Thursday 22 January 2015

Day 563: Living Pictures & The Devolution of Man

Continuing from Day 562: Orchestrating Demon Possessions
“The more they obviously resist the point, and embrace love, the worse the fall. Because that’s how it works. If you study basic physics: you’re in a Universe that’s physics and physical, there are laws and you are messing with the laws, pretending that you know better when in fact your very actions, your very directive force is indicative of ‘who you are’ within all of this”

So really, to make a person being possessed was such a simple point, because they were being possessed by my permission so to speak, and by their permission. And within the context of that I would then discuss with the Demon and move the Demon from that person to me. And during that process assist them within embracing Self-Forgiveness and indicating – and understand, I understood quantum time, quantum mechanics and all the multi universes, completely, in a physical way. Therefore I could show the Demon multi-dimensional outcomes and solutions – utilising the Equality Equation to the point where all their excuses were dealt with. So that they had a realisation.

To keep on hating or loving is not the answer. The answer is to become Self-Honest and forgive yourself for what you have allowed and what you have become due to desires, wants, needs, hopes –all due to separation and projections. You’re abusing your actual ‘Oneness’ and therefore you became this energy and lost your ‘source’ so to speak, which was the physical. And the physical obviously being not what you see with your eyes, or what you touch with your hands or work with your senses. That is just part of it and some of it is not necessarily the physical, they are a deceptive manifestation manufactured through the mind.

So, it was fascinating and there was obviously a fascination. I had also Cerise there and she had a peculiar Demon Entity that came through and that we communicated with and that also participated through the Portal later on. Her name was Felicity. And her nature of creation – that means – what she embraced as her Demonic Self was a form of sexuality, like a nymphomaniac – deriving absolute pleasure from the Erotica. So fascinating point, taking her through the Self-Forgiveness’s and the releases. And very stable, a Demon would become once they have gone through it.

At this stage we haven’t done it often, we only did a few sessions, it was the beginning stages. And we also worked extensively on understanding the mind and the relationships in the mind at that stage we started with that. Which was researching, testing what eventually would become the Desteni I Process – realising, that obviously we have to really understand the dimensions of all of this and how for instance the Demonic manifest. Because the Demonic, was quite clear, would manifest on Earth once we got to the point of releasing the Heavenly Demons, that means those in the Dimensions. And we’ll explain that later in terms of how that actually occurred and why and what was the dynamic at work within the context of the Demons that is now already running amok on Earth and that will do so for some years to come – forcing, virtually, Humanity to its knees. It is fascinating Dark Times ahead for all. There are tools within which you can assist yourself as some has already experienced. The possession is extensive and not so easy to deal with and even with your tools you have to breathe effectively through the point and yet it will reoccur. Because every dimension of the Self-Lie will be challenged, every Dimension of the Desire. So if you stop one Dimension there is still an infinite amount of Dimensions that scales of it in a way. It’s like it feeds off it, it moves off it – like a refraction, like a fractional creative process that follows the Fibonacci Spiral, it’s like an infinite point but it’s always the same. So it really challenge ones resolve because eventually you just want to give up because it seems like you cannot get past this, it’s never ending.

It’s important to go through things like that because at the end of the day it is the Design of this Reality – it’s never-ending. And you are trapped in a never-ending spiral of Systems which you call ‘Life’ – but it isn’t. It is just always the same. The only thing that changes is the picture. The whole process of evolution that one is stuck in, have a look: it’s the evolution of the picture, it’s not the evolution of Life in fact. In fact the Human is devolving while all the other beings here on Earth, they’re evolving. The essence being that the picture has become the totality and the only reality which the Human values. And that all feelings virtually are like packaged behind the picture. So the picture even hides the truth about it. Now imagine that those feelings, those energies, those emotions – they are the demonic forces that’s now going to take over the running of the picture, the picture that you believe is you. So in the context of authority, you being just a picture have already given all your authority to the energy, the emotions and the feelings. Therefore, for that to take over your life, does not require any consideration from you or commitment or authority or approval. You have already allowed it, you’ve already created that. You have to face it, there is no way out from it. It is why this world is in the mess that it is – it’s because the Human as such is not a living being, it’s a living picture. And that living picture has abdicated or has become the totality that is you. And all you’re busy doing is grooming that picture, looking for energy. And then storing that energy that you’re trying to create as if that is God, and then now it will become it. But it’s a Demon! Because it is a polarity manifestation – good or bad – doesn’t matter. And then it takes over.

And then the events in your life will be things that you will regret and that you can never repair. So you have a reminder of the dishonesty that you participated in.

So, it is necessary and it cannot be stopped. You are not in a position that can make any difference to that experience. You can though learn how to get out if. Because unless you know how to get out of it, or you have a realisation that get you out of it eventually – you’re gonna go through hell itself.
So from that perspective I suggest that one consider the Desteni I Process and where one can develop a relationship of support that spans a Global Network through which one can then be supported as best as possible. At the end of the day though remember, you remain the one responsible for your life. You remain the one that must become Self-Honest, even in your room when you are alone.

Because it is in your room when you are alone and your mind gossips and judge and speaks and build up images and energies – that is when you are creating your greatest nightmare. May you realise that and stop it before it becomes your life.

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