brought these Demons here, most of them went quite quickly the last six-seven of them where rather ‘tough’ ones, they’d been Demons for a very long time. But they all then realised themselves and the whole story after that changed. They never made another attempt like that on me and my family because, they had no way to deal with what it was, they didn’t understand what was happening, but something was happening to their comrades when they try and harm me and my family. We’ll continue this.

So we continue with the Demon Story.
Let me start it with going deeper into the Demon story.

During the time when there was no money and therefore there was no interference or – let’s say there was no ‘interference’, per se. I was alone, in essence, with the kids and there was no outlook that was promising, there was no point of money on the horizon and I was purely walking the dedication to find out more about the Demons.

I met a lady that told me that she was experiencing the Demons in some of the clubs where they were using drugs. Now at that stage I never used drugs and drugs to me was really not important. So I decided to explore but I didn’t use any drugs. I went to the clubs – at that stage I was doing tarot readings and I was pretty good at it so I pushed the point further to see if just by doing Tarot readings without – I mean with doing it for ‘donation’ – if that would be in any way be a way to live. Obviously to my amazement it was a disaster and I met during that time many other people lives that was also destroyed through the Tarot reading thing. It was purely very few people that would make a success of it. Normally those that has developed a Tarot set and has sold it and is making money from selling the cards as well. They would normally be successful in this endeavour. The rest, the ‘followers’ won’t.

That’s just the norm, the principle of our current economic capitalistic system.
But it was a good experience from the perspective of actually realising that Demons per se, I met some Demons in people, I moved them, utilising the physical recognition system that was now ‘Me as the World’ so I could move the point and see where it’s from, see what it’s about, is there energetic charge, what is the definition, what is the relationship and then disconnect the points and move it and let the person walk their life.

Obviously they may create the Demon again if they want to or create the opening for a Demon again if they want to. At that stage my point of reference, the reference was the actual ability to disengage a Demon Possession and find out in which ways it was effective and how I could help the Demon to not continue on their quest of finding hosts once they are exorcised. Because exorcism to me was pure fearful stupidity because someone who knew nothing about Demons and only judge them as Evil is trying to chase them away. It’s like putting fuel on a fire, I mean you are coming there with fear in the first place and you feed the Demon your fear which is your so called ‘power’, because you believe it’s evil and evil must be feared.

So it simply then changes its frequency and you end up not even knowing what is going on because you measure things according to the feedback you get. And when it goes quiet, then apparently it’s ‘better’. It’s quite a laughing matter, dear exorcists.

Anyway, so, during this time I started looking at how to engage in a process within which I would be able to establish a way into assisting the Demons effectively. I only really started going into it, once I met Esteni. And we started in the house where we had the possessions of, and the writings on the wall – we started there. And the first point was to simply push and let people be possessed. I mean, just allow it. And then take on and see if I can get the Demon out of them. So that’s what I did. And then once the Demon was in and was able to use the body and speak to me, then I would speak to the Demon. And look at their life because it’s like you can see it. Once you become somebody’s life, their existence – you know their existence, you know who they are because you walk it in fact even in what they have not considered. Because they have lost themselves in time. So therefore they cannot see the complete Self they have created in Consciousness as they cannot see what is really going on in this world. So therefore they have moved throughout their existence from the polarity of ‘Love’ to the polarity of ‘Hate’. And those that are now for instance in this world at the polarity of ‘Love’ will still go into the polarity of ‘Hate’. The more they obviously resist the point, and embrace love, the worse the fall. Because that’s how it works. If you study basic physics: you’re in a Universe that’s physics and physical, there are laws and you are messing with the laws, pretending that you know better when in fact your very actions, your very directive force is indicative of ‘who you are’ within all of this.

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