Saturday 21 February 2015

Day 564: Real Death Experience

Continuing from Day 563: Living Pictures & The Devolution of Man.

So when we had the first session, we let a group of Demons come through.
I let the Demons enter three bodies, see what happens. Obviously with three bodies possessed at the same time, if you look at that research group ‘Scientific’-something – they have some videos where the person rolls around on the floor and possessed. So I had three bodies rolling around on the floor with the Demons in it.

First thing obviously is to just stop and talk to them. Secondly you have to be pretty sure that no harm will come to anyone because in essence you are setting the dynamics, the parameters within the context of their possession and we always place that no harm may come as we are purely in a discussion, we’re not going to play around with these things. Because in the reality that we have now, the parameter exists, the Demon possessions that’s gonna happen in the physical is of a physical nature, you are not just going to stop them. So a person gets possessed and wants to kill his ex-lover, he’s gonna kill his ex-lover. And you’re not going to just stop them. They’re not going to listen to you and in terms of ‘please forgive yourself’, I mean that’s not how it’s going to work. You can try it but you’ll probably end up with a bullet as well. I can tell you now, Self-Forgiveness do not stop a bullet. So I suggest you don’t. Rather get to the point, get to the change before the situation is out of control. Because once the situation is out of control, there is a consequence. And the consequence is that which must be paid. It is karmic in nature.

And for everyone to finish their process and for those to birth life, to birth themselves as life from the physical – the payment need to be made, in time. If it’s not made in time there is a deadline.
And if you get to the deadline and you haven’t got yourself out of the hook line and sinker of your Demons – then you’re dead. I mean, that’s the point of a deadline isn’t it?
So then we speak to the Demons one by one, establish first of all their story. I mean, if you want to help somebody listen to their story. They’re possessed.

Now most people don’t want to tell you their story. They have an ego presentation about what they know. That’s not what you’re interested in. You’re interested in their real story, what really happened to them. And it takes quite a story to get that out of people. In Mind Constructs we go into detail, to eventually getting to a person’s real story. Because the story they tend to tell, is one of knowledge and wisdom and how enlightened and wonderful they are and how much they know – nothing real. They don’t want to tell you the real story. The real story is not nice, the real story does not have any glamour or fame. It is in most cases rather something not to share. Therefore in the Desteni I Process, these kind of things are kept under – are kept ‘inside the program’ unless a person decides to actually share it themselves.
So I listen do the Demons’ story. What is fascinating, obviously at that stage within ‘Who I Am’ I could also see the story before it was told. So if the Demon lied to me I can show the Demon where it is lying. And so I would contain the Demon to ’Who They Are’, their Self-Truth.

What were the Demons? That was fascinating – they were human beings that died in anger, rage, jealousy or trauma, hate, revenge, vengefulness – you know, many, many, many different ways. Extreme fear that people died on Earth and their transition was contaminating the energy they were transferring to Heaven, they were not allowed into Heaven, they were thrown into the Demon Dimension because their energy wasn’t good enough, ‘pure’ enough. They were not dying with their last breath in God’s name on their lips or love or shit like that. They were dying in Self-Honesty and how they really felt. That is not acceptable in Heaven. In Heaven you have to present what Heaven wants you to present – Self-Honesty is irrelevant. So Demons in essence were the real Self-Honest existence of a being where they have, where they were no longer denying their experience on Earth. They were absolutely pissed off with God and have in many cases taken an oath to harm anything that is related to God and to destroy God’s creation. I mean, imagine, I have this Demon in a body here on Earth and it’s telling me that it’s here to destroy God and it will destroy God and explain how it’s harmed from children to adults to innocents, how they have harmed them throughout the ages – to get back at God, for what God did to them.

To be continued...

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