Wednesday 12 June 2013

Day 418: Basic Income Can Save Capitalism

spend This should be Good News for the Capitalists.

So, Before one Reacts or Jumps to Conclusions or opinions you have to Hear out the Whole Proposal. Obviously this Proposal will have to become part of a Political Party’s Manifesto and become part of their Economic Policy and they have to Promote it within the context as presented to Overcome the Objections that are Inherently Glued to the View of the Capitalist.

Now, if you look at George Bush, David Cameron, Obama – they all have Promoted the idea to ‘Save Capitalism’, that there is One thing everybody Must do, they say: ‘Spend More.’ But there’s a problem with what’s happening in the world there are Less and Less Jobs which means People Can Spend Less and less so All the Economies are Contracting because the Money Supply which at the End is Dependent on the Amount of People Participating in the System With Money is Shrinking, so now we need to get a Shrink into the Story about Economics because, seemingly, the Economic Theory did not Expand yet to consider Proper Solutions for the World. So the following is How one Solves the Problem.

In any given country you have Citizens, they are Citizens by Birth and by Birth they Have a Birth right towards Citizenship in that Country. We Propose that that Birth Right should be Including Inclusive of the Resources that are in that Country – for instance, the Mining Resources and Water Resources, Electricity, Cellphones, Telephones… all the points that are Part of that Country originally. But maybe it’ll be possible to only look at the Resources that Everybody Requires and Needs on a Daily Basis which are Food, Water, Electricity and something like the Cellphone, Telephone and Internet. These are things that are already in a Country and they have Intrinsic Value. By Utilizing these Resources you have a situation where Everyone in the Country Participates in Contributing towards the total Turnover of these Particular Resources. If the Price is Set to be Sufficient to Accommodate Sufficient Profit for the Shareholders – which in this case Will Be the Citizens of the Country – which then are Distributed to All those Citizens in the Country that Do Not Have Enough Income as a Basic Income Grant, it is Possible to Set up a System which will have a Very Interesting Effect for all Capitalists. Because Suddenly, All the People in the Country will be able to Spend Money; this will mean the Capitalists that will so to speak ‘Lose Income’ because if they already Own any of these Resources in the Country their Shares will be transferred through Nationalization – to the Shareholders that should have Owned it in the First Place, which are the Citizens; because I mean if you Take Away Anything from the Security of a State and the Security of a State is to Supply and Support their Citizens: you’re Committing Treason. So by Taking these Corporations and Creating them as Private Entities, taking it away from the Rights of the Citizens in fact, Treason has been Committed and this is being done through Public Relations and Cognitive Disinformation, by Control of the Media and I would say that the Media should also be Controlled by the Citizens because the Media in any particular Country is always the Voice of the Citizens. And therefore, All of these Corporations Still Run as Corporations, the only difference is that the Shareholding is in the Hands of the Citizens and it becomes a Matter of National Pride, and they are Managed Properly by People that are Properly Skilled that Do so for the Benefit of the Country.

This can become extremely Valuable Resources in terms of Stabilizing an Economy and Presenting and Producing Sufficient Profit that at the moment as we know, Ends up in the Hands of a Selective Few Elite to such an extent that their Combined Wealth can Stop Poverty in the Whole World several times, which means There is Already Enough Money Created. Obviously what they’re doing is a fascinating thing, in many cases is that they’re Reducing Prices of Products simply to Outperform the Competition which Causes Massive Unemployment in the World, Purely to Make More Money but is justified as saying that ‘By Making Things Cheaper = we’re making it More Affordable for Everyone,’ But I mean if a Person does not have an Income, they Don’t have a Level of Affordability, there is just No Way they can Own it. So when one Takes this Model and you Apply it and you have Each Citizen with a Basic Income Grant, the Citizen now can Spend Money, this Money will normally be Spent at the Normal Corporations that now Supply Goods and Services in all kinds of arenas, that will Increase Turnover, that would Increase Job Creation and that would Increase Profits.

Now you’ll say “But if everybody gets a Basic Income, Who’s going to Do the work?” Very simple, the Minimum Wage should be Double the Basic Income so that the person is Motivated to Not Use the Basic Income Grant but to Go out and Work because That will give them Access to Money to Buy Luxuries as well, because the Basic Income Grant will Not be Sufficient to Buy ‘Extreme Luxuries,’ it will be to Buy the Basics that are Necessary, to Provide the Education that is Necessary, to Have at least One Motor Vehicle to be able to Have the Transport that’s Necessary. And what I Suggest with the Basic Income Grant is that there is also a Subsidy for Homes which is Sufficient to Construct a Reasonable Home because that will not only Benefit the Banking Industry, but it will Also Benefit the Building Industry and so it’ll again have a Knock on Effect in creating Cash Flow which then Creates Money Supply, which Creates an Economy that is Growing and a Happy Capitalist, because there will be Many more Opportunities than what Exists now.

Obviously one of the things that should be Considered is the Standard of Goods – there should be a Minimum Standard and Each Country should have a Bureau of Standards that specifically Makes Sure that the Products Made Available to the Citizens as a Matter of their Birth Right and their Citizen’s Right to Have Goods that are of Real Value, that these Products are going through Stringent Tests, so in that way Ensure the Capitalists don’t just try and Make Profit but Actually Provide a Proper Service and a Proper Product. That will reduce a Lot of the Unnecessary Energy Spending in the World where Things are Just Made for the Sake of Enticing People through Advertising. Therefore, Advertising should be Not Based on Cognitive Disinformation or on Placing People in an Emotional State when they’re Buying, it should be Based on Fact and thus there should be Better Regulation about Advertising so that people are not Psychologically Manipulated, because that is simply Not Acceptable.

Now when you have a System where you have your Basic Job Facilitation which includes from Janitors, to Road Builders to Any type of Job where your Minimum Wage is Double your Basic Income, you will find that There will Be Enough Workers to Do the Work because they’ll Earn More, and Those that Work will have Benefit because they will be able to Buy Better Cars, Bigger Houses and they will thus have a Better Standing in the Community which will Motivate People to Look for Jobs and because Lots More Money is in Circulation = New Businesses will Begin, which will again Offer More Jobs and thus Create more Opportunities for People to Get a Better Income than just a Basic Income Grant – yet the Basic Income Grant Must Be of Such Nature that it is Sufficient for a Person or a Family to Live a Decent Life, One Worthy of their Birth Right as a Citizen. Utilizing it this way, it becomes Viable for the Corporations to Give up some of the things they Control in Favor of Having a Stable Economy that Provides a Lot more Money in Circulation, which Provides a Lot More Opportunities for Profit. And by Doing this, one Reduces Various Factors that Have Become Extreme Problems which are Already being Investigated by projects like the BIG Project in Namibia: If everybody’s got a Basic Income, Crime Reduces, Violence Reduces and People Want to Improve Themselves because they are No Longer Desperate, they have Moved from Desperation to Hope and they Start to Educate themselves Better. So an all-around Effective Solution where one can Ensure then that the Most Basic Human Rights as in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is Actually taken care of, the Capitalists are kept Happy, those that Believe that ‘Some are Lazy and Some are Not,’ are kept Happy because they can now Go and Work and Earn More Money and Leave the Others with Less Money… Basically a Basic Income Grant Is at this Stage a Viable Solution for a World in Extreme Trouble. Bailouts won’t Work, People that Actually want to Send Money to Bailouts should Rather send it to Educating People about the Validity of a System that is a Mixture between Socialism and Capitalism and that Protects the Citizenship of Each Person within a country. And then Between the Countries they can Work out Solutions for Those Countries that’s got Less Resources and Develop them to Also have a Similar Resource Structure which Provides Sufficient Income In House through the Internal Use of for instance Cellphones, Airtime, Electricity, Water, Media, that Sufficient Profit is made out of that to Facilitate the Basic Income Grant so that there is Never any Debt Made for Facilitating this.

This will also Solve another Problem that is going to become Very Big in the next 20 years which is that All the Pensions Will Be Gone because it will Replace the Pension System, there will be No Longer Contributions to those Pensions because a Person will have a Basic Income Grant it will thus, Instead of Money being Invested into Corporations, the Money will be in the Hands of the Citizen. The Citizen will then use the Money to Decide What is Best and Where to Invest it. To All the Basic Income Grant People I would then suggest that that they Save 10% of that Money and Invest it Every Month in the Corporations, the other Corporations that are Not Yet Owned by the Citizens and if All the Citizens do that = Very Soon the Citizens will Own All the Corporations and all the Capitalists would have Made their Profit and will have a System where a Person on a Basic Income Grant will Earn Enough from their Shares in the Corporations that they will get to a point where their Income is Higher than the Basic Income Grant and the Moment that Happens = they No Longer are Dependent on the Basic Income Grant and they move towards Self-Sufficiency.

So, Basic Income Grant will Have to have Certain Rules. One of them being that One shouldn’t Own More than One Car – if you have Two Cars = you have More Money than You Should Have for a Basic Income Grant; and if you have a Job and the Job obviously always will be According to Minimum Wage which is Double the Basic Income Grant = you No Longer Require the Basic Income Grant because you’re now in Self-Sufficiency and that position opens up for another person because One of the things about this World is that there are Always New People Arriving that are going to Need Some Help to Get into the System.

All Education within the System, within a Country should be Facilitated by the Basic Income Grant Facilitation and Because Education is a Calling and not a Place of Profit, all Educators that are Part of that should be Placed on a Basic Income Grant and all Education at University Level, everything should be Free to the Citizens because it is a Human Right to Educate Each One and it is thus Facilitated so that We Have in the Education System Those that Truly do it for a Calling and that are not Doing it for Money, because they are Doing it as a Service to their Fellow Citizens.

Now obviously with the Basic Income Grant there is One Thing that is of Vital Importance: No One in the System, No Citizen will Pay Tax – All Tax will be Facilitated by either Value Added Tax or Sales Tax or Import Duties. If you have a Government System that is not Top Heavy because you have a System where Each One is Functioning Effectively Within the System, You do not Need Excessive Tax, your Tax is spent on things like Roadwork, Transport facilitation – All things that can be handled In House.

One of the things for instance that can work Quite Effectively also in a country is to have a Toll Tax on the Roads which are Managed by the Government and that Keeps the Roads in Place, so according to the Use that one Has of a Road = will be the Amount of Tax you Pay, but there will be in This Proposal No Tax so nobody is going to Pay for Anyone’s Basic Income Grant, it’s coming from the Resource Companies which everybody in the Country are Participating in and your Sales Tax or your Value Added Tax will be According to the Amount of your Participation within a particular System, so that’s a Fair way of Dealing with Income Tax – or shall we say Government Tax Collection. Obviously to Have this facilitated effectively, the Control of it will be Important which means the Total System will have to be Digitized, the Payment of the Basic Income Grant will be via your Bank Card so it’ll be Instantaneous and Society will Move Towards a more ‘Cashless Society,’ but in a Cashless Society where one will have Enough of What you Need and Nobody can Take Away your Income because you are Guaranteed this Income unless you obviously have a Job, which means You have Double Income.

So in this Proposal No matter What Objection One could Possibly have, there will be an Answer, Everybody Will Be Satisfied. It’s a very Simplistic Solution that Brings an End to the Problems that are Now in the World.

Obviously with the Rise of the Machine there’s going to be Job-loss which means there’s going to be Greater Efficiency, which means there’s going to be Less Cost on Input. So if there is Job-Loss = there is Basic Income Grant so the Type of New Businesses that will develop will be Based on Human Ingenuity, the Great Word that the Capitalists Like to Use. So the Capitalists – those that Want to Earn More in the System – can Come up with Great ideas to Create New Employment and so to Uplift People to a Higher Level of Income or Double at least that the Basic Income Grant. So All Desires, All Hopes will be answered and In a way, the whole principle of the Pursuit of Happiness, the principle of Each one being Able to be in a World of Opportunity instead of Just a ‘Land of Opportunity’ of the US, it will be the Whole World that will be a Land of Opportunity, a World of Opportunity where You can Be Anything you Want to Be and the Opportunities are Endless.

Obviously Environmental Policy will have to be Strictly Applied and Wastage will have to be looked at and therefore the Education System needs to be Substantially Upgraded. For that, we also have Solutions because it is Important to Realize that the Human Mind is Programmable. So, We can Program This All into Each Human so that They can Be Happy and Not Worry about what Others Have and rather Work by the Sweat of their Brow to Earn a Greater Living if they Truly Want to.

So the Basic Income Grant solution for the World is a Solution of Equal Opportunity. If you Do Not Want to Make Use of that Opportunity, you’ll have a Basic Income Grant – if you Want to Make Use of that opportunity, at the Very Least you’ll have Double the Basic Income Grant – ‘How Much the Income Grant will be’ will be Worked out according to What is Necessary for a Person or a Family to make a Decent Living – and in this one will Probably have to look at the One thing that Needs to Change which are Currencies, there will have to be One World Currency because the Need for Currencies will no longer Exist, because That is only being used by the Richer Countries to Steal Resources from the Poorer Countries and that’s No Longer Necessary because there’s Enough Money to Pay for it anyway; so, We Don’t Need ‘Exchange Rates’ Anymore , You can have Your Own Money but it is Equal. So If you have the Euro = One Dollar = One Yen = One Pound = One Rand = One Peso – That will Make Sure We have No More Peasants.

It’s obviously the ultimate Patriotic System you could Ever come up with, be a Patriot, Be a BIG Supporter and Remember Capitalists: Here is your Ultimate Opportunity of Making Profit, you will Never have had Such a Good Opportunity before because Now, YOUR ability to come up with the Ultimate Product that Entices the Population to Buy it is now At your Feet – Eat your Heart-out.

Join Big, Be BIG Hearted: it’s Time.


  1. Supplementary: as Unconditional Basic Income is a birthright you'll still have this Income even if you have a (temporary)job. Thus said: twice the amount of BIG if you have a job will increase inequality, that should be kept a market issue, as it influences the prices
    Also we should lift laws on work obligation, as the whole system of production will be automated as much and as fast as humanity can.
    People will have their right to make their own choices how to contribute to the system, which we call consuming in any form.

    Every action one takes to provides in its needs, contributes to the economy. Thus said: consumers are hard working people, paying several kinds of taxes. However, for its efforts WE refuse to acknowledge him/her and pay him/her a descent income to keep him/her sustaining his/her needs en keep hi'/her doing his/her job: consuming! (and therefor contributing to the economy just as a traditional 20th century employee)