Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 113: Inner Structure of an Equal Money System – Part 3

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that MONEY is So INGRAINED as the INNER STRUCTURE of Man, that Money in a SENSE Developed the POWER of GOD that Determines in Essence who WILL LIVE and who WILL DIE in this World; Money Determines who will Own Property and Who will Live on the Street, Money is Given the Responsibility to Act as the Medium that Determines who God Favors according to the Faithful, placing Money in an Equal Footing to for Instance the HAMMER of THOR, Placing Money as the Actual Decision Maker, absolving the Human as the Human without Money Cannot Decide, while the Ones with Money Hold ALL the Power.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Money Has been Deified in the Market as a force linked to the Movement of Nature and the Availability of Resources, to Such an Extent that it is Seen as a LIVING FORCE that Acts as the Hand of God and thus in ALL Prayers, Directly or by Implication, the Human PRAYS for Money to be Granted, to Lift the Suffering of the Human or to facilitate the Happiness of the Human, making Money the Force of Divine Intervention on the Faith of Men; Although Men tend to Deny this and Men at the Same Time see Money as the ROOT of all Evil as it Feeds the Tree of Greed and Abuse, Yet Men WILL NOT let Go of this Force or Remove it’s Controlling Power by Simply changing the Value System that Money Represents to a Benevolent Force that is Equal for all Life, and thus in One Change, Change Money to Equality and give it Real Life as a Tool to Use for the Moment, as the Inner Structure, Built into MAN Around Money - to Change the World to a Place where Life is Valued, instead of Money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize to what Extent MONEY is In fact Seen by MAN to be IRREPLACEABLE, and the Force that Determine the Value Placed on Man as Money, Determine at this Stage Who will Be Slaves to Whom, as those WITHOUT Money is Reduced to Slavery Simply to SURVIVE another Day, Yet Man is Yet to See that Actual Human Slavery and Slave Trafficking is facilitated through Money as Jobs and Employment, but even this have been Given a Godly AIR, as if some Invisible Force Decides WHO will have a Job and who NOT, Ending in Many Cases in a Life or Death Scenario as those without a job will also be without Money and thus without Food and Shelter. Yet, Bizarrely, the HUMAN WILL NOT see that the INNER DEFINITION Makes One DEAF to Anything by what the INNER DEFINITION DICTATES, making the OWNER of MONEY DICTATORS that facilitate Genocide, Holocaust, and Slavery without Even Realizing it, as the INNER STRUCTURE justifies this Bizarre, Brutal Way of Existing through the DIVINE Force of Money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that ALL INEQUALITY is the Result of the Values Attributed to Definitions that Ensures that Man Remains Deaf to Anything But What is Programmed in as INNER STRUCTURE, MAKING MAN IN ESSENCE an Organic Robot that follows Instructions, thus, changing the World is in Essence Easy as it Only Requires the Change of Programming, and this PROGRAMMING is THE PART OF the HUMAN EXPERIENCE determined by the PARENT as the PILLARS of Society as FAMILY, the Group that GANG Up to Prevent FAMINE, yet Money have Become the Global Family that Determines Who IS Part of the Family that Deserves Life as Money and who will Be Slaves.

I commit myself to SHOW that Money changing to Equal Money will change the TOTAL Nature of Society that will End ALL Slavery to FORCES DEIFIED by MAN to Bring AN END to the Justifications of the DICTATORS that Abuse Life for Self Interest.

I commit myself to SHOW that Money in the MINDS of MEN act as the HAND of GOD, and that Equal Money as such is the Equalizing of all Men as GODS, which will change ALL Definition as it will Require All Men to Actually take Action and Participate in Society to Ensure the Nature of Life on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that DEFINITION Determines what People will HEAR and this Determines what is HERE as Life on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that MAN IS CAPTURED and Captivated by PROGRAMS, IN ESSENCE ONLY ROBOTS unable, as we have Proven through Desteni Research, of Actual Change of Care and Love.

I commit myself to SHOW that ALL LOVE that Now Exist on Earth as HUMAN Action is In fact Only Ever linked to the LOVE for Money as the FEAR of SURVIVAL.

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