Monday 23 April 2012

Day 9: Speaking from the Heart

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail recognizing that earth is the heart of the Universe and is the giver of life where I may experience myself and within how I express myself as experience within the interconnectedness of all others that are here equal as the gift of life,  I will define myself either as an equal as life or as an abuser of life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to never speak from the heart of earth, but instead created an illusion of what gives life as the heart of the mind where I have invented energy and named it in the image and likeness of my self interest and called it love, from which I moved and have my being as the illusion I have projected and in this act of creation I have separated myself from that which gives life and ended up as the image and likeness in abuse as I imposed upon all other life forms the version of the heart where words are spoken in vain in spite of the evidence of abuse that I participate in as the world system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become so obsessive about my own heart love creation that I have failed to find within me the compassion to honor love and instead I have redefined compassion to suit my version of the heart illusion in spite of the fact that my illusion will only last as long as I feed it energy that I forcibly take from my physical body, the body I was given as real life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to renege on my responsibility to that which gave me life which is the earth and all that is here and that through this I have become an infestation on the face of my creator that acts like a disease that can never be satisfied, because I attempt to force my maker to be in the image and likeness of the illusion of the heart of love as the mind as that which I have created myself as in the energy I have transmuted from my maker through the system of the mind.

I forgive myself that I have failed to see that all life is in fact equally given and that those with the opportunity to make a choice like me are in fact given the greater responsibility and the test to see what we would chose when we are here where all is subject to an conditional giving

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to conquer the earth and its unconditional giving and that I have followed my heart of the desire of self interest to the end of the earth and have subjected all other life forms not willing to walk in my image forcibly to be subject to the desires of my heart of love to such an extent that I am unable to see that I have become trapped in the illusion of my mind created love and that I have abdicated the gift of life so completely that I may never regain it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to glorify my heart to such an extend that I only speak from MY heart and in that have denied life to all that do not speak in the image and likeness of my heart which is based on the debased illusion that the Love I feel is real love. I fail to see that real love is in giving life  and that I have it within my power on earth to give life to all else here, but refuse to do so, because then I will have to give up and end the illusion of my heart of love that is only of the mind and that will not exist beyond death.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go so far in my illusion of love as feeling that I have created an illusionary body I believe exists after death I called the soul and that I have made this illusionary creation as the soul greater than the life I was given on earth to the extent that I am willing to die and give up the real life I was given for the illusion I have created myself.

I forgive myself that I have failed to see that I exist subject to what is given by earth as my breath and the food I eat and that without what the earth provide to support the life I was given, my illusion of heart love will no longer be, as the real heart beats with food, water and breath, all derivatives of the earth from which my body was formed which is the real living being in fact.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to become lost in the tool as the mind and that I have created myself as an illusion which have redefined all living words into mind words with the exclusive intend to be my own god within my own rules no matter that these rules are in fact subject to clear defined rules of origin where I have no power. The only power I really have is to ensure that what is given is fairly distributed, yet I refuse to see that as my will as the mind of love keeps telling me in my mind that I must be something more and yet with me believing this lie that I am something more as that which the mind as me conjured up, I end up giving away that which is really actually the only thing of value, which is life. Life do not love, Life gives.

I commit myself to re establish my relationship with my maker and to honor my maker so that my days may be lengthened upon the earth.

I commit myself to earth myself that I may be rebirthed to life and live my life as the extension of the earth as the hand of my maker that see that all life is given equally from the storehouse of life which is the earth.

I commit myself to expose all obsessions about the illusions of the heart of love with living physical common sense till all see what has been allowed and return home to earth to walk as one as equal as life here within the context of what life really entails on earth.

I commit myself to eradicate the illusions created by the mind from the face of the earth so that this face of earth could blossom with life radiantly and to place the mind back in its place as servant system to life.

I commit myself to never chose anything else but what is best for all life and in such action in fact by implication give up choice as it is proven to only be a way that allows abuse and I as life will only chose life.

I commit myself to set the earth free from the infestation of the illusions created by the mind that all that may come from the earth in time to come may have equal from what earth has to offer.

I commit myself to in every way possible remind those that are lost in the mind as energy and self created hearts of love, that they can give this up in one breath and begin their journey to return to earth, but that this journey will be tough as each will be measured in every way to see if you will ever again abuse life that was given freely and enslave it to an illusion to such an extent that life disappeared, so extensively that only a tiny spark remain. To rekindle this spark will take a complete rebirth and re-education as the body have been subjected to tortuous enslavement from the illusion from the beginning of time. Thus I commit myself to bring to an end and to set that which is life free that we may be here together as life as one as equal.

I commit myself to spread the awareness as to the relationships that are really life and really real as breath, as body, as heart beat, so that those lost in the mind may wake up and take responsibility and forgive themselves for what they have allowed themselves to become as the image and likeness of the illusions of energy and love –a state that is in fact heartless as the earth as heart and the heart of the body is not recognized for what it gives and make possible on earth.
I commit myself to restore to life that which is given as life at the birth of each being through the promotion and establishment of a system on earth that fairly distributed that which is given to support life so that life may discover itself again as we have lost all true values and become but illusions chasing changing winds only to end as a name on a cross with the body six feet underground, leaving a legacy of abuse in our wake.  


  1. now that is some self-forgiveness. this is the kind of thing i like to hear, and it just so happens to be the correct thing to say. good example. even if people aren't to that point, they can see in what direction they ought to head.

  2. Thanks for the will to improve lives of all that are here!