Monday 30 July 2012

Day 107: The Ignorance of Intent

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that by believing that a Higher Feeling of Frequency or Intent would somehow Overpower the Patterns Parents Teach Children as the Character of this World is in itself the Character of Ignorance as Root Cause of the Conditions Prevailing on Earth as evidenced in the Graven Images of the Beloved Good Heartedness in the Graveyards around the Globe, where the Lobes of Ears were Earthed six feet under to Return to Dust Blowing in the Wind as Life Wasted without ever understanding the Designed Nature of Man as Patterns through which Parents could have Changed the World Pattern to a World Characterized to What’s Best For All Life as the Living Word Pattern that Jesus suggested: as Giving as You would like to Receive, and to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself - instead, Jesus was Defined as the Pattern of God, with God as the Parent without any of the Followers Becoming the Pattern of Jesus One and Equal, to be the Parent that ensures that  Every Child Born becomes the Pattern as the Living Word, as the Living Flesh that Jesus demonstrated, so that Life on Earth could be the Effective Pattern Desired by All to be the image of Heaven on Earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that by Ignoring the Self Evident Common Sense that Patterns are Plans of Designs like Architecture, that will Result in the Living Flesh as the Temple of the Jesus Pattern and the Ignorance that is the Root of all Evil and no amount of focused Intent will ever change Patterns created in Space Time, thus Each One that Lives in Intent as for Example, the Good Heartedness of Love and Light, without understanding in detail how Human Nature in fact is Created – are the Ignoramus that must be eradicated from Earth if Earth is ever to Change to a Place that encompass this Space as the Patterns that Jesus provided as a Solution for Life on Earth to be that which is Best for All Life Always.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that anyone that ignores the Message of Desteni is, by their very Act of Ignorance, the Evidence that shows that they are Part of the Reason why Evil Prevails on Earth, without Realizing that Evil in fact is just the Allowance of Patterns as Parents without the understanding in fact, in detail, how these Patterns are in fact Life on Earth as it now Exist.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Money has been Patterned as Currency to Represent Time in Space as the only Pattern that determines the Value of Life on Earth, while Intent is Patterned as Religious Faith to Justify the acquiring of Money as confirmation of the Nature of Divinity as Money would give to Good Intentions Goods and Power, to such an extent that those with Money will seemingly have what they Perceive to be the Power of God to determine Who Will Live or Die simply through the means of Money - without Realizing that such Foolish Ignorance is in fact the confirmation of the Pattern of Greed, justified through Good Intentions - without looking to the Physical Evidence of the Patterns that this Ignorance actually Create as Life on Earth - and therefore anyone Who values Money as anything else other than a Tool that establishes Equality for All Life on Earth, is in fact the Graven Image of Ignorance Hidden behind Veneers of Knowledge and Intellect and Shiny Success that cause Suffering on Earth to such an extent that Forgiveness will Never be able to Absolve, and therefore only Self Forgiveness with Corrective Action that in fact Change the World Pattern as the Self-Pattern in the Cells of the Living Flesh to that which is Best For All Life Always, there will be No Way Out and Each One that does not make this Change will lose their Life in fact, as Nothing of them as this Life as Pattern will remain upon Death.

I commit myself to SHOW that PARENTS are the PATTERNS that INFACT Create the CHARACTER of this WORLD.

I commit myself to SHOW that the PATTERN JESUS SHOWED as LIVING WORD is in fact the LIVING Solution AS Life on Earth.

I commit myself to SHOW that Good Intentions are in fact Ignorance.

I commit to SHOW that Good Intentions are INFACT a Total Disrespect of Life.

I commit myself to SHOW that PARENTS in fact understand Nothing of PATTERNS and are the Root cause of All Suffering and Inequality on Earth.

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