Monday 4 June 2012

Day 51: The Messiah is LATE!

Watch The TrapThe Century of the Self and Psywar for context and as Self-Help

* Quote from one of the Messiah’s on Earth:

“I am the Messiah. Give me a chance to prove it. I was going trought some very difficult times. I know you dont believe in god but im not trying to tell you about the bible. Religion is just an interpretation of what god really is. Just give me a chance to explain. You wont believe what I had to go trought to even just stay alive! Soon I will make a videos were I will show people who I am and why im late. Just what the hack did happen and so on...just be fair and give a talk in livechat. You might be very busy but i think this is important. If your really going for equality that let me join you and you will see that we are not much different in our oppinion. If you are not interested I will respect that and never Email you again. Thank you”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how many Humans in fact BELIEVE themselves to Be the Messiah Returned to Save Humanity from Doom.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how MANY Humans in fact SECRETLY BELIEVE themselves to BE the ONE called MESSIAH Returned to SAVE humanity from CALAMITY.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that RELIGION was Designed as a TRAP to keep the CONSUMER locked into the SEARCH for SALVATION to Make Sure that the BATTLE for CONTROL of Resources on Earth is NOT Contested.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that SPIRITUALITY was DIRECTED as ONE outflow of CONSUMERISM to GET the Self-Talk/Backchat of the Human to CREATE an INNER PEACEFUL Individual that will NOT QUESTION or interfere with the Control of Resources and that Development of Wealth for the Few by Supporting CONSUMER products in the PUBLISHING Industry that will FEED the FAD of DIVINITY and SPIRITUAL SANCTITY with the Focus on a BETTER LIFE AFTER DEATH so that the Wealthy ELITE can live the Best Life on Earth WITHOUT any challenge of Significance from the POPULACE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the MESS and CORRUPTION on EARTH was seen as Necessary to Force the Human into the INNER DIALOGUE that would make the Individual God in their own Life while accepting Life on Earth, as the Mess, as the WILL of Universal God to teach the Individual to be GOD of Self – Not Caring to take Care of all Life on Earth as Resources.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that it was Critical for the Successful Design of Consumerism as Resource Control by the few to get Personal Effort to be SUBJECT to the GRACE of an INVISIBLE GOD to which ALL SUCCESS was ATTRIBUTED, to make sure the Human will ACCEPT Personal Self-Interest as a RIGHT as SINNER to be able to Indulge and Feed Consumerism without feeling Guilty, as a Saviour or Messiah will come or has died for the SINNER that CANNOT Help but being SINFUL by Consuming. In this an INVISIBLE PACT was created between Consumerism and Religion with Consumers FUNDING Religion as a way of Passing for Penance as the 7th Day of Confession and Forgiveness - Creating a Human that Accepts as the Core of the Human: EVIL, that Cannot be Conquered by Self, but only through a Divine force.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that in this creation of Divine Salvation, some eventually believed that they will have to Become a MESSIAH – in this, fuelling a New Age Spirituality of the ULTIMATE Consumer that would thrive on the Principle of Consumerism, which was and is to package Happiness and Love as Individual, Unique Satisfaction with a New Religion that does not even need a Church to be funded and would even Create a whole New Range of Consumer Products that could be Controlled through editing, and publishing, and funding to only produce that which would Ultimately Serve the World System so that Control and Ownership will never be Challenged - as the Spiritual Being, by its own volition, has been Divided and Conquered under the ULTIMATE banner as Individualized, Unique, Divine, Oneness with the RIGHT of Free Choice, which was only being Born in Sin as the Original Idea of Control Repackaged and dressed up to Sound Godly and Divine – Creating in its wake Whole Generations of Divinely Self-Centered Sinners take the Earth and Life on Earth to the VERY EDGE of Extinction by Consumerism. In this, one of the Greatest Achievements was the Creation of a so-called Living Entity with its own Spirit, called the Market Force, to which all Harm could be Designated so that the Divine Sinner could be Absolved by its own Inner Innocent Child that is only Allowed phrases of Love Talk that produce Self-Created Feelings of Love as the Ultimate Justification of Self-Interest for which this New Divine Being is Willing to Die and Kill as the Killing Fields of Starvation and Poverty in the World is Evidence for.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that this New Religion would be Fertile Ground for a Massive New Consumer Field of Mental Health which will Produce Asylums full of Messiahs, and even Many Accepted as Masters and Gurus which will Fully Support the ONE GREAT RELIGION on Earth as the Divine Self as the Pursuit of Happiness in Ever-Evolving Consumerism - imbedding in this the idea that this Divine Self is Evolving in the face of the MESS on Earth of GIGANTIC PROPORTIONS.

I commit myself to Support individuals to realize that only through individual Self-Responsibility in changing the Nature of the Human Being will change be physically Evident on Earth, and that Messiah’s are Egos believing they are THE ONE that can change the world, when they haven’t yet changed themselves, in fact.

I commit myself to show how God Consciousness is the Evolution of the Ego where Individuals Exist in an Internal Delusion of Godhood with no Practical Evidentiary Solutions that can bring about an Eternal Change or Solution that will Change Human Nature or the World into What is Best for All Life.

I commit myself to show how Consumerism fulfils the Religion of Self to One’s OWN Heaven on Earth that can only Exist through and by the Hell of Other’s and does not Consider Heaven on Earth for ALL in Equality and Oneness.

I commit myself to show how Spirituality and Consumerism go Hand-in-Hand, each feeding the other the FEELING of Divinity as a distraction, to keep the Human FULL on the Illusion of Happiness, while actual Life as TRUE Divinity is defiled, disregarded and starved.

I commit myself to show that the MESS of this Earth has been created through Self Talk, where the Individual is diverted from the Atrocity that is here on Earth to instead become preoccupied in a delusional Internal Reality where self is ONLY concerned with Creating themselves into their OWN God, believing that all else will be taken care of by the Universal God, thus Self does not require to care about the Destruction of the Earth in any way whatsoever.

I commit myself to show that the Human’s acceptance of themselves as inherently Evil can in fact be conquered by Self and does NOT require a Divine Force or Forgiveness from an Imaginary God, but requires the courage to be Self Honest, to dare oneself to care, and to give oneself the gift of Self-Forgiveness.

I commit myself to show that all Divinity and Spirituality in its very essence, design and application is ONLY another branch of Consumerism – that does not care for Life at all – as it only serves Unique Self-Interest.

I commit myself to show that anyone with Voices in the Head or a Messiah-Complex is a Danger to themselves, and their Environment and their family and should immediately be referred for Help in Isolation until they Face and Understand how they have Created this Very Dangerous, unchecked Inner-Reality from which stems many yet to be Understood cases of Violence and Abuse in this World.

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