Thursday 2 August 2012

Day 110 – Children are Not Born with Instructions

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Children are Born without Instructions, that the Parents are the Ones that Instruct the Children into the Structure of the world - which currently is Primarily based on Competition which allows Few to have Constructive Lives and Ensures that most Live Destructive Lives.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Parents are not Instructed how to Instruct Children and are thus Not Qualified to be Instructors and are thus Destructors that will even Defend their Right to Destroy their Children in spite of the Fact that if one’s not Trained in Effective Direct Instruction, one is in fact Not Qualified to have Children under one's Supervision and would Never Employ someone Unqualified to do a Job - yet the most Important Job on Earth, which is to Instruct Newborn Children, is allowed to be Instructed by Unqualified, Inadequate Trainers - resulting in a World where No One is in fact Ever Qualified or Instructed to be part of a Society that is Best for All Present on Earth; and Although lip service is paid to Ideals like ‘Love thy Neighbor as Thyself’ it is Never Actualized as the Parent as New Life Unqualified Instruction Never Learned the Practical Implication where ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ actually Exists.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that by Implication, because Parents are Unqualified to Direct Life, all Development Programs within Education, Employment, Economics, and Psychology will by Definition also be Inadequately Qualified and Instructed in what it means to Actually Direct Life in an Ideal way as, for instance: ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ - and thus because those Presenting Themselves as Leaders of Instruction will Never be able to Instruct Life in an Ideal way on Earth, as they were not Instructed on How to Live Life in this Ideal way, therefore they would Claim that such Ideas are Idealism without Ever Doing Self Honest Self Reflection to see that what one is not Instructed to become, one is Never able to Live and thus the Key to an Ideal world should be able to be Realized through Common Sense Reasoning; but because Common Sense Reasoning is not even part of Current Instructions on Earth, Humans, No Matter how Educated, remain Ignorant - as they were Instructed from Birth to Plead Ignorance and follow Instructions or they’ll Not be able to make a Living, and so the Fear of Survival becomes the Motivator for All Instructions on Earth, making Earth a Planet where Most Struggle for Survival just because Life is not Properly Instructed on how to Co-Exist in Ways that are Best for All Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Ignorant way of Instruction on Earth has even been Deified as Religious Faith in Every Unconceivable way to act as a Justifiable Excuse as to Why, apparently, the Human as Parent as the Foundation of Society is Patently Unable to Instruct a Newborn Life Form to Live in a way of Excellence that is Best for All Life - resulting in all Kinds of Insane claims of Deities that apparently have a Greater Purpose through this Deliberate Spreading of Total Ignorance.   

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that this Ignorance is Perpetuated by Instructing Children that they Must Learn through their own experiences WITHOUT Realizing that these Experiences will be based on Inadequate training, and thus will be Inadequate - and that this Will Lead to Inadequate Realizations that Always Justify the Way the World of Ignorance functions, But  because the Characters Built by Parents were instructed to Protect their Ignorance no Matter what, any Real Practical Common Sense Instruction will be Ignored Unless it leads to Survival - and thus Ways to Make Money, as Money is Presented to Be the Road to Success for the Ignorant that Must in All Ways Be Protected, as Survival is the Ultimate Fear Parents Instructed, as the Foundation in their Children. 

I commit myself to SHOW that All Education and Intellect on Earth is Based on the Foundation of Ignorance to Disregard the fact that the Initial Instructions of a New Born Child were Inadequate and thus at Root Cause for a World and Society that live in Ways that Do Not Honor Life or Each other, but only Honor Survival as Successful Living.

I commit myself to SHOW that the foundation of Positive and Negative Results that are Used as Self Motivation in the Game of Survival are Based on Ignorance, and Ignoring that All Participants in Life on Earth are Inadequately Instructed as to How to Live in a Way that will be Best for Self and all other Life Forms - and this thus, Living much Positive/Negative Consideration, Does not in fact Produce a Better World, it only justifies an Inadequate Society in astounding Ignorance.

I commit myself to SHOW that No One can Walk the Path of Self Correction as What is Best for All Life without Instructions, as the Way to Life is Not In the Inner Structure of the Human, and thus the Desteni-I-Process is of Essential Importance if One is Ready to Face the Nature of a World of Ignorance.

I commit myself to SHOW that those Lost in Ignorance will attack viciously, in every Conceivable Way, anyone that Dares to challenge the Way of Survival - as those Living as Survival are in fact Only Living as Fear and know nothing but Fear, and Once they have found a Way to Survive and Manage the Fear, they See themselves as Successful. Thus, Realize that One that Attacks is in fact only a Well-Trained Survivalist that Must Protect the Fear of Survival as that is What Motivates Such Being's Existence. Many will not Realize their Ignorance with Ease, and in Most Cases will only Realize when All is Lost, and Money Runs out the Door.

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