Wednesday 27 June 2012

Day 74: Stopping the MIND IN THE FLESH – Part 1

* Study ALL the Desteni Material as Preparation
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Stopping the MIND is More than just Not Participating in Thoughts, as the Recurring Thoughts, even if you Do Not Participate, will Return – as the Source of Thought Must also be Purified in Fact, in Space and Time – in All Dimensions – for the Thought to Eventually STOP.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Thought in its Various Ways, like Visualization, Back Chat, Emotions, Feelings, Fear – are all the Result of Various Geometrical Forms of Relationships Between Values through which the Flesh is Used through Memory to Create the Various Personality Bodies that will be Experienced as the Consciousness of the Being.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that what a Parent will Recognize in a New Born Baby as Personality are the Physical Points transferred by the Parent to the New Born that formed the form of the New Born, and the Parent will thus Recognize Some of Themselves in the New Born – and the More the Parent Love the Part of Themselves they See in the Child as Either the Parent-Self or the Desired Parent-Self, the More the Parent will automatically favor the Child – and the more the Child will Embody what the Parent Dislikes, the More the Parent will have a lesser connection with the Child – and this is Formed at FIRST Glance of the Child at Birth and will Represent the Physical Bond, and the Nature of the Bond that will exist with the child and will Determine the Nature of the Relationship that will develop between the Parent and Child.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that ALL Thought in ALL its Dimensions of Sound, Vision, Feeling, Emotion – ALL of it – is Programmed into the Flesh of the Child with 70% Quantumly Transferred in the first 7 years of a Child’s life to be Specified in the next 14-21 years, before the Child will be the Programmed Slave Required by the Parent and the System to Ensure Survival of that which the Parent holds dear, so as to Justify the Life of the Parent – and in this the Parent WILL only Serve their Self-Interest, and Fear and Protect the Real Motivation by Presenting the Motive in a Cover Called: Love – that is bizarrely defined to be unquestionably Pure, when it is in Fact the Pure Evil of the Fear of Self-Interest of the Parent Imposed on the Flesh of the Child through the Mind of the Child till complete Submission is Achieved, and in this the World as it exists is the Actual Reality that Exists in Each Parent, as a Parent is also the Creator and Parent of the World System as it Exist NOW.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Firstly the Person in the Journey to Life must become Equal to the Mind through being able to Not Participate in the Thoughts that Arise ALL the Time, and Be Here Breathing - before the Task can be taken on to Remove the Programs in the Flesh to such a degree that eventually the Flesh will be Purified and the Person will become, in fact, the Living Flesh – and be able to Have Any Relationship or form in the Flesh without it Being the Dominant Control as Consciousness, and the Person will be in Fact the Dominion of the Flesh, with the Flesh itself Determining in Every Breath the Actuality of Life Directed, and Be Here as Life – and thus at the Death, the Person will Cross the Divide as Life and Be Everywhere as Here, Always. In this it must be Realized How Time and Flesh Functions and that the Process of First becoming Equal to the Mind and Flesh before Directive Life will be here as Self, as Principle, as Equal, will take a minimum of 7 Years of Daily Application IN EVERY Breath, but more Likely take 14 years due to the Many Times that the Directive Will will Fall to the Current Dominion of the Programs that were allowed to Become the Flesh as the Physical Mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that this challenge to Be faced is in itself equal to the Creation of the Universe as Life, as the Human Body is a Universe of Planets/Cells, each within their own character and Purpose that must Become One and equal as Self in Functioning with all the Other Universes as: Human, Animal, Plant and Other Living Beings – to be in fact Part of the Living Body as the Universe as Life, as Equal, as One – Before Life will Be Real, Eternal, Here as Self – and that when this is Not actualized, Life is Not Created as Self From the Physical with the OBVIOUS Consequence of the Gift of Life Being LOST Forever.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Although the Inner-Journey of Birthing Self from the Physical as Life is ALONE, and such that it can Only Be done by the Self Birthing Self as Life, the Journey to Life cannot be Walked ALONE - as Each One’s Body is Part of the Greater Body of the Universe as Life of which each must Become as Life equal and One - Just as the Inner is Confirmed in the Outer to be Equally so. This meaning that the Outer-Journey is In a Group, while the Inner-Journey is Alone - as it is in the Nature of Quantum Reality co-existing. Thus the claims that one must only Listen to Yourself as Inner-Teacher, is the Self-Interested Illusion of Consciousness Ego making sure its Control Remains Intact, and is the greatest challenge to be faced by each, as the Consciousness Ego will be Light and Love as that which the Parent embedded in the Flesh of the child to make sure the child Remains the Slave to the System that must Feed the Parent forevermore.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that in the Ultimate Self-Perfection that must Be Created as Self over Time in the Physical Flesh: Above will be Below, and Inner will be Outer, and ALL will Move as One Life Together: Everywhere, Always, as Here – and Life will be Eternally Here No Matter where Here May Be.

I commit myself to assist those Ready for the Process to Life as Self-Honesty in Every Way Possible: till this is Done, and Each who so may choose, is Here as Life – Always.

I commit myself to Explain through time in Every Minute detail, the Construct of what is Here as Illusion, and what should Be Here as Life, to so assist those that May Choose Life, to actualize Life Eternally.

I commit myself to Prepare a way for Each Parent to Find it in themselves to Stop Creating More Consciousness Zombies as children, but to Become the Actual Creators of Life so that Each child Born May be Life Eternal – so that Life in fact will be Here Eternally.

I commit myself to Explain in Detail the Quantum Multidimensionality of Life, to Make Sure the Quantum Mind is Not Confused with what Life Must Be in the Flesh in Space/Time – measurably, eternally, stable, here in absolute Trust as Life.

I commit myself to call on Each that find some Self-Honesty to Not Postpone but to Start the Journey to Life Immediately with Writing and Self-Forgiveness as TIME waits for NO ONE.

I commit myself to show that Physical Breath is the Timekeeper that can Both Become the Illusion of Consciousness, or the Journey to Life - and that Each One does have the Resolve to Handle all that is Here in One Breath – and thus Breath by Breath it is possible to Birth Life from the Physical, and that this Possibility is Equal for all as Breath, and that Only Oneself as One Exists NOW, as the Now, will stand IN the Way to Life to try and Prevent it.

I commit myself to show that the Science of Consciousness only Serves the Illusion of Self-Interest, while the Science of Life is yet to be Grasped - and as such we will Support those that Dare to be Self-Honest to Grasp the Science of Life, to assist with the Birthing of Life From the Physical.

I commit myself to Remind those that did Some Research, that Jesus did mention that the Marvel of Marvels is the Birth of Life From the Physical.

I commit myself to show that the Illusion of Ego Protects itself By Calling anything that Threatens the Domain of Consciousness, Evil – as Consciousness is Fuelled by Fear under the Disguise of Love, and those Not Yet Able to face the Illusion will Run from Life in Utter Fear.

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